Barbies (Nicki Minaj)


I had a friend who was horrible and obsessed with nicki. She swore to the songs while her mother was there. Her mother looked so happy. This was when we were 12. She's been wishing her childhood away and has been wearing makeup since she was a toddler. ALL because of Nicki. I have to admit-I love her song I lied.

Nicki is a great artist in my opinion. She actually shows feminine dominance over men, and I respect her for it.

Her fans are just 11 year olds who actually think that she is superior. They memorized the lyrics to all of her dumb songs and I bet they don't know half of what they are saying. They also say racist stuff to her haters. - PeyPeylist

The GARBZ! are exactly that garbage human beings who go around putting down other female rappers in the game to promote their botched insecure arrogant leader. They swear her music is everything but when you tell them the truth about their leaders mediocre accomplishments they go ballistic like they are hired by Nicki themselves to troll the net. They are a stupid, broke, and retarded fan base who should eat glass and swallow gasoline.

Nicki Minaj is the worst role model you could think of. I saw a comment in another list of a 9-year-old girl saying she loves Nicki and that she is her role model and that 'Anaconda' has a beautiful message. I lost all faith in humanity. Should be #1

Her songs are garbage and full of inappropriate stuff. Her voice sounds like an auto tuned penguin suffocating in a toilet. - Lunala

I'm a big fan of every fandom the only thing that I don't understand is why do every fandom hate the other fandom so much?

These people should be higher on the list. They worship her like she's Beyonce or even remotely close. She sucks and has the worst attitude ever. Get over yourselves.

The barbs are you can say any thing about Nicki without them thinking they have to say some under your comment. And some times people are not being negative but they will say some thing. That's annoying asf.

I love "Nicki Minaj" and that means I'm a "Barbie". - TheMartianManHunter

The females and males that enjoy her music and think she's talented...fine...I mean you're wrong, but fine. Perverted hunks that dry hump wax figures of her...yeah, those are the psychos. - DCfnaf

They even defended stupid hoe and anaconda. Seriously?! I'm scared to find out if she puts out another single. Because we all know it's going to be worse than anaconda. They keep telling me to listen to her underrated songs. Well guess what? I did. Whip it, va va va voom, I am your leader, come on a cone, sex in the lounge, and Roman holiday as well as roman in Moscow. And they are TERRIBLE. Sorry, but she's not getting my vote.

These are very irrational people who do not have a sense of logical reasoning.

She has talent, but does not use it to her advantage.

NO WAY! We Barbz speak our minds and speak out on important issues, other fandoms don't like us because we can see the faults with their idols and we aren't afraid to voice them.

I was usually a barbie but now I don't like her UGLY dorky songs.

SammMinaj you are very sad. You have this trash as your idol and you obviously haven't read what people have written. We've already given you reasons why we hate Nicki fans. I'll give you another one. They think stupid hoe is the best song ever written. They are dumb and don't know real music. There.

Evil. Vindictive. Abrasive. Biased. Uncompromising. Bozo & her #BARBoonz are the worst.

OH MY GOD. These people are AWFUL. I mean there are so many other awful fanbases like Beliebers, slash terror dance crew, BVB army, killjoys, little monsters, smilers etc but how can I vote them when these...THINGS exist? Barbz will have a go at anyone who's a Swiftie or Megatron. I'm personally in both fandoms so...yeah. if you prefer Taylor Swift to nicki minaj, these people will play the race card and call you Racist. Well I'm not racist. I just like Taylor more than miss minaj because T-Swift has more meaningful decent music. And then these people DEFEND stupid hoe and anaconda. Seriously? what? Most hypocritical annoying fanbase out there, next to Beliebers. Crappy fans of a crappy singer/rapper/celebrity (more like a stripper who knows how to "rap."). They all wanna be like nicki minaj all plastic and fake swearing 24/7 and casually having sex. SO ANNOYING. JUST LIKE THEIR IDOL

The Billboard Music awards and voting for the chart achievement award. They were being rude and inconsiderate and telling other fans (especially the tøp fanbase) to kill themselves and calling them horrible names. They even went as far as to hack an account. Yeah, I haven't had a good experience with a majority of the fan base... They were simply rude and disrespectful

I had a friend who is obsessed with nicki. he's atrracted to her fake boobs and butt. Ugh. Whos attracted to a FAKE body? ewww. Anyways he tried to teach me "real music" by saying that nicki was better than Shawn Mendes (who I'm obsessed with). Like NO, Shawn has talent and a POSITIVE IMAGE. If you put Shawn and nicki to a singing contest Shawn would win.

Most hypocritical annoying fanbase out there. Trashy and classless like their idol. Barbz will have a go at anyone who's a Swiftie just because of that stupid Twitter war between T-Swift and NM over the VMAs. Personally I'm a Swiftie. Anyways they'll think you're racist if you prefer Taylor over their precious Nicki, like no. I'm not racist I really could care less about race. I just prefer Taylor because her music and videos are meaningful and more appropriate. But these Barbz are so stupid they can't see that. They bully the hell out of other celebs and groups but it's not okay to insult our dear Miss Minaj because she's special. Well news flash: Nicki Minaj is nothing more than a fake stuck-up jerk who is only known for her fake body and who slept her way to the top. And what's worse is that they DEFENDED stupid hoe and anaconda. SERIOUSLY? Anyways these people need to chill.
Can't they switch with Directioners?