ELF (Super Junior)


Even though I am an elf, but I find many immature elfs out there who bitch around and even curse people if they give constructive criticism. Like in a video someone said in a certain portion someone danced wrong and he should correct his mistake in return the person was called a bitch, slut and whore. Like seriously... The reason why people hate elf is because of the immature ones. Grow up.
Also when asked for some points what elfs did is curse a person when she said that some elfs are being immature and even when she said she had cancer.

Those immature elfs only curse but in real time they hide or totally ignore the topic saying its not worth it.
Immature elf grow up

They seem to constantly think that there is a conspiracy against their group by SM Entertainment. They keep on complaining about fairness and whatnot. Every time Super Junior is nominated for something, I just wish that they would win, because if they don't, the conspiracy theories and hate by their fans will not end.

I love Super Junior themselves, but can their fans be more obnoxious while playing the victim role? "We only got this! " "They got this! " "SME hates us! ".

I don't know why ELF's always bash on SONES, you know they had events to spam the report link on SNSD's Jessica's Twitter so it would be taken down? Yeah that's right. Whenever SM Puts a photo on facebook of SNSD, ELF always bash it. I too am a fan of suju, but please ELF, stop bashing on SONE. I found this on a ELF Facebook fanpage and you guys advertise to vote for SONE. Please fellow ELF stop bashing on SONE. Those people that's username on Youtube saying "SONE4EVER" and "SNSD4LIFE" Those are not SONE, those are anti-kpop that want fandom to fight , Please lets all stop bashing and enjoy kpop Thank you for reading.

They always hate on other artiste when SJ don't win an award, it's so annoying. To elfs, only SJ is hardworking, only SJ deserve to win, other artiste should not win.. Elfs always complain that an award is unfair and bias when they don't win.. Pathetic..
It's time to grow up Elfs.. I like SJ, but some Elfs are...

I proud to be E.L.F. I will always love Super junior. The best time in my life is loving Super Junior.

Super Junior is a good group, but not as good as ELFs portray them as. There are a lot of artists better than them. ELFs are often mistaken for die-hard delusional fans, but some of them are actually nice. The problem is, a large portion of them bash other artists while proclaiming their undying loyalty to Super Junior, which gives a negative feedback at their fandom, and by extension, their idol. I remember the "Only 13" incident with Henry Lau. It might be a spur of the moment, but still, those ELFs should never have done that immature crap against him.

I used to love Super Junior, but now I don't really care about them. You know why? It's because their fanbase. They always think that Suju is the best boyband in Korea, but hey! Look at other boyband like Big Bang, TVXQ and others. They're more talented than Suju.
But, ELF said the most hardworking, the most talented is Suju... Is it annoying?

They are very annoying. Super annoying. They often do this "hey I'm elf and I support this X band. Let's support our oppas" and blah blah and bleh. For the love of god, could you please stop that? You $$#% elf very annoying. AMAZING FANDOM? Really? Should I pray for your life? All of you called it amazing for bashed others. Super junior is famous? You famous because if us, the haters, so would you like to kiss my toes, OPPA?

Super Junior number 1. All I know is that I love and will always love Super Junior! Super Junior fighting!

They're insane. Even my ELF friend is concerned about her own fanbase.

As much as I love SuJu I feel like this fanbase is slowly getting more hostile and territorial. I see their comments on EVERYTHING like, "I'm an ELF and I support so-and-so! " Must you need to proclaim your fanbase all the time?

Thanks Super Junior and ELF was the thanks we need each other at least thank you very much

I love Super Junior as a group but I CAN'T STAND THEIR FANS SOMETIMES! They're so annoying and delusional. It's looks like I wanted to show off in front of them and slap on their faces so badly. And that's because THEY'RE SO ANNOYING! They even say that they hate SNSD because Suju is very close to them and my reaction is 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ' WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING FRIENDS TO OTHER KPOP GROUPS? NOTHING! I mean idols did a very good thing being friends with each other. It just means that they show support to that idols or groups. And also they say that 'Don't come near my oppa.' I can tell you what Super Junior wouldn't be very happy to see their fans like that. And they even say that Super Junior are the gods of Kpop which they're NOT gods at all. They're just CONSIDERED as the gods not a true god. Suju are HUMANS not gods. Uhh... They're too annoying.

I don't think ELF could be worse that this but honestly they became more and more violence now these day.. They just ready to start war with other fanbases or even within ELF

Some of them are brainless and have no aims in lives!
Shame on them
Some V-elfs have such time to do stupid things like making fake sub of other Kpop MV to bash SNSD!

They just think that their idols is some kind of GOD, if we don't like them they will bash us like a crap but sorry idgaf about your idol. And if they didn't get what they expect like get an award or something they will start saying rubbish about the one that should get that award blah blah blah

*I'm not even sone if you think I am, just so you know or I'm beliebers or something, I just stating the fact.

The comments here just shows how idiotic the fans are. No explanation needed

The worst girlfriend in the world would be clingy, over possessive to the point of driving a guy insane, jealous, shallow, selfish, blind, and stupid. Well, take the girlfriend aspect out and you get the average ELF. They're jealous, competitive, selfish, blind and disgusting. They are obsessed with their idol and think that Super Junior is better than everyone else. No, Super Junior is NOT! They bash on any girl group member that goes within a metre radius of them because they are jealous. Idiots.

The singers, songs, dancing is what makes the best group Super Junior in Asian so in my heart and in all E.L.F. inthe world.!

They are the whiny fandom. In business, they are the manipulative customer. They always think the world is against them. They act pitiful. They attack other fandoms when suju didn't win the award they want. They spam the votes. They spread rumors, or I might say lies. They have the mindset of suju must get all the awards. They "minority" of them always go to another idol's article which they didn't like just to bash them. They are easily manipulated. By who? By their idol themselves.

I don't understand how a group of members (some with only barely mediocre talent) can have such a delusional fan base. I honestly didn't mind SuJu as a group at first but it's their obnoxious fans that cry injustice and conspiracy every time Super Junior don't win an award or aren't mentioned on a list of talented people, that really just makes my blood boil.

Why do ELF keeps saying Super Junior is the king of the kpop? I find this so annoying because the true king of kpop is DBSK. I am not a Cassiopeia ( I am a hardcore VIP) but even I know there are amazing. I read the wikipedia page of them and it said they are best-selling K-Pop group in the world with over 12 million copies sold, triple the amount of second. And that, by 2008, TVXQ made it in the Guinness World Records for having the world's largest official fan club and also made the Guinness World Records a second time in 2009 for being the Most Photographed Celebrities in the World. The performances they did sound comparable or better than their studio recordings even if they are performing difficult choreography, which is what Sones uses as a excuse when snsd sound terrible live or lip sync. OH IT'S BECAUSE THEY HAVE DIFFICULT CHOREOGRAPHY. THE DANCE STEPS. Well, watch ANY tvxq's LIVE preference and tell me how they can SING and DANCE SAME TIME AND SOUND SO PERFECT.

They worship their idols and just looks so stupid. All suju's fans I know they play their song in public, they think every person love their music! I don't

Well I'm not going to be rude but to be honest yes they (EVER. LASTING. FRIEND) are really annoying... They keep saying that other fandom are rude when actually they are the one who are rude... They start the fight first so they deserved it!

Here comes the fandom which actually black oceans snsd and wouldn't want to say that all happening are their karma, claiming that it's the elfs and not suju who did it. So, was sone's comments snsd's fault too?

Super Junior. With its bad fanbase. Well, I wasn't surprise at it actually. Seeing how they were disgusted with all of the pairings that were made with every single girl group made me sick of them. They bash SNSD simply because they are shipped a lot with SNSD. They bash EXO because EXO is more popular than them. They need to build a bridge and get over every single thing that their oppas do.