Katy Kats (Katy Perry)


Katy Perry is a decent singer but she is overrated. - RiverClanRocks

I bet most of them are American suburbanites who happen to also be members of the KKK or some white supremacist group. Uncultured, racist brats.

They act like Katy is their idol. I love katy Perry but the only reason I'm not a Katy Cat is because the other fans ae super obsessive and rude.

Katy Perry is good but she's isn't the best or worst. I like Melanie Martinez because she can SING better.

I know. And people say Melanie is pop trash, and that just leaves me laughing because right over here lies Justin Beiber, Katy and Selena. I'm sorry if anyone likes these musicians and that's great if you enjoy them, but people calling Mel pop trash is my trigger. - TheAlbinoWolf

Um... Does Katy Perry even have a fanbase?!

Wait, they're actually pretty nice, I don't think I've ever met or talked to a rude Katy Perry fan. They're actually a lot more understanding than most other fan bases.

No way, Katy Cats are very kind, they respect the opinions of other fandoms.

I'm a big fan of every fandom the only thing that I don't understand is why do every fandom hate the other fandom so much?

There's nothing wrong with Katy Cats. Just a dedicated fan base made of people who love Katy.

Basically the problems with the Swifties are here also. - DCfnaf

Who the hell put them here? They should be at #101! Far from here!

I'm sorry, but the comments only prove how annoying some of her fans are.

They think their fave is a legend all because she has several number ones, most of which are forgettable. Also, they refer to their fave as "mom" instead of "queen" or "your royal highness" like other civilised fanbases. What's up with that? Are all katykats 10 year olds or what?

I myself enjoy listening to her songs, but her fanbase isn't the best. - IcyUsefulEyeball

Die hard fan who just want noisy music

I love Katy Perry, but of course if she does something wrong I'm not going to defend her.

No one vote to this beautiful lady - onlyway

I like her music, but not the fanbase. is that natural?

They are annoying and tell you to kill yourself

They're stupid and arrogant. They think just Katy Perry makes success. They think she is the Queen of VEVO, and still go to videos of other singers, calling it a flop. Just by the fact of having less views than Katy perry. And I as a fan opposite to KatyCats. I ask them: where are the Katy's Grammys?

I love her! She is my FIREWORK she is my life. I do everithing for her!

I love hers so mutch and I have very reasons but the better is:I love her heircats!

I m swiftie and whenever I talk about Taylor Swift Katy kats always start saying harsh things about Taylor and they say'i wish that Taylor Swift dies' they are very rude!

When I was 10 I was your typical 10 year old kp fangirl. Ugh in 2014/2015 she had some good songs but now she's going downhill and becoming the next Miley Cyrus in songs like "Bon Appetit". - Lunala

Dot be rude I was a katykat on my tae tlent show I love katy she has a amazing voice and she realeases songs all time