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261 The Notorious B.I.G. fans
262 Jay-Z Fans
263 Aaliyah Fans
264 Lorde Fans
265 Dio Disciples (Ronnie James Dio fans)

I have to be quite honest, I love Dio and his music but his fans are the worst. They basically live in the past when Ronnie was alive.
They like to make up facts about Ronnie such as Ronnie and his cousin Dave Feinstein were once contacted by Tony Iommi to ORIGINALLY start Black Sabbath back in the 1960s before he ever met Ozzy and Geezer. Thankfully this is completely false.
Another fact they like to make up about Ronnie is that Ronnie had the better solo career than Ozzy. Ozzy outsold Ronnie by over 100 million albums and Ronnie never sold more than 50 million in his career despite being in the music industry longer than Ozzy. Ozzy had the better musicians. Yeah there is Sharon Osbourne but Ronnie and Wendy were quite as bad in treating other musicians.
And finally they continue to drink the Kool Aid and not realize that Wendy is basically profiting off Ronnie's death and basically commercializing his image. Ronnie was against exploitation. Recently Wendy had this Dio ...more - GiantPumpkinPig

266 The Pussycat Dolls Fans
267 Blue Cheer Fans
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