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121 Toby Fox V 2 Comments
122 Soldiers (Linkin Park) V 1 Comment
123 Halsey Fans

Consist of depressing Tumblr "genderfluid" teenagers with jacksepticeye haircuts who think of her as an "inspiration" and "special". Halsey is extremely talented, but her lyric writing can come out as rather amateur. I prefer Lorde and Martinez to her. - Swellow

V 1 Comment
124 Kendrick Lamar Fans
125 Spices (Spice Girls)
126 David Guetta David Guetta
127 L.O.V.E (Nu'est)
128 Iconia (7 Icons)
129 Ani DiFranco
130 Kate Nash Fans

If I had a dollar for every time I got hate for saying she doesn't seem nice, I could travel the world. Her fans seem to not care about anything or anyone besides her. Also they laughed when she threw a hissy fit about someone not liking her HAIRBOW. Grow up!

131 Anggunesia (Anggun) V 1 Comment
132 Seveners (Super 7)
133 Lanatics (Lana Del Rey)
134 RATM fans V 1 Comment
135 Coins (Nickelback)

Seriously? Who on earth names their fans coins?! *Pppff... *

136 High Skool (Epik High)
137 The Wanted Fans
138 Jewels (Jacob Latimore)

They are very creative and know they're boundaries no there not as crazy as the other fan bases but once you talk crap about him there going off on you

139 Fake Classic Rock Fans

Everybody has to start somewhere, but don't act like you're a hardcore fan and say that Hey Jude is the best Beatles song. It's not called "We don't need no education" and no, Pete Townshend isn't the lead guitarist.

Stairway to Heaven, Wish You Were Here, Let It Be, Sweet Home Alabama, and anything by Nirvana or Guns 'N' Roses are all victims here.

They're just horrible wannabes that I've met throughout all my life.

V 1 Comment
140 R5ers

They get very protective and defensive. but they will always stand by R5 and they haven't fought with anyone but little mixers because they said R5 bribed the family. by the way I'm an R5er

First things first: all fans get protective and defensive. I bet you have. - emily3232

I am In the r5 Fam and yes we get defensive when people talked bad about but... Not all of us are annoying.

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