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121 Aff(x)tion (f(x))

God I'm slow. Did F (X) really get a name for their fans?

F (x) is the best. Princess krys giant baby sulli lmao amber queen victoria. Affxtions is the best. F (x) better than snsd.

They are underrated for SM ENTERTAINMENT..
They are a great group better than some groups...
Their fans usually don't complain about other peoples opinions..they just want sm entertainment to pay more attention to them..that's all..

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122 NIC (Agnes Monica)
123 Chibi (Cherrybelle)
124 Antis (Anti SM*SH)

Antis are really annoying. Why send hate to a person? Have they ever done anything to you? Nothing makes sense, and no one cares about your opinion

125 Fake Classic Rock Fans

Everybody has to start somewhere, but don't act like you're a hardcore fan and say that Hey Jude is the best Beatles song. It's not called "We don't need no education" and no, Pete Townshend isn't the lead guitarist.

Stairway to Heaven, Wish You Were Here, Let It Be, Sweet Home Alabama, and anything by Nirvana or Guns 'N' Roses are all victims here.

They're just horrible wannabes that I've met throughout all my life.

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126 Jessie J
127 Paramore Fans
128 Toby Fox Toby Fox

It's the Undertale fanbase, enough said. - xandermartin98

Nah. - Yoshilord

129 Pussycats (Pussycat Dolls reunion fans)
130 Spices (Spice Girls)
131 David Guetta David Guetta
132 Siwanators (Jojo Siwa)

Siwanators, especially on YouTube, are ABSOLUTELY CANCEROUS. If you say one negative thing about their precious JoJo, they will cyberbully you. Music Video Sins made an Everything Wrong video about Jojo Siwa's song "Boomerang", and there were a lot of butthurt Siwanators in the comments. It made me feel bad for Music Video Sins.
Listen up Siwanators, here is the definiton of satire: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
In the comments, I told parents of 4 year old siwanators not to let them make accounts on YouTube, and this one girl replied something mean and said mean stuff on some of my videos. Luckily, I blocked her. - Cartoonfan202

133 Parappa/Lammy (Rodney Greenblat) Fans


134 L.O.V.E (Nu'est)
135 Iconia (7 Icons)
136 Ani DiFranco
137 Seveners (Super 7)
138 Nickelback Fans

To be fair, Nickelback is one of the most hated bands of all time, so you can't really blame the fans for being so defensive. I agree that most of the fans do whine too much, but Nickelback also gets a lot of crap they don't deserve.

Can't stop whining about why Nickelback gets so much hate... and explaining why they are good...
Sure, I enjoy some of their songs, but my... Their fans can be really annoying sometimes.

They actually have a pretty good fanbase it's the Bandwagon haters that are annoying - christangrant

139 Coins (Nickelback)

Seriously? Who on earth names their fans coins?! *Pppff... *

140 The Wanted Fans
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