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121 Kendrick Lamar Fans
122 Deadmau5 fans

Many deadmau5 (but not all) fans always complain that newer artists like Martin Garrix or Marshmello don't create "real" music. Why does it matter if the music is "real"? Why can't we all just enjoy the catchy, fun, songs? Deadmau5's songs aren't that good either. I have tried many many times to listen and try to like deadmau5... no hope. His songs aren't catchy, nor enjoyable, and they're just a combination of synths. Why can't he just stop hating on all those popular DJs (who are obviously better than him) and actually start working on his own music? I just don't get why fans like him

123 Aff(x)tion (f(x))

God I'm slow. Did F (X) really get a name for their fans?

F (x) is the best. Princess krys giant baby sulli lmao amber queen victoria. Affxtions is the best. F (x) better than snsd.

They are underrated for SM ENTERTAINMENT..
They are a great group better than some groups...
Their fans usually don't complain about other peoples opinions..they just want sm entertainment to pay more attention to them..that's all..

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124 NIC (Agnes Monica)
125 Chibi (Cherrybelle)
126 Antis (Anti SM*SH)

Antis are really annoying. Why send hate to a person? Have they ever done anything to you? Nothing makes sense, and no one cares about your opinion

127 Jessie J
128 Paramore Fans
129 Toby Fox Toby Fox V 2 Comments
130 Spices (Spice Girls)
131 David Guetta David Guetta
132 L.O.V.E (Nu'est)
133 Iconia (7 Icons)
134 Ani DiFranco
135 Seveners (Super 7)
136 Coins (Nickelback)

Seriously? Who on earth names their fans coins?! *Pppff... *

137 The Wanted Fans
138 Fake Classic Rock Fans

Everybody has to start somewhere, but don't act like you're a hardcore fan and say that Hey Jude is the best Beatles song. It's not called "We don't need no education" and no, Pete Townshend isn't the lead guitarist.

Stairway to Heaven, Wish You Were Here, Let It Be, Sweet Home Alabama, and anything by Nirvana or Guns 'N' Roses are all victims here.

They're just horrible wannabes that I've met throughout all my life.

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139 R5ers

They get very protective and defensive. but they will always stand by R5 and they haven't fought with anyone but little mixers because they said R5 bribed the family. by the way I'm an R5er

First things first: all fans get protective and defensive. I bet you have. - emily3232

I am In the r5 Fam and yes we get defensive when people talked bad about but... Not all of us are annoying.

140 Little Hiltons (Paris Hilton)

I never knew she had fans. - 906389

These guys suck, they defend a celebrity with absolutely no talent and if u say Paris hilton sucks, they say u r either jealous or u have no life. STOP WORSHIPPING HER!

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