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41 Overprotective People

I have a friend with an overprotective mom. She's TEN and her mom still says "Mommy and you are going to study after school". In fourth grade, I was ahead of her in school (honors class doesn't start until 5th grade), and I didn't have a need to study. I told them I didn't need to study (I couldn't say I forgot, her mom would make me go in and get them.) and later my mom received a phone call saying I "hurt my friend's feelings" by saying that. Look, that's just not acceptable. Then she lies about seeing stuff that she's never seen to be "cool"... OVERPROTECTIVE PEOPLE SUCK!

They are annoying, yet they should be appreciated.

They are too protective but that does not mean their bad people.

I wanted to watch Kowabon (an original horror story using a method called rotoscoping), but the people running the club don't want me to watch horror or any other good stuff I like.-Vestalis

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42 Swaggots

Thank you. I hate this lifestyle so much. Listening to gangsta rap, smoking whatever, and wearing your pants low doesn't make you cool. Rock music is so cool. It has different music each time, and we (fans of rock) aren't stupid

They're just full blown idiots

What word is this... - Lucretia

43 Republicans

What annoys me is when they say Democrats are out to take people's guns away, when all anyone has ever proposed is common sense. Republicans, with only one exception, voted this week against a bill that would have barred people on the no-fly terrorist list from being able to purchase a gun. So we won't let them get on a plane, but it's okay for them to have a gun? How does that make any sense at all? In his nearly seven years as president, Obama has never taken a gun from anyone. He doesn't want your hunting rifle. He doesn't want you (or terrorists) owning AK-47s, and he does want to be able to track gun sales better, which only makes sense.

Brainwashed zealots who think that the most important political topic is gun rights.

Not all are bad, only the crazy factions. The problem is their crazy factions are more crazy and have higher numbers than the democrat's crazy factions.

I'm democratic-republican, and I think people don't deserve to have lots of guns. More deaths would occur. And a kid could accidentally shoot their mom or dad, - TeamRocket747

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44 Elitist Metalheads

I hate them. I like rock and a tiny bit of metal, but these people think that anything that isn't Bring Me The Horizon, Gorgoroth, Of Mice and Men, and other crap is terrible. I don't care about melodic deathcore. I like stuff like Green Day, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, The White Stripes, and Metallica. Not stuff that is so far from the mainstream, that even I don't know it.

Extremely brain-dead and annoying, and think their usually biased points on mainstream music, rap or pop are "reasonable". If you bash any of the bands they like, they'll use suicide threats against you and hope you die. Pathetic. I like some forms of rock and metal music, but these idiots ruin it. Of course, if you dislike their bands, they use their "family" to hate on you. - Swellow

Really annoying people, and this is coming from a metal fan.Why can't people just listen to what they like and leave other's be?

Douchebags who swear at you for not liking their crappy underground band.

45 Trolls

This should be number 1

"(T)hey walk on many faces of the earth."
Just how many "faces of the earth" do you figure might exist?
A person should know their limitations. Otherwise, they're just another pretentious "nobody."

Actually, they can be fun...
well, in video games only and rage comics...

But it's fun... - LordDovahkiin

46 ISIS Terrorists

I'm not Muslim, but I know they are not true Muslims. They hate, which is wrong. If they kill us all, the world will be an anarchy.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. This makes it confusing.

These infidels are nowhere near Muslim - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I have Muslim ancestors 5 and more generation back. - Lucretia

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47 Socialists

Because they have the people's best interests at heart like Franklin Roosevelt, they're annoying? - MKBeast

Socialism has nothing to do with communism. It has nothing to do with people who are saying what to do or not to do in your life. Socialism is a political movement who strives at best solutions for socio-economic issues and social issues. For instance, social Healthcare ( you pay every three month a contribution that is the same for everybody [ poor can afford it ] that goes in a social fund. Everybody that needs a doctor, an operation, medications etc... has to pay nothing because the fund will take charge of it without affecting your contribution that stays the same ). But I guess you stupid Americans prefer to pay an Insurance ( if you can afford it to pay this " Maffia " system ) because whenever you hear the word socialism you think that your world is gonna collapse.

48 Environmentalists

They're not annoying, they just want us to live in a clean, safe, and breathable planet. - Anonymousxcxc

I wonder which bigoted idiot put this here. See, the Earth is slowly losing its ozone layer, which is protecting us from the sun's UV rays, because of people like you. Be grateful you have a place to live in. - MKBeast

Well don't blame us when the earth becomes indistinguishable from Mars.

You need to be a complete idiot to vote this. I care deeply about the environment and animals. I even want to get a job as an environmentalist when I'm older. People should know the truth, Climate Change is very real, animals are suffering from human (and some natural) actions.. People are simply too lazy to change. Something as simple as putting a wrapper on the floor, that wrapper could be eaten by an animal and could kill the animal. Want to kill a deer or another animal? Just shoot it instead then, it's quicker and less painful than being poisoned. Climate Change is caused by both human and nature, but the human actions are making it far quicker than it needs to be. There are so many reasons why people who vote this are complete idiots who need to learn geography again! Ugh! - LemonComputer

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49 Mean Teachers

My math teacher is the biggest ass on the planet.

My homeroom teacher is an annoying jerk. - Goatworlds

All of them are annoting. - Lucretia

(Comes 5 seconds early)

50 90's Kids

I know this doesn't apply to all 90's kids, but for the ones it does apply to, this is to you. Quit acting like an elitist twat to anybody who grew up in a different decade than you, and realize that you're not the only people who had a childhood.

I was born in '98 and I don't talk about how great our T.V. as back in the 90's ongoing to 2005. - MorganChambz

I'm tired of these "90's Kids" saying that all kids of this generation suck because they had different things growing up. Yes, it's fine to be nostalgic once in awhile, but you should let us enjoy our stuff while you enjoy yours. Stop bashing on our generation and saying that we're all spoiled and privileged. - SmashPrincess

Ahh...the 90's...

the year when NOSTALGIA was born...
move on man, pokemon will never be that cancerous again...

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51 Beliebers

This should be SO high on this list because he is SO OVERRATED!

Diagnosed with Beiber fever. I feel bad for these people.

How can anyone love such an awful singer?

Girly girls have no taste.

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52 Conspiracy Theorists

They are just people trying to believe what they want to. As long as they don't force it on you why the hell should you care.

Do not judge Christ's messengers for the End of Times is at hand believe it or not

Like Nicobbq thinking Splatoon is an Xbox one advertisement... what a freak.

53 Catfish

I'll be looking for someone's Instagram and have to scroll through hundreds of fake accounts. Although it is easy because they'll only have like 2 followers if they're fake

54 Narrow-Minded People
55 People Who Think Everything Is Gay

You know those big, sweaty, athletic guys who take showers with other men and they call you guy for hanging out with your best friend a lot. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

My friends randomly shout "GAY! " at absolutely everything I do. It's so annoying I wanna punch them all in the face as hard as I can.

If I invite a male friend to my house, Everyone calls me gay

"The sun is gay! The lamppost is gay! " - TeamRocket747

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56 Snobs

Isn't one of them with weird orange hair running for president?

The Kardashians In A Nutshell

I was going to put something on here but you losers are beneath hearing my response.

A orange one with a corn cob on his head is someones idea of a American probably - Lucretia

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57 Sluts

The reason why break ups happen

Like the 'popular' girls at school

There's too many of those in this world, I think they shall and they will all die from a horrible STDs. The men that choose those trashy bags over the good women just as stupid as the dumbs sluts that they choose, you'll regret choosing your sluts later in life, just watch.

Kim Kardashian In A Nutshell

She Only Married Kanye West Because He's Rich

Kim Kardashian Is A Slutty Gold Digger

58 Adults Who Think That They Are Perfect and Mature

That's nothing new. Every young generation is against the previous generation. It's part of human development to rebel against the generation who has the power. Do you think that when you will be older and when there will be another younger generation, those kids will respect and bow for you? They will think at their turn that you are boring. Everybody was young once in their lives.

The reason this generation hates the previous one. This generation is supposed to put their lives in the hands of those people and trust them, and how can you trust someone who puts you down and makes you feel inferior to their "perfection? " And saying that "this generation is sooo screwed up" doesn't help trust matters either.

Yeah, that is why your generation love so much Jackie " crappy " Evancho ( when I see all the top tens and comments of young people where she's in ). It's all about, she's a good student, she's a good role model, she's best in this, she's best in that, she's polite blablabla... Adults are certainly not perfect ( who is perfect by the way? ) but your generation aren't perfect either or better. If you really think that you are more stupid than I thought.

I hate adults

here is a list of their faults


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59 Anime Enthusiasts

I HATE IT when I'm speaking to an anime enthusiasts and then they start speaking a mix of both or even just blare off to Japanese. I absolutely HATE some girl screaming at the top of her lungs all the way across my high school campus "ONI CHAN! "... Please just speak English like 90% of the rest of the school!

I like anime. However, people that use words like 'kawaii' and speak in an mixed alien language of English and poor Japanese are extremely annoying!

People deserve to like what they like but don't take it too far

Anime is the worst - GriffinDoge

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60 People Who Add Justin Bieber to Every TheTopTens List

It does get a little tiring seeing the same people on every hate list. I hate to say it but besides Bieber, the most hated people are usually blacks and women.

Hey! trump should be!

To whoever keeps putting Justin Bieber on every list -

I hate Justin Bieber but please, it's getting old. - Lunala

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