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81 Chavs

Chav's aren't annoying in the least. They're put on this Earth for normal people to have a jolly old laugh at. Know what I mean though, innit blud? - Britgirl

82 Overly Sensitive People

These are those who take jokes so seriously even it's too overt that the joke is literally a joke, or even you just said something a little off and then they would react so badly like they would be depressed as hell, kill themselves, backstab you, having so much hatred etc.

And what is wrong with being overly sensitive?

Learn to take a joke

You said you didn't like that movie?
Well I...
You make me cry, I love that movie
Well all..
(mopes me for minutes) - Lucretia

83 Idiots

What I mean by "idiot" are the bunch of annoying kids who disrupt class then the WHOLE CLASS HAS TO STAY IN, EVEN THE KIDS WHO DID NOTHING (Me) - Lunala

Something smart.

I'm an idiot, so I think everyone has had enough of me.

Those people in the lowest class who still fail. I work my ass off for a C in the super advanced classes. They can easily get an A in the class that is a grade level BELOW what they're in yet they do a half-assed job and fail.

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84 Mario Fans
85 Tree Huggers

Yeah, they're annoying so let's just let the planet go to hell, okay?

86 Interrupter
87 Gassy People

I don't know but I think these people really stink.

Farts are a natural thing. This is offensive

What fart put this on here?

88 Protesting Vegans

I am a vegetarian, less extreme than vegan and doesn't protest madly about things. I chose not to eat meat because animals are living creatures the same as us, however the lesser intelligence. Though I do not find them annoying, protesting in the streets is just crazy. They eat what they want, we eat what we want.

Despite it being natural, as humans are omnivores. Just part of the food chain. The only excuse for being vegetarian/vegan is if you are allergic to meat. Meaning, you literally can't eat it. Like my friend is a vegetarian, well he eats chicken nuggets but chicken nuggets only, and it really kinda annoys me. He doesn't even sit next to me if I'm eating meat. - LordDovahkiin

I've never seen any but they sound so dumb. Eating meat is something we needed to do to survive for a million years. Animals kill each other to get food. Eating no meat makes no sense and it's not a natural thing to do! - SammySpore


What idiots

89 Vegetarians Who Try to Share Their Beliefs

You should eat meat vegans don't get all the necessary vitamins to survive - ikerevievs

I know they should be higher

90 Greedy People

They want more and more, nothing makes them happy.

Oh, you mean bankers and oil companies?

Greedy people also tend to take things in serious.
When they borrow from you it isn't a problem, but when you borrow from them, they'll be all over you..

Sometimes it's best to be satisfied with what you've been given throughout life ~ (as long as it's not bad lol) - Mochi

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91 Weeaboos

I hate these disgusting people so much. They think they're Japanese cause they watch anime. I'm pretty sure white, middle aged, 400 pound idiots who live in their mom's basement and masturbate to body pillows of 13 year old girls are "Japanese". What they're doing is like a Japanese person wearing a cowboy hat and boots with a lasso saying "YEE-HAW! My name is Cowboy Tanaka" (thanks to Papa Franku for the last sentence) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Wow! I didn't know these people existed. I like anime, but I know I'm not Japanese, I just like it. (I have to watch it in subtitles because I can only speak 5 words of Japanese and I'm pretty sure most of them are girl's names and I don't think I can pronounce most of them correctly and I also don't like dubs because I'd rather hear the original language). - Anonymousxcxc

They are lazy jackasses I wanna punch badly - Hey1tsme

Thanks a lot anime.

There is nothing wrong with watching anime to be honest. Its just that weeaboos are making it look bad. Weeaboos think they're Japanese just because the only words they know are Kawaii desu sugoi just from watching anime. They also bash on other cultures as well thinking Japan is superior over everything by anime. The majority of them are children which gets on my nerves more. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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92 Parents

Keep in mind that without them there would be no you.

It depends really but most of them will always be there for you I just hate how parents divorce (my parents didn't but skme of my friends' parents did) and some abuse children

Whoever put this on here you suck I love my parents - thegreatvoter

Very true without parents you would not be here today. Also since my mom thinks I'm old enough to take on a bit more responsibility I'm finally allowed to say hi to my friends when we are riding our bikes around the neighborhood - Enderninja327

I agree
they r so bratty
my dad is perfect but my mom...long nose, fat, stupid, and there are a lot of worse

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93 Directioners Directioners

They are the worst fanbase ever. They are a combination of Bullies and Perverted people

OK if you like 1D that's fine but don't force everyone to like it

94 Americans

All 325 million of us are annoying? You've met all of us?

Screw the jerk who put this here

Whoever put this here is racist. Not all Americans are bad. In fact some are really great people who are humble and put others before themselves.

Okay, admittedly a large quantity of us are ignorant. However, you haven't met all of us; many aren't the stereotyped 'Muricans we're known as. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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95 Younger Siblings
96 Slow People

This is rude, I am slow at tests because I want to do a great job and get a good grade. I like taking my time to put effort on things, that's why I am slow, but I am a fast runner.

You cannot blame anyone for being naturally slow but some people do it ON PURPOSE

I'm an EXTREMELY impatient person (seriously, make me wait like one minute in a queue and I'll probably lose my mind) so don't judge. I can understand if someone is naturally slow when walking in front of me and stuff, but if they can walk faster easily, then I'd be less mad if they did that. - mathyfox441

You don't have to be fast at everything in life, you guys are idiots to make fun of people who are slow. Attest they aren't judgmental douchbags like you all, who tf are you to judge someone. Immature.

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97 People Who Play Minecraft 24/7

They constantly make crappy parodies of good songs, crappy parodies of video games, Invading Google, and plus if you look up "Mods" ALL YOU FIND IS Minecraft! It is so annoying!

I was once researching for a report on historical mines. I looked up "Mines in the United States" and the FIRST thing that came up was "Minecon 2016". I sighed and scrolled down. The only things I saw? MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT. I got half my report done because I couldn't find anything useful. - AllAboutLists

Minecraft is a stupid game.

You go on YouTube? 90% of the videos on the homepage is Minecraft. Looking for a top 10 video? Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft. Minecraft YouTubers make awful 'parodies' of good songs and half the animations and so-called 'singing' is terrible. 80% of the Minecraft YouTubers don't swear, that's not very good at all.

You search up 'Mods'. All you see is Minecraft! You search up valuable metals like gold and diamonds. Minecraft!

Minecraft used to be a good game and now the updates are ruining it. I used to play it 24/7, but now I haven't played in around two months. - RollerCoaster

Every single 9 year old kid. - LordDovahkiin

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98 Sonic Fans
99 Sore Losers
100 People Who Admit that They Suck at Everything
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