Top Ten Most Annoying Types of People

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161 Weaboos
162 Mac Fanboys
163 Moral Guardians
164 Offensive Jokesters

These people will take anything in history that's tragic, and turn it into a joke. The freshman at my high school think it's funny to Sieg Heil in the hallways. - naFrovivuS

165 People Who Have to Drink Coffee Constantly

Um, they smell, literally

166 New Englanders

It's a collection of states in america main and others I can't remember the rest

Wait there is a new England? Should I upgrade from the old one

167 Midwesterners

I'm a Midwesterner. Some of us are drunk rednecks but still. Have you been to a small Midwestern town? If you have then the locals are probably pretty nice. Hell some of those towns have people who are not afraid to unlock their door at night.

Lived in the Midwest all my life, wouldn't want to live anywhere else, except maybe Canada...

I don't have a problem with them, but I would say half of them are total drunks

I was born in Virginia, raised in Chicago. I'm not going to be butthurt because half of us are drunk. Don't get offended so easily.

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168 Northeasterners

Whoever put this I assume is from California

On this list, I've also seen southerners, west coasters, and pretty much all northerners. Should we add South Americans, Africans, Europeans, Asaians, and Australians and just admit that we're annoyed by everybody?

169 Bosses
170 Lawyers

I've met a number of lawyers in my life, and about the only thing they have in common is that they are all intelligent, all have a great sense of humor, and all are generous, caring people...

Every one would be in jail if it weren't for lawyers and bad people wouldn't be locked up.

I know someone who is a lawyer. And he is not annoying he is pretty nice. And he is like every other person. Acts mature at his job but plays Battlefront when he gets home. I can relate.

171 Social Workers
172 Doctors

What? You need to be grateful for doctors! They keep you healthy and make sure that you are okay. Without a doctor (and parents) you most likely wouldn't be here! Sure they give you shots, but shots can toughen you up and make you stronger and well as healthier. If you think going to the doctor is scary, you're most likely a five-year-old.

They keep us healthy, he grateful, damn it

I haven't gotten fever in a LONG time because of a doctor. - 906389

Without them lots of people would be dead or ill - Lunala

173 Disc Jockeys

At least skrillex is not annoying

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174 Newspaper and Magazine Writers
175 Reporters
176 Opportunists
177 Customers
178 Michael Jackson Fans

At least they're not like Directioners.

The most annoying type of person I have ever encountered. Apparently I'm a racist and hater if I do not agree on their stance.

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179 Evil Teachers

I'm allergic to nuts, but when ever someone would bring in a snack with nuts she would go crazy about how good it is.

You should let your teacher know that. Just because she didn't know doesn't make her evil. Even if she did know, her comment was probably more thoughtless than evil.

180 Overbearing People
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