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161 PC Elitists

They think they're the best thing even, a god if you will. But really they're obese and smell bad and sit at a PC all day going psycho on console gamers because they claim it's unbearable

162 Frozen Fans

I agree, they so uncreative that they can't come up with their own powerful queens so they say, COME ON I have to be elsa or I wont play with u

Come on, it's been almost three years.

I don't like them or hate them

163 Patriots
164 Children

They Whine And Throw Temper Tantrums So Much

Just the little ones. - Lucretia

Some "children" (we prefer the word 'kid') are smarter than adult professors!

Not all are bad. I know a very logical 13Y. He can understand things that most of society doesn't. - LordDovahkiin

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165 Goanimate Users

Punishment Days are child abuse, glad I've never seen a grounded video of lunala - Lunala

Some Of Them Can Be Very Nice
Please Don't Hate Me For This

166 Genwunners

Everything past Mew is a pokemon! - Lunala

167 Independents

You mean in pollitical party I guess? - Lucretia

Independents? As in independent people? So we are SUPPOSED to be dependent? That's retarded. - LordDovahkiin

168 Weaboos

On here already though - Lucretia

169 Mac Fanboys
170 Moral Guardians
171 Offensive Jokesters

These people will take anything in history that's tragic, and turn it into a joke. The freshman at my high school think it's funny to Sieg Heil in the hallways. - naFrovivuS

More like people who get offended by those jokes. I personally love dark or offensive humor. - LordDovahkiin

172 New York Giants Fans

Not that bad... sports team fans don't compare to feminazis or homophobes - Lucretia

173 Neckbeards

I'm surprised this isn't already on the list. Don't get me started on these cheeto-breaths because it will take all day. Most of them are Bronies, and that can be okay. You're a guy and you enjoy My Little Pony? Cool, you can enjoy whatever shows you want! BUT- Wanting to do the frick frack with a horse and going around saying that people who don't watch MLP are idiots because they don't understand the superior meaning of it isn't okay. They can also be weeaboos, which I have no way of defending. These traits on their own don't make someone a neckbeard. However, combined, they are one for sure. There are also clear signs of neckbearddom, a fedora being one of them. They might also be seen with trench coats, but that's also a stereotype. A clear sign of a neckbeard is the word "friendzone" or "m'lady", and probably an extreme use of big, fancy words because they think they're better than everyone and reading a thesaurus makes them superior.

"Friendzone". Oh, how I hate this ...more - Emberflight_of_StormClan

174 Fat Guys

They have feelings, too...

Did Nicole Arbour put this here? Some of us can't help it, you know (paralyzed or people with severe depression). - MKBeast

I have a weight problem, does that make me annoying?

Like every fat person you see will annoy you... some are though but some thin people are - Lucretia

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175 People Who Have to Drink Coffee Constantly

Um, they smell, literally

Yes. Hold on let me get a coffee, my coffee spilled my day is ruined, go get me a sugar for my coffee, I am gettting a different mocha next time, - Lucretia

176 Bronies

Bronies are the worst people you can meet! All they do only to look cool that they like a stupid show with some stupid ponies. Everywhere on the internet you can see MLP images.

They can be pretty scary. I always hear some of them say that My Little Pony is like a religion to them and that they want to convert people.

Only ones that shove it in my face

Why is this not in the top 10? It should be at least number 6. These guys are a**wipes.

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177 People Who Steal Your Cupcake

People wont stop stealing my delicious cupcakes.

If you steal my cupcakes you'll end up in the world of pain. - MorganChambz

I don't have cupcakes often (only occasionally) and this has never happened to me. - Anonymousxcxc

Don't steal food from me or I will steal back - Lucretia

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178 New Englanders

Wait there is a new England? Should I upgrade from the old one

It's a collection of states in america main and others I can't remember the rest

179 Midwesterners

I'm a Midwesterner. Some of us are drunk rednecks but still. Have you been to a small Midwestern town? If you have then the locals are probably pretty nice. Hell some of those towns have people who are not afraid to unlock their door at night.

Lived in the Midwest all my life, wouldn't want to live anywhere else, except maybe Canada...

I don't have a problem with them, but I would say half of them are total drunks

I was born in Virginia, raised in Chicago. I'm not going to be butthurt because half of us are drunk. Don't get offended so easily.

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180 Northeasterners

Whoever put this I assume is from California

On this list, I've also seen southerners, west coasters, and pretty much all northerners. Should we add South Americans, Africans, Europeans, Asaians, and Australians and just admit that we're annoyed by everybody?

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