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201 Robot Boy - Linkin Park
202 Why I'm Home - Go Radio
203 Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

Such an upsetting and depressing song, I'm astonished it wasn't on here before I had to put this on :'(

204 So Cold - Detlef Zoo
205 Gustavo - Sun Kil Moon and the Album Leaf

This is a really amazing song about a Mexican named Gustavo and I find some parts of it amusing actually, but other parts are just SO sad oh this song is in an album like no other because it combines a synthesyser with the sad feel of the artist voice

206 Katy Song - Red House Painters

Katy song is a song about how the person singing the song used to do drugs but suddenly stopped and he felt incomplete he pretends the drugs are a girlfriend who is leaving him the guitar in this pice is creepy but it goes well with the sad lyrics

207 Falling Away With You - Muse
208 Summer Breeze - Seals and Croft

Is song is too quiet and has this depressing electric guitar riff throughout that sounds like something from a genetic N64 racing or bass fishing game.

209 Angel - Sarah Mclauchlan
210 Thoughtless - Korn
211 Bronte - Gotye
212 Asleep - The Smiths V 1 Comment
213 Nobody Home - Pink Floyd

The song, from the magnificent album The Wall, a depressing album in all, is all around sad to listen to. This song represents a man who is depressed and wants to do something with his life, but just feels he can't, creating a sad tone. I'm listening to it right now and I want to cry

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214 Say Goodbye - Skillet

Skillet is my favorite band and "Say Goodbye" is such a sad song but I think that "The Last Night" should be on this list too. None the less all the Skillet songs on this list are to me sad.

I cried so much the first time I heard this song. It made me think of all the pain in life. :(

Oh, I don't think I heard this one, before. But, I will.

215 Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
216 Family Portrait - Pink

This song is amazing if you have family issues

217 Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
218 Decades - Joy Division
219 Desperados Under the Eaves - Warren Zevon
220 The Rains of Castamere - Jackie Evancho

From "Game of Thrones", the "Red Wedding" episode.
Everyone is very dead at the end of the episode, pretty depressing.

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