Most Effective SEO Services

There is no scarcity for the search engine optimization services out there. This is the right time to prepare the top 10 SEO (search engine optimization) services list because of the Google Panda algorithm update. After the 2.3 update, the effectiveness of the various SEO services have seen a great change. Some of the old SEO strategies have become GOLD today.

The Top Ten Most Effective SEO Services

1 Local Business Listings

If you own a local business and want to promote it online, list is in sites like Google places. Local keywords would present only the local business listings on top after the panda 2.3 update

Google promotes local business in search queries, if is combined with plus profile it could again even more exposition

2 Directory Submissions

This aged service has gained huge importance after the panda update. In fact paid website directory listings are given huge importance now

3 Guest Blogging

Find blogs related to your niche and publish your unique content

4 Hubpages Promotion

Though hit initially with the Google Panda update, regained double importance after talks with Matt Cutts and introducing sub domains

5 Squidoo Lens Creation

With the approval of the content getting strict, Google and all major search engines value Squidoo promotion

6 Press Release Submissions

Still effective if done the right way

7 Do-follow Link Building

Permanent links still produce some juice

Linkage from big PR sites is the most effective way to get relevance to the web, but it need do be created in the right way..

8 Video Promotion

The best strategy to get brand reputation and awareness online

9 Go Lead Digital
10 Coupon Distribtion

To promote special promotions of your website

The Contenders

11 Yahoo Answering
12 Slideshare Submission
13 Infographic Submission
14 Video Submission
15 Article Promotion

Moved from #1 one spot to the least important but can't be ignored spot

16 Social Media Marketing
17 Portfolio Submission
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