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Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler was a German dictator, and a leading member of the Nazi party. Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the people most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

The head of the Shutzstaffel (SS), one of the highest ranking Nazi leaders and the man who planned out the Holocaust.

The twisted mind behind the Holocaust. He was the one who told the Nazis what to do with the Jews.

Pfft, screw Hitler, yeah, he wanted Jews dead, but Himmler is the prick who made Hitler's wet dream come true!

Himmler was by far the most evil Nazi. How could you have him third...

Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September more.

The rot started at the top in the form of Hitler.

People make Grounded videos

This mad boi started it all.

The man who started it all.

Josef Mengele Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

The infamous Shutzstaffel (SS) officer who sewed twins together to create conjoined twins, shredded people's genitals to change their sex, tried to change people eye colors, and much more. Ultimately killed over 200,000 people.

I HATE HIM, reason is that he was a brutal "scientist" and "doctor", he actually put twins together, back to back, And he did a whole bunch of other experiments, the patient would usually just die immediatly or a while later, sometimes A day or more.

He ripped out a twins eye and put it on the others back or head. Then her eye changed color. Only good thing about him was the amazing angel of death song by slayer

Way worse than Hitler and Himmler, he would take twins, freeze one, and burn the other, and simultaneously cut off each of their limbs to see who would bleed out faster, complete sicko

Ernst Kaltenbrunner

"Oppression is the essence of power." - Kaltenbrunner

Scarface 6 foot+ towering archetype of the perfect movie Nazi with an awesome sounding name.

"There is no human law or law of God or national law that states that any healthy being has to permit the snake to eat the mouse - but on the other hand, it is perfectly justified to defend the mouse." - Kaltenbrunner

His face, though

Adolf Eichmann Otto Adolf Eichmann was a German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust.

Hitler hated Jews, this guy, Himmler and Heydrich literally ORDERED the Holocaust

He was just expressing his beliefs.


Reinhard Heydrich

The second-in-command of the Shutzstaffel (SS) and while Hitler ordered the Holocaust, and Himmler planned it, this guy actually organized it.

Was head of the Einsatzgruppen until his assassination in 1942. The Einsatzgruppen were the Nazi death squads that the SS used to carry out mass executions in Eastern Europe. Their targets were Jews, the intellectual class of Poland, Soviet commissars and Romani/Gypsies. It is estimated that they killed between 1.3 million and 2 million people.
Reinhard was also head of the Gestapo and SD.

Even most senior Nazi figures feared of this man.

This guy wouldn't hurt a fly.

Joseph Goebbels

Nazis were so pretty lit. This guy was the life of the party.

Decent guy, did nought wrong, up the tics come on

The only thing he did was make the Nazi propaganda.

He was a leader for us younger kids

Amon Goeth Amon Göeth, was most notorious for his portrayal by Ralph Fiennes (actor shown, that's not Amon) in the movie Schindler's List. A popular Grammy winning movie about Nazi Germany and more specifically the role of Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, a nazi who helped thousands of Jews escape their more.

Guys, he is by far the worst in my opinion. Watch "Schindler's list" and it will tell more about what he does. He's HORRIBLE.

His face looks scary and beautiful at the same time, gosh!

Well he looks cool

Ilse Koch

HOW IS THIS WOMAN NOT ALREADY ON THE LIST? In fact, how is this woman not already in the Top 2? I could take a whole day explaining why this woman is worse than Hitler and Himmler combined.

Because Himmler was Hitler's main sidekick, and the man behind the genocide in world war 2. - Stewart

Bitch with a whip, enough said.

Hermann Goering

The 16th President of the Reichstag, the Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe, the founder of the Gestapo and Hitler's second-in-command.

Hitler's second-in-command.

Fat stupid poopy

Herman Goering must be in second
He is the most evil nazi ever

The Newcomers

? Hans Krebs

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Oskar Dirlewanger

The divisions actions were so bad even the Waffen SS complained, let that sink in for a moment...

A true Sadist

Rudolf Hoess

Rudolf the red nose reindeer

Who dis boi, what did he do?

Alfred Jodl

Mein fuhrer I object to your plans.

I object to this plan

Jodl: My Fuhrer what should we do plan?
Hitler: We are planning to visiting south africa that is because it is so beautiful wild animals and lions so I was going to travel to africa.
Jodl: Steiner and his map.
Hitler: Steiner will take us traveling from Berlin to Johannesburg by using an Lufthansa!
Krebs: My fish likes to go africa to see wild animals, Even these lions are dangerous than more.
Hitler: Fine! I will be careful where lions are attacking you.
Jodl: But My fuhrer you cannot go to South Africa!
Jodl: It is too dangerous to go africa!

Irma Grese
Hermann Fegelein

Bring me Fegelein: Fegelein Fegelein Fegelein

Fegelein Fegelein!

Fegelein is still alive

Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!

Alfred Rosenberg
Julius Streicher

Known to be the most anti-semitic Nazi

Odilo Globocnik

WHAT?!?! Odilo Globocnik should be higher. He liquidated the Warsaw, Bialystok, and other ghettos in Poland and was in charge of the death camps.

Franz Stangl

Leader of Treblinka.

Ante Pavelić

Croat Nazi Ustasha.

Wilhelm Keitel

"But I was just following orders"
That was his defense.

Arthur Liebehenschel
Hans Frank
Arthur Seyss-Inquart

Pure evil responcible for genocide and Mass murder. A real butcher

Erwin Rommel Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, popularly known as the Desert Fox, was a German field marshal of World War II. He worked under Adolf Hitler's Third Reich as a leading general and gained fame from his battles in North Africa.

He wasn't that bad, he was actually just a general, and was very humane with his prisoners of war, but Hitler threatened his family, so Rommel had to kill himself, true legend, earned my respect😤.

He was NOT a Nazi.

How dyu guys even know about this whole Nazi army lmao

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