Big Time Rush


Big Time Rush is beautiful. They work so hard and receive so little recognition for it... It breaks my heart. They spend more time working than they spend vacationing, have probably seen more of one another than their families in the last four years to be honest, yet BTR is constantly looked over because of their association with Nickelodeon. I'm not saying that other bands like One Direction or Mindless behavior are undeserving because I'm sure that they work pretty damn hard as well. But four years of hard work and millions of fans, and these boys have very little to show for it! Their music doesn't just appeal to the ears, but to their fans' hearts. They write their songs not with popularity in mind, but their fans. INVISIBLE is a prime example of this, written because of a tweet Carlos received saying that a fan felt like they would never notice her. Carlos, James, Kendall, and Logan are all adorable and sweet boys, I just wish that they weren't disregarded so easily.

Big time rush is the best boy band ever. The members off big time rush go by the names of Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmid, James MasloW and Carlos Pena

I agree with all the comments I love every song and I also love the T.V. show Big time rush. Big time rush could beat any band anytime anywhere. One of the things I like about them is they don't try to be someone that their not their totally themselves but don't get me wrong I love everything about them. I love listening to their music because they work so hard on it. Everybody's always talking about other bands like One Direction and I like them but I just find Big time rush as a better band than others because their different and I think that you can really see the teamwork and loyalty between the four friends and my dream is to meat Big time rush and I like all four of them for Big time rush it's all about teamwork I could never imagine myself living if Big time rush broke up.



I don't even have words for this. Big time rush help me through depression and just all of the insecurity I had they helped me get rid of and whenever I'm sad they make me happy no matter what, I know this isn't long but holy crud cakes man... I'm lost in love and words and I just cannot believe I'm seeing them the third biggest I'm just so happy and so proud and I think they deserve every ounce of success they have cause they should be on top. They've worked so hard! And together! Six whole years of a show and a band... Just wow... I love them more than anything ever. They have THE BEST songs and they are all so talented and I do not care whoever says they are "for kids" "gay" "bad singers" I love them. I don't care if they are the least known band in the world I'll love them no matter what and they deserve all the positives in their lives. I'm thrilled with their success and work and dedication to the crowd, I am a puppy for them. I'm crying. The stuff they do for their fans and the ...more

Big time rush is my favorite band they are really down to earth and they saved my life. Without them I don't know where I would be. Their music is beautiful and actually has a meaning. They never have scandals that end up in the paper. These guys are the best... Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos. Amazing and talented guys. Unlike several other boy bands they don't fight they act like brothers. They do everything together and have each other's back. These four guys are great role models for everyone. They work really hard and accomplish their goal. I'm a huge Rushers and been to 4 of their concerts. There songs actually have meanings too! Love these guys,0. Unfortunately the show has ended mbut, every night I watch the reruns. The last episode made me cry. But me, I'm PROUD to be a RUSHER!

Big time rush is the greatest boy band ever. They are always themselves and they don't care what other people think. People who don't see how lucky their Rushers are to have them to look up to are out of their minds.
I personally love how the boys just do whatever they want. They always put a smile on my face. I don't think I would be here without them. Since 1st grade I was always bullied. In 2009, I started cutting myself and became anorexic. No one loved or even liked me for me. So I changed. But Big Time Rush turned my life around.

Big Time Rush Are the Best Boy Band. I really love these guys their music is awesome and completely full of energy. And They have a lot of Fan Worldwide.

Big Time Rush have been here since 2009 and started off as nobody's on Nickelodeon. They are the most dedicated, loving, caring, and amazing role models that anyone could ask for. They have worked extremely hard to get up to 4 seasons on Nick and 3 albums for the band. I can't explain how much they have impacted and saved my life just because Big Time Rush existed. I will forever be a Rusher and will never stop loving and supporting them.

Big Time Rush are four amazing, talented guys. Their music is catchy and sends a message to their fans. Big Time Rush is different than most boybands because they write their own music. Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan also don't care about the fame. They carw about their fans. They show this by putting together contests, having free benefit concerts, visiting fans in the hospital, etc. These four guys may not be as popular as other boybands, but they are just as talented, if not more. They're four caring, talented, amazing guys that brought the boyband back.

Big Time Rush is absolutely AMAZING! They are already in their twenties and they are completely true to their selves. I was a their concert on Sunday August 4th. They were so AWESOME! I swear, Kendall blew me a kiss, Carlos and Logan waved in my direction, and when James was picking a world wide girl, I literally touched him! In my opinion they are SO much better than 1D! - wowgurlll817

Big Time Rush is one of the best boy band, not only they could sing, they could act, and there songs are really different, they're song are catchy and awesome. All their albums were great especially my favorite Elevate with one of their most brilliant songs like Cover Girl, If I ruled the world, Love me Love me, Time of our life! But one of their most brilliant song and it's also my favorite is Worldwide!

Come on guys we need big time rush as number one. They are the most hard working band ever. I totally love big time rush, their songs and their show. I am crazy about their songs and I am sure they could beat one direction. The are a really caring band they help kids in need and they donate money to charity. I am obsessed with their songs my personal favorites are worldwide, like nobody's around, we are, windows down, elevate, epic and boyfriend. GO BIG TIME RUSH!

I am so proud of these boys. They work so good and so hard at what they do and any one should be proud to call themselves a Rusher. I mostly love the fact that their songs aren't just about "love". They sing so many other inspiring pieces like "we are 24/seven superstar na na na half way there" and many more. They aren't big headed nor are they overcomed by their fame. Thy remain 4 down to earth, grounded guys who love their job and love their Rushers! Even more. I am a verified Rusher. BTR ROCKS!

Big Time Rush is the best boy band ever. They may not win awards, but that doesn't mean they aren't good. They have the best fans in the world. I've been to one of their concerts from the Better With you Tour, and that was the best night of my life. All I have to say is Haters Gonna Hate Rushers Gonna Elevate

They are my favorite band because they went from normal boys into a famous band. Also because their songs helped me get throughout the 7th grade. Big time rush is amazing because they are awesome singers. James, Kendal, Carlos, and Logan are the best of the best.

I love big time rush they voices are good they help others all of them who are kendall, james, logan and carlos they don't care what the people say about them they even have their own show with the same name they are best friends and their friendship is some unique their songs such as confetti falling, boyfriend, do it like nobody's around etc are big hits and that is why I love them

I think big time rush is the coolest band ever. They song is not just touching fans's ears but they are touching they hearts too. Not like "one direction" what does it mean "best song ever" the song lyric is confusing? Not touching people's heart.

Big Time Rush.. I would die for these guys in a heartbeat! These 4 guys work their butts off for little recognition, honestly. Like, come on people, if you actually gave them a chance, you would be amazed how AMAZING they are.

I am a boy and I love big time rush best of why why can't some people just like big time rush not stupid one direction

This is 2017, I am 16 and a Rusher! They are just great guys in general, not all that Hollywood crap. They are the best, and I am waiting for a reunion! They aren't afraid to be themselves, and are great singers; their songs are happy and fun and I could listen to it all day! Love the show too! Come back soon guys!

Big Time Rush is the best in every field.
They are very talented and HOT.
They can sing, dance, act, write songs or even direct!
I think they should be at the top of this list.
One Direction don't deserve it.
Obviously BTR can do way better than them in many ways.
BTR dances great but 1d can't.
So... HA! ;p

Big time rush doesn't really care about what people. That is why the song like nobody's around is my favorite. Also big time rush doesn't really write as much love songs as other bands which is awesome. I had total faith in them ever since they started being a band

Big Time Rush are AMAZING! They are one of my favorite boy bands! I have watched every episode of Big Time Rush and I have a lot of their songs downloaded on my iPod.

Big Time Rush is awesome! They r good role models and they would do anything for there Rushers! I'm not a Rusher but I can say they r the most addicteds EVER! Awesome band. Just amazing

Big time rush truly deserve to be #1. They got the looks, the moves, the experience, the humor, and they got the respect. All there song are good and should deserve more the 1D. They are role models. They work so hard from behind the scenes and on tour. That just prove why there the best in the business.

These guys have changed my entire life! I just can't live without them. They have saved so many rushers lifes! I love their music their style their looks their personality and most important their humor :D in my opinion they're so much better than 1D and the backstreet boys. They are so loving and caring towards their rushers you wouldn't believe! I have absolutely no words to describe their perfectness! THEY ARE AMAZING 24/SEVEN!