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121 Sheppard
122 BTS

Bangtan boys is a group of seven with ages ranged from 18-24. They have a wide range of song types, and yet they always keep their style. It is always BTS. They write their own songs and lyrics, and they are terribly talented dancers. Their songs always have a mix of rap and vocal. They put their heart and soul into everything they do. You can tell they take their jobs seriously, but they have such fun. Even though their songs are in Korean, you can't help but feel the emotions in their songs and get caught up in their performances. They have their sexy/serious sides and they playful happy sides. Basically, they're the whole package. They always let their fans know that they care about them.

BTS might seem like the stereotypical boy band but they are much more. If you can get past the language barrier, see their personalities, and understand their music, they will steal your heart

BTS is a combination of your sexy boy/man, your little brother, and your older sister. All of them can have their sexy moments, but most of the time they are little balls of energy, and sometimes, they can't be bothered (MinYoongi). But the dancing, singing, and craziness is something everyone should give a chance to watch

Excuse me but bts deserves #1.

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123 Crazy Youngsters
124 Years & Years

You can always dance with Olly and the band I loved their concert

They are amazinggg have you heard Olly sing live he is incredible! Also they're single King was number 1 in the UK!

125 Kingsland Road
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