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381 Braev the Templar - Bravely Default V 2 Comments
382 Blaise Debeste (Bansai Ichiyanagi) - Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path (Gyakuten Kenji 2) V 2 Comments
383 Brooke Augustine - Infamous: Second Son
384 Alex Wesker - Resident Evil Revelations 2
385 Neil Fisher - Resident Evil Revelations 2
386 Raymond Vester - Resident Evil Revelations
387 Shane - Infamous: First Light
388 Tracey - Batman: Arkham Origins
389 Evgeny - Resident Evil Revelations 2
390 Augustine - Infamous Second Son
391 Luca Blight - Suikoden II Luca Blight - Suikoden II

He literally burns down multiple towns and kills people for sport and killed this girl's mom and dad in a town raid. - Jmaniac1

392 Airy - Bravely Default


(I'm the guy who made the original comment, this is just a post note with a detail I forgot to mention) Also, before anyone rants, yes, I am aware that she is a minion of Ouroboros. The only reason why he isn't on the list is because he is only the reason why Ms. Satan Incarnate destroys the worlds. Although he gives her a well deserved death, we really don't know who this guy is until the end of the game, so he's not as obnoxious.

Her deeds would make Satan himself stare in horror.

(Crushes Airy with Dio's steamroller)

V 3 Comments
393 Relius Clover - BlazBlue Continuum Shift

He turned his wife and daughter into machines.

394 Ladja the Bishop - Dragon Quest 5 V 1 Comment
395 Wigglytuff - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

(Note: I don't hate Wigglytuff in the main series games, just this particular Wigglytuff in Mystery Dungeon)
This guy just disturbs me. Quarter Guy mentioned how Mr. Morooka (King Moron) from Persona was the worst teacher ever, but he must've forgotten about this creep. Early in the game, the player goes to a dungeon called Waterfall Cave, and it was hinted that Wigglytuff was there before, however, he neglects ever going there when questioned. Later, when the player is sent to Apple Woods to get some Perfect Apples, Wigglytuff's favorite food. When they fail however, Wigglytuff goes berserk and nearly destroys his guild until Team Skull, some of the game's villains who are also very hateable, give him one of the apples they stole. Later still, when the guild members go to a lake to meet Uxie, Team Skull attempts to attack Wigglytuff behind his back, but he apparently defeats them without much problem. And he doesn't warn the members of his guild, leaving them to suffer at Team ...more

Slight spoiler.
The only reason, why I hate him, is because he refuses to admit that he was the Grand Master of All Things Bad. Just because It's a kids game, you should treat older players like morons Nintendo! - TheDancingGhost

396 Elec Man - Mega Man
397 Johnny Cage - Mortal Kombat

The character who was DESIGNED to be hated!

398 Ferghus - Vindictus

He will chew up your equipment and spit it out

399 Dickson - Xenoblade
400 Sarah Palmer - Halo 4
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