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1 1600 BC

Beginning of Greek civilization: essential to Western heritage and the root of mathematics, philosophy, political thinking and medicine. - MatrixGuy

I remember that year! that was when I had my first grandson.

Because of my pubes

Like 1600!

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2 1989

The end of the bloc in Eastern Europe, signifying the beginning of the end of the soviet union, (which dissolved in '91)... The fall of the Berlin wall, the indictment of "junk bond" king Michael milken, and the development of a little invention called the internet...

Fall of the Soviet union, ending the hundred year history of social ideologue history that caused the loss of hundreds of millions of lives of human potential.

Unbanning of political parties in South Africa paving the road to apartheid abolishment.

The first episode of The Simpsons aired - SimpsonsFan1989

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3 c.5 BC

Jesus's birth changed the lives of hundreds of billions of people. It's the most important event in history by far. That's why on our calendar is based on it.

I thought he was born at the beginning of the year 1.

No, that's when he died and rose again. AD means "after dead" in Latin. So AD 1 is one year after his death and resurrection.

Me is may 10 Because it's my birthday

Jesus is my God - Spiritualsavedboy

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4 1945

Ushered in a new world order, (UN, Breton Woods,) end of WWII. Set stage for Cold War and beyond. Overall, this where the era we are living in begun

Adolf Hitler commuted suicide and died end of WW 2

After this year, the Jews really got all the power. Holohoax. They never admit jews were guilty of the Holodomor.

1.945 is end of ww2 and early democracy and independent of countries in the world.

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5 1969

Humans walk on another celestial body. This is event marked the beginning of humanity's expansion into the cosmos, and set the stage for later advances in space-faring technology.

The first 12,000 years of civilization were mankind's baby steps. When we first reached the moon, humans became a space-faring species, and that will be our future for the rest of eternity.

Neil Armstrong Got To the moon For The first time, he was the first person on the moon, landing on July 20, 1969 - Wobblygaming7

Hello internet

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6 1776

After the United States declared their independence, other nations oppressed by kings realized they could rebel. It was the beginning of the end of imperialism

Beginning of the modern world. United States set the precedent for all new world countries as they sought out independence and forever altered the course of history.

Duh. Anyone who thinks otherwise just hates America irrationally. I can't even begin to explain how much the United States has given and helped the rest of the world.


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7 2001

The first year of third millennium and 21st century, the first new millennium and century celebration after the world using common era and global calendar

Anthrax letter attack, start bio-terrorism era

Shrek was released that year, and it would one day become one of the biggest internet memes in history

9/11 and wrestlemania 17 a lot

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8 33 AD

Jesus died this year according to people and scientists because he must have done hail jesus

9 1455

First book printed with movable type: Johannes Gutenberg's revolution in printing technology makes mass-market reading possible. - MatrixGuy

The printing press was a revolutionary invention that allowed for the fast spread of ideas across the world. It Michael Hart claims that Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, is the 7th most important person to ever live.

The most important year

10 2000

Marked the end of 2nd millennium

Started a new era of technology with upcoming corporates like Google Facebook Amazon and more...

Great year!


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11 1492

Everything changes with the discovery of the New World, and an era of Colonialism begins - which will lead to the establishment of the USA and Canada; Mexico, Argentina and other hispanic nations; Australia and New Zealand; as well as changing the face of Africa and Asia forever, and eventually leading to the globalization that made World Wars and our modern world's culture possible.

If there was no America the most powerful country would be Russia, oh crap


Cristoforo Colombo discovers America, launching the Age of Colonization.

Queen Isabela of Castille and King Ferdinand of Aragón enter the Alhambra of Granada, completing the Reconquista.

Rodrigo de Borgia is elected Pope as Alexander VI after the death of Pope Innocent XI.

12 1905

Einstein's theory of special relativity published. It transforms the nature of modern physical knowledge. - MatrixGuy

This year belongs to Sir Einstein the great.

Most important year in the human history.
Without this year, there would be no modern world.

13 753 BC

Foundation of Rome: the Roman Empire is a pillar of the modern age, producing ideas on justice, law, engineering and warfare. - MatrixGuy

14 1999

Not #1 but still pretty momentous. The first millennium passage in history after mankind achieved a level self-consciousness.

The Columbine high school massacre happened that year

That's a mean comment back there.

I was born then

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15 1789

Can't believe this is not higher! I consider this the most important year in human history, the start of the French Revolution triggered change in Europe that continues to affect the world. For the first time, a major European power was ruled by a republic, completely changing people's views on the role of government and causing revolutions for the next 100 years. From the french revolution came Napoleon who, by conquering most of Europe ended up being the catalyst for the unification of Germany and Italy. Without the formation of Germany disrupting the traditional balance of powers, WW1 would have never happened. WWI causes WWII, WWII causes the Cold War and the Cold War has left us where we are now with unstable dictatorships littered across the third world. The world is as it is today, the foundation of liberal democracies was sown in the French Revolution and the chain of events that ended up causing WWI and WWII can be considered stared by the rise of Napoleon. - wertydoodle

The Very First US Presidential Election happened this year

Duh! The constitution! Even though Obama gives it no respect

16 1968

i was born

17 1959

Invention of the silicon chip is the major technical invention of the past century, making possible the computer age - MatrixGuy

Yuri Gagarin went to space. This should be 1st

18 476

Fall of the Roman Empire in the West ends 800 years of Roman hegemony. The creation of modern Europe begins. - MatrixGuy

Some historians think that the Fall of Roman Empire could be dated in 480 because with the dead of emperor Julius Nepos.

19 1997

Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ending 18 years of Conservative rule.

Princess Diana died.

I was born this year and a lot happened in the world

Check shti out

20 2016 2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2016th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 16th year of the 21st century, and the 7th year of the 2010s decade.

Donald Trump became US president.

UK votes for independence.

21 1066

Not only the Battle of Hastings this year but also the battle of Stamford Bridge a few days earlier and almost as seminal. There is also an argument for 1215 (magna carta) in terms of the way laws and democracy and the freedom from tyranny were to be formed in the western world.

"The Battle of Hastings"; just as much as the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and even more than WW1 and WW2 combined, this battle affected the entire course of western civilization right up to the present day.

22 1996

They used to play Nirvana in the radio

23 0

Praise Jebeebus

I love JESUS - Spiritualsavedboy



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24 105

First use of modern paper: this replaced stone, slate, papyrus and vellum as a cheap and convenient medium. - MatrixGuy

We used paper all the way up tell the 1960's.

I like paper :3

25 2004

I was born this year

I was born that year - naomi

I was born that year.

I was born this year

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26 1939

1st of September. Nazi-Germany invades Poland, and Great Britain and France proclaims war against Nazi-Germany. This is the date when the 20 year peace ends and the second World War starts.

27 327 BC

Empire of Alexander the Great reaches into India: the first example of a long-term and often violent interrelationship between Europe and Asia. - MatrixGuy

This was the year the internet was made by the almighty cat lord meowerz.

28 2002

Year of the world cup

I was born that year

Born this year

Born this year DA...

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29 1977

Most influential year in pop culture. And on top of that list...Star Wars, baby!

When the Atari came out!

Elvis Presley died

30 2020

I am going to college this year

Home to a whole month of 4/20


31 1517
32 1918

This was the year that albert einstein bombed china!

33 1998

Ocarina of Time came out.

34 2005

Two words: Hurricane Katrina! - imacg4

I was born this year

35 2006

I was born this year

Another world cup

36 1974

Russell o'neil was born!

37 1973

The US leaves Vietnam, the UK joins the EU and Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' is released. - JamesNicholls

38 1991

Indian economic reforms which is why India is the fastest growing major market today; dissolution of the Soviet Union; internet creation; the Japanese asset price bubble which Japan is suffering from till this day and last but not least the end of the Gulf War.

Nirvana's Nevermind

39 1901
40 1545
41 1958

And Michael Jackson was born

When Australian aboriginals could vote

The Indigenous people got voting rights in 1967 so do your research - coolguy101

42 666

Is when he devil come

43 1947

Roswell, Battle of LA, Cold War, Birth of new technology.

One of the most Significant years in Human History,
Pakistan and India got their independence, Japan got their new constitution hence becoming a new country, ISO was formed, IMF began operations, VOA starts broadcasting in Eastern Europe and Soviet Union, The cold war began in 1947, First case of Men in Black was reported, The doomsday clock was introduced, AK-47 was produced, Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten were engaged and got married, The Exodus left France for Palestine, CIA was formed, Communists take power in Poland and Hungary, and many other places, The word computer was used in modern sense for the first time, Indian Army Invaded Kashmir and Pak-Indian war of 1947 started, WTO was formed, Junagarh was invaded by the Indian Army, Pakistan took Mirpur from Indian forces and their mercenaries killing 20000 people, Italy got their new constitution, David Bowie, Elton John, Larry David, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Brooks, Stephen King, Brian Johnson, Hillary Clinton ...more

44 2021
45 2015

How is this year important? Trump running? Justin Beaver taking over the charts?

The future happend here the future is now

Angels attack Tokyo-3, to be fought by NERV and Evangelions. Shinji causes Third Impact on 31 January. Commence Tang, RIP Lilim, Kimochi Warui...

46 1987

Because bad Michael Jackson came out - Shamo24

47 1953

When Korea became a democracy

48 1967

You wouldn't understand but after life is true.

49 1976

Best summer of the century! Plus it's the year I was born!

50 1287

The year that Tran Hung Dao defeated 300,000 Mongols with only 5,000 soldiers.

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