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Gangnam Style - PSY Gangnam Style - PSY Cover Art

You know how some people like a song because it tells a story and has a nice meaning? Stairway to Heaven is a great song with a real meaning. People say it's overrated because it is famous, but overrated means more credit than deserved. Stairway was that good that no amount of credit could compensate for the claim that it is overrated, whereas this song deserved nothing. It makes no sense and the cover art is retarded. I mean, a guy dancing around horses? What the frik humanity.

This is obviously overrated, and is only so popular because of the silly dance style and because many people view it as funny, but that isn't what a song should be about. Meaningful and gripping songs should have far more views than ridiculous crap like this.
And who has voted for Smells Like Teen Spirit and Wonderwall? They are brilliant songs, and aren't overrated at all in my opinion.

Also, Smells Like Teen Spirit is overrated because it's #4 on best songs of all time when it's quite generic and very weak.

This song is the milestone for the decline in good music. I mean it doesn't even count as a proper song, it's not like when you ask your friend what they're listening to, you're gonna say 'oh Gangnam Style' no! This song is only not forgotten is because it's the most popular video on youtube, which makes me sad that 1) people have listened to it multiple times and 2) people still care about this song

People need to know the damn difference between 'overrated' and 'horrible'. 'Overrated', according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means "to rate, value, or esteem too highly", while 'horrible' means "extremely bad or unpleasant". Overrated does NOT always mean that the song is bad. It just means that it gets way too much praise. 'Gangnam Style" is hated by almost everyone I've met, so, by definition, it cannot be "overrated".

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Cover Art

Absolute garbage, all the way through; could have been written be someone who has little-to-no-knowledge of the instrument. There's hardly any musicianship to be found in any of the Nirvana tunes, and even if they were groundbreaking, they broke absolutely God-awful ground.

I can't say I understand why Bohemian Rhapsody is so high up here, though (currently at number 5). There's a half-hour clip of Brain May going over the master recording somewhere on YouTube, and the intricacy and nuance in that song is just ridiculous; probably one of the greatest pieces of music ever recorded, going up there with Beethoven and Bach.

It's an okay song, and it's riff is obviously very memorable. But it's just meaningless commercial pop.
Not to say that it isn't an important song, because this is infact the song that fueled the grunge movement into becoming what is now known as alternative rock, the most used music genre in history!
Sure it was important, and yes, it is catchy, but it's nothing more, not great, and especially not "brilliant" or "outstanding".
Nirvana are a great band who have made many, many more songs, a lot of which are better than this grungy pop song.

Never understood the huge critical acclaim of this song. It's the quintessential grunge song, yes but that doesn't make it one of the best songs ever. It's too simple, nothing special, just powerchords and emotional, dark singing plus one of the laziest solos ever. We could also praise Blietzkrieg Bop now as the best song ever as it's the same to punk as this is to grunge but at the end of the day both are simple, yet entertaining songs but really nothing more.

I love the song but it was incredibly overrated. Kurt Cobain hated this song the most because people would go to their concerts mostly wanting smells like teen spirit. Sometimes he would just skip over it or get pissed and leave mid-song. There are other songs by Nirvana that are WAY better and deserve more fame like Mr. Moustache, Blew, and basically all of the In Utero album. That album is a pure masterpiece.

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin Cover Art

Overall a very good song, but it really pains me that a band as great as Led Zeppelin, with such a large and varied body of work, gets remembered primarily for this song. I think of it in terms of word associations, where you say a word and ask someone to just say the first thing that pops in their head. For example, if I say vegetable, most people would say carrot. If I say Led Zeppelin, most people are going to say "oh, Stairway to Heaven". It's just too bad, because they are so much more than one famous song. Honestly, there are about 10 to 15 Zeppelin songs that are better, and at least two on the same album, probably more (Black Dog and Misty Mountain Hop for sure). Again not a bad song, but definitely overrated if it is considered Zeppelin's best song. Don't even get me started on people who say this has the best guitar solo ever, again, not even Jimmy Page's best guitar solo (Heartbreaker in my opinion).

They did not steal it from Spirit. A couple of similar notes used in a 2 minute instrumental turned into an 8 minute rock classic with lyrics and a solo DOES NOT count as plagarism. I do agree with the one poster that it is sad that Led Zeppelin is mainly remembered for Stairway. I have to say I like Zeppelin's heavier side, like Achilles Last Stand and Black Dog. Zeppelin's best song is probably Kashmir or Achilles Last Stand, but you have to admit it made not just a big impact on rock but on music in general.

Led Zeppelin actually had gotten permission from Spirit, so it's fine.

This song is boring, nowhere near a masterpiece so many people make it out to be (in fact, it's main melody is derived from "Spirit" by Taurus) and the song's title name is stolen from a Neil Sedaka song.

In my opinion, this song doesn't deserve all the praise it gets as it is far from being original and far from the "best song ever made" it is constantly reputed as. Sorry to all Led Zeppelin fans but this is what I think and if you disagree with me, then I respect your opinion after all.

Led Zeppelin have a lot of good songs and I love them, but this simply ISN'T one of them. It cannot be called music; it is the most overrated and talentless LZ song in all of history. Everyone says "Can you get better than that solo?!" and most people say "No", but I say "Any rock group can. Easily." So why do you imbeciles think that this is number one?! It stinks like 300-year-old cheese. It should never have reached the top billion, let alone number one!

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Cover Art

OK, first of all, why the HECK is this higher than Let it Go? I know that overrated doesn't mean bad, it means more like overplayed. I don't think so. This song deserves to be played as long and as much as it has been. Honestly, it should be played MORE. I never hear people listening to it! I mean, I wasn't even close to being alive when it came out (I was born over a decade after Freddie Mercury died, so WAY after this song came out), but I still love it. It's different, it makes some sense but is also somewhat nonsensical...and the vocals and instruments are AMAZING! I'm so sad that Freddie died, but I'm really glad he and the rest of Queen were able to make the music he did when he was alive. RIP LEGEND

I really like this song, like easily in top 10 queen songs, but it's easily the most overplayed song of all time. Everyone declares this song as so revolutionary and different but a year earlier Queen released a song called 'March Of The Black Queen' which has a very similar style, multiple random segments that come together to make a whole song. I personally think that song is so much better mainly because the segments are shorter and can be both really subtle and extreme in changes. BR is very big and extreme and makes the segments a lot longer, which is fine but some of them are really good while others don't grab me as much.

I think a lot of people don't really understand what "overrated" means. It doesn't mean the song is bad, it means that someone feels that it gets more credit than it deserves. It's opinionated. Now for why I feel it's overrated. The first part of the song is really good. If that was the whole song, I wouldn't have this problem. Then the solo hits and that's when the song goes downhill for me. Really, that's what Brian May does? Thank God he got a lot better later in Queen's life. That solo is also very overrated. Brian May has many better solos (Somebody to Love for example). The solo fits the song, but it could have done so much more. Listen to "Goodbye to Romance" and you'll know what I'm talking about. After that we get this piano and vocals part. So? Freddie bangs the piano and they sing. It's okay, it just would have been better as its own song. Then we have the "climax" which is okay and had a nice lead in. Then we return to the great slow part of ...more

"bOhEmIan rhApSoDY iS tHE bEst sOng eVer, I'm oNly 13.." give me a break. This song isn't bad but it isn't near perfection, either. People think if they like it surely they know the best of the best. It ain't, and nothing is. I think Supper's Ready is the best composed song ever written and it doesn't get nearly as much attention, and it is only my opinion. Wich brings me to 2 conclusions:
1. Popularity does NOT mean quality
2. People are only exposed to the greatest hits
I hate this song, but I used to like it before everyone played it everywhere and started getting panic attacks and start threatening others online if they think Queen is just slightly overrated.
But of course they know better.. after all.

Baby - Justin Bieber Baby - Justin Bieber Cover Art

Overrated and overhated. You wonder why? Many people who hate this song think it’s the worst song ever. Go to YouTube to see how many likes it has and tell me again it isn’t overrated. This song sucks, but there are worse songs in my opinion. That being said, it has more likes than dislikes now so this song is definitely overrated despite being overhated.

I hate this song. It proves how lame Justin Bieber can be, and everyone should be listening to Hatsune Miku. Sure Let it go is overrated, but it's also overHATED. I like Let it go, and it was a very nice song. Some people should just calm down about it. This one, however, is just about, "I like you girl. I'll buy you something, and we can be together."

This song is the symbol of cheesy modern pop. Justin has never had had a good voice, he's never had good lyrics, he's never been a good person really! Baby is his most unbearable of them all, the first time I heard it I remembered thinking "This day will be the knly day that THIS SONG will be on the radio" and then what seemed like years, I couldn't listen to the radio cause every other song a heard a auto-tuned teen scream BABY BABY BABY OHH! At the end of the song I thought "I hope he's gone forever" when he sang I'm GONE! And the worst part is how the song creeps into your mind, trying to get you to like it, but it ONLY gets worse every singke time.

This isn't really overrated because nearly everyone hates it

This song is so bad that even if only one person liked this, it would still be overrated. Also, the track was popular with critics.

Let It Go - Idina Menzel Let It Go - Idina Menzel Cover Art

It's already a couple of years
And people still sing
This song
A song overrated
That it just
Feels wrong
The kids are singing it
And that song just won't die
Could not bear it
Even if I try
Just go away
Why do you stay
There are other songs that they should know
They just don't let this song go
They sing it again oh no!
Let it die
Let it die
Can't stand it anymore
Let it die
Let it die
This song is such a bore
I don't care
If it's popular
Other songs are better
I don't care about Elsa either
(Instrument break)
It's funny how many people
Like this dumb movie so much
With characters so boring
And they still like it a bunch
Frozen's so bad it makes me sick
And queen really stink
This movie's boring and it's not deep
It makes me sleep!
Let it die
Let it die
Let this song just go away
Let it die
Let it die
People sing it every day
I can't stand
To hear it again
Can ...more

This song is terrible! It sucks! The lyrics are stupid, it's completely unrelateable, the vocals are generic, the music is nothing new, and when kids start singing it all the damn time, it gets really annoying! And people act like this song is amazing! They act like it's the musical reincarnation of God! What is so good about this song!? I don't understand it and I never will! This is the most overrated song of all time! But that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that the next commercial excuse for a song Disney makes is also going to praised beyond belief! It's like Disney is an endless supply of crappy music! Why do people eat it all up?

Okay, the vocals ARE NOT GENERIC! They are amazing talent from an incredible woman! They are unique and beautiful.

I am SO SICK OF HEARING THIS SONG. It's 2019, first of all, and the movie came out in...2013! A few days ago, I heard a girl screaming, "LET IT GO! " and I'm like, 'how about we let the song go'? It's been SIX. YEARS. The lyrics and the vocals aren't bad, it's just that after the billionth time of hearing it, it just SUCKS to listen to. And now Frozen 2 is coming out. I wonder if that will make the Top Ten Worst Disney Movies list as well.

Okay, in my personal opinion this song is overrated AND overhated at the same time. On one hand, it isn't the best song ever that needs to be sung constantly like many little girls think. Back when this movie was at it's peak popularity, I wanted to like this song, but couldn't since I couldn't go anywhere without hearing it again. On the other hand, it is one of the best Disney songs in my opinion. The lyrics are, again, in my opinion, very very well written and the vocals never cease to blow me away. It is a very good song that was just promoted way, WAY too much.

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen Cover Art

I can't get why Bohemian Rhapsody is "more overrated" than this. There is Music that is real art and there are songs like this that are just boring, repetitive and slightly annoying. This song really surprised me, most oft those songs just disappear after a few weeks but this one somehow stays and I don't understand why, it's nothing special.

I remember this song was played everyday. It was good, but it got played so much that it became annoying. It’s a decent song, but gets annoying after a while of listening it.

The lyrics are not just repetitive but have no real value whatsoever. Someone decided this song had a neat hook and then sold it to the public along with the line and sinker. Really it's so bad no one should have paid it any attention.

Oh. My. GOD. I remember that whole phase where everyone was jamming out to this song and let me tell you that was SOOO annoying. This song makes my ears bleed. (I wish they would so I don't have to listen to this stupid song)

Imagine - John Lennon Imagine - John Lennon Cover Art

Ok which of you monkeys got enough trauma to the head to actually put Sweet Child o' mine, Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven on this list, you all need to get shot in the head with a shotgun to finish the job, do you know what good music is? Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best and most unique songs around, Stairway to Heaven is a masterpiece, seriously, someone try to play the solo I dare you, and even if Slash was messing around, its still better that Lennon trying to write music, lets face it his best years were with the Beatles and all his other stuff is crap,

Homo sapiens are one of the most aggressive and dangerous animals on Earth. Writing a song about wanting world peace is pointless and, coming from a person like John Lennon, is just pathetic. "Imagine" is a worthless, boring composition that is best ignored.

This song needs to be number one. I could go on and on about why this song is overtate, but ill sum it up simply: the world Lennon, who was a vastly superior writer with the Beatles, asks us to "imagine" simply wouldn't work. It never has, and never can. Sadly, world peace is a very feeble, and unabtainable, concept. People throughout all ages have wated world peace, and it just doesn't work out.

Would actually think more of this self righteous Muppet if he had in fact admitted to the world that a six week old Baboon wrote this song, but no, he has to drag out his tirade of humiliation on all those people all over the world that call this a masterpiece! What a callous sense of humour this man had.

Wonderwall - Oasis Wonderwall - Oasis Cover Art

I've said this from Day 1:- Oasis are not good at making ballads, they are good at making guitar-rock headbangers. Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, Cast No Shadow, Don't Go Away... were all epic fails. So for now, let's leave those cheesy ballads for talent-less Pop-stars to make. Shall we?

Oasis are an awesome group, but this is just a terrible song. I also think that "Don't Look Back In Anger" is overrated.
Has society never heard of "Supersonic", "Live Forever", "Some Might Say", "Morning Glory", "Fade In-Out" or "Hey Now! "?!?! This song and "Don't Look Back In Anger" are just inferior by comparison.
The people I imagine who have cool jobs and high standards listen to "Some Might Say"; one of the most underrated songs ever. People without lives worth living listen to "Wonderwall".
Trust Me. Just Trust Me.

Americans wouldn't understand Oasis and Britpop in general. "Wonderwall" doesn't come close to showcasing the greatness of Oasis, but I'm not going to tell you the great songs by this band. Go look them up yourself.

I personally really don't like Oasis at all (from the songs that I've heard, they're just not my cup of tea) but Wonderwall is one of the most tedious songs I've ever heard. I just don't understand how people like it so much. I think Oasis can do and has done much better, even if I personally don't like their music.

Umbrella - Rihanna Umbrella - Rihanna Cover Art

Under my umbrella, are you kidding me... What kind of lyrics are these, Rihanna really needs to work on her lyrics, or else she'd make her fan falling fall...

I love Rihanna, but she is so much more than this song, and work. This song is so over appreciated/hated, like Rihanna has 8 albums, and 75% of the songs in it are better than this

Rihanna's best work is when she's featured. Run This Town and Love The Way You Lie come to mind. Every time she's on her own, the result is fairly awful.

Her best songs are with other people, honestly. Umbrella honestly isn't nearly as bad as some songs on this list, and at least she can sing.

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? Gold Digger - Kanye West Gold Digger - Kanye West Cover Art

It’s too repetitive and annoying.

? Gooba - 6ix9ine Gooba - 6ix9ine Cover Art

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What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Cover Art

I love this song though uhg imagine u guys being a celeb and reading thse awful things abt u like its ok to not like something but the way u guys show your hate...

Just plain overrated. Everybody's obsessed with that band and that song was everywhere on the radio and it was a pretty annoying song to me. Everybody is obsessed with that band only with that song and how hot the band members are. Overall just a overrated song.

Don't kill me, but if you listen to stuff like Little Things, you can realize that they are actually good. But this and Best Song Ever are just bad.

One direction is basically 5 idiots who think they can sing but no they just STINK

In the End - Linkin Park In the End - Linkin Park Cover Art

You guys seriously need to learn what "overrated" means. I mean look at this list. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Stairway to Heaven, Imagine... But most important: Bohemian Rhapsody. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of that song. But I can't call it "overrated", just because I don't like it that much. Truth is, Bohemian Rhapsody is great for what it is. Now In the End is something else, because although I love it, I have to admit that it's just not as special as it's portrayed. You know what I mean? Bohemian Rhapsody - great song, just not my taste. In the End - one of my all time favorites, but technically gets too much praise. Learn the difference.

Linkin park gets way too much credit on this website. It's good to finally see the opposite. Like good grief, them and queen use up most of the top ten everything to do with music.

Linkin Park isn't even great. Seriously they don't deserve the credit. I think all of Linkin Park's work should be here because they are treated like Jesus made it. Seriously?

21 Pilots And Imagine Dragons are treated like jesus and you like them

Dude, go listen to guilty all the same, faint, lost in the echo, and burn it down and In the end will sound like call me maybe compared to those songs.

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis Cover Art

Apparently, the artist of this song doesn't know what a fox actually says, so instead, he makes the most obnoxious sounds I've ever heard in my entire twelve years of life here on planet Earth. Plus, it's like a little kid song when the artist describes the noises animals make. But the weirdest part is when the artist describes a fox speaking to a horse using Moorse code. The artist also calls a fox "beautiful like an angel in disguise." Quite frankly, this song is complete crap.

One of the most annoying songs ever, the fact that it was made as an advertisement is very evident. Total trash that should never have gotten any airplay. Psi is trash and his music sucks but people who like and support this trash are just as bad.

What annoys me is that song is actually a joke, like we don't have to take this seriously because Ylvis told us not to! Most of these songs on this list are serious but this wasn't, so I guess it shouldn't even be on this list

Note: Ylvis is a comedy music group. This song is nothing more but satire. The fact people took this song seriously makes it all the more overrated than it is already.

Single Ladies - Beyonce

Hey Kanye your girl Beyonce created on of the worst songs of all time!
Of all time!
Not to mention the video is really stupid. She has no lyrical depth whatsoever with this as a prime example of just how shallow she is.

It's not a horrible song but it does get very old very quickly, especially back when it was played repeatedly on the radio.

If you hate it then you should've put a lid on it!

Not only overrated, but also a pretty annoying song to listen to.

Crazy in Love - Beyonce Crazy in Love - Beyonce Cover Art

This is what happens when people hero worship less than stellar talent. Beyonce has talent no question but her solo career has produced nothing but utter garbage music. Jay-Z is the most overrated rapper of all time no question. Get off his tip people and give some credit to those that actually appreciate talent.

I love this song, it's a classic. But if you don't like Beyonce, chances are this song really gets on your nerves because Beyonce kind of kick-started her career with this. I think beyonce sold out after I Am... Sasha Fierce. This songs a classic though

Best song of the 2000's? I think that poll shared their own opinion and nothing more. This song topped only 6 or 7 countries. Totally overrated piece of trash

Horrible song, annoying and over played. Anytime I hear any Beyonce song change the station. All because of crazy in love. Get over it Beyonce sucks

I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas Cover Art

There are so many great songs on this list, yet many of the far far worse songs on this list are considered great as well so surely that makes them the more over rated songs. Small flaws are found in great songs like bohemian rhapsody, smells like teen spirit and many more in this list, but when pieces of garbage like this are put in the same league (and I have heard people do this, even on radio) surely that makes them the more over rated songs.

I am sick, absolutely sick of hearing this god awful repetitive uninspired piece of trash everywhere. I mean it's over 6 years old and everyone still shouts the lyrics whenever it comes on. How the hell are masterpieces like Stairway to Heaven, Smells like Teen Spirit, Bohemian Rhapsody (all of which might be a tad overrated but nothing compared to the Black Eyed Peas) ahead of this? I'm absolutely disgusted by my generation.

In my opinion, this was when The Black Eyed Peas started to go downhill (yes, really! ). While this is enjoyable, it's nowhere near as much as some of their earlier work which in hindsight weren't masterpieces to begin with but at least they demonstrated a semblance of identity. Here they sound like anyone else on the charts. Oh well, at least this song isn't as bad as some of their later stuff (Rock Your Body, anyone? ).

Why are song such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway To Heaven, A Day In The Life, Bennie And The Jets, and Imagine on this? This song gets way too much attention. And while the others do get a ton of attention, they get it for a reason, while this is just autotuned garbage.

Friday - Rebecca Black Friday - Rebecca Black Cover Art

This song is overrated in a sense that it gets too much credit for it being hailed as the "worst song ever made" when it deserves nowhere near that title. And I've heard worse songs than that such as "Stupid Hoe" by Nicki Minaj for example which is just tuneless and repeats itself over and over again in my opinion. As for "Friday", I admit that it's not a great song (just a good party song) but at least it has some sort of melody unlike "Stupid Hoe" and is far from the worst song ever that so many people make it out to be and credit it as.

Calling something the worst song ever is somewhat positive, because it assumes that the song is amusingly bad, and it's actually hard to make a worse song. This is not true for this one, I can think of 20 worse melodies than Friday's.

This is so god damn stupid, this song really annoys me. How did she get famous for this piece of $@! %. How did this song ever get airplay? I believe EVERYONE else on the planet could make a better song than this trash.

Not really overrated

I've never seen a single person either saying this is a good song or even listening to this song.

it's just a 100% autotune song even I can sing as a teenage guy and everybody knows it.

it has 3.6 times more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

November Rain - Guns n Roses November Rain - Guns n Roses Cover Art

Came out at a time when it was the best of what was. Doesn't make it a classic. Yelling a Sinatra song gets you points in the one of the worst eras in music - grunge.

Hokey song. Way better ballads out there, and Axl's bad, grating voice stands out on these slower song songs!

To be honest, this is the last good song they'd ever release, so there's not much to say about this.

"Nothing last forever, not evan the cold November rain". This stuff is pure gold!

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke Cover Art

Maybe once Robin Thicke hits puberty this song will be okay. Probably not. Also, who was dumb enough to put Smells Like Teen Spirit, Stairway to Heaven, Imagine, and Bohemian Rhapsody on here?

This is not worst songs but overrated so I see no problem in the mentioned songs being here.

I still don't understand how a song that took 30 minutes to make got so popular. The song is a plague.

Not really. A lot of people consider it as one of the worsts songs of that year, or even of all time.

Most popular song of 2013 is so annoying and there are better songs this year.

Happy - Pharrell Williams Happy - Pharrell Williams Cover Art

I want to kill myself when I hear this song. Apparently it almost "gave peace" to the world, and let me tell you: A world that had world peace because of Happy, is a world I would hate to live in. I don't care how many wars wouldn't start.

So you'd rather live in a post apocalyptic world with high crime rates and global temperature changes?

I remember this song being so overplayed and so boring to listen to. This song and blurred lines killed pop music.

Heard it everywhere I went throughout 2014. Still don't like it. Overplayed and overrated.

Because I'm crappy! (Clap along if you feel this song is overplayed)

We Will Rock You - Queen We Will Rock You - Queen Cover Art

Incredibly short song. I don't like how it's just a 1-2 minute song. Why could a very short song be so popular and overplayed? GOD. But I like another Queen song otherwise, Bicycle Race.

I swear to god, I got so mad when I saw Bohemian Rhapsody on the list (their best song, as rated as it needs) but not We Will Rock You (the MOST OVERRATED SONG IN HISTORY) First off, it's a boring sports anthem, with only drums and one guitar solo. Second off, 90 percent of the people that know this song have no idea what Queen is. Third, good GOD! I expected to see this as one of the top 10, and Bohemian Rhapsody is 7th? I know you can have opinions, but this... Good lord... I'm going to lay down for a second

People hate this song for the dumbest reasons. Watch the Bohemian Rhapsody and then comment again before you are going to say that We Will Rock You takes no talent to make. Now I want to say that it’s indeed overrated, but it’s a great anthem and the guitar solo is very good.

This is such a dumb song. It took no skill to write, takes none to play, and the lyrics are really stupid, too.

You just listen to justin bieber and you don't know what real music is

Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd Cover Art
Despacito - Luis Fonsi Despacito - Luis Fonsi Cover Art

Bohemian Rhapsody is standing out for decades, I think I couldn’t say the same about this song. It has more views than anything else, but will anyone remember it 50 years later? Also, this song is specifically to listen during summer, not something to listen all year. It has almost as much views as the world population like what the hell? While Bohemian Rhapsody may be overrated in a few aspects, it’s memorable and a classic people won’t forget for decades. I sense this won’t age well. No I don’t hate this song, but having almost 7 billion views is pretty ridiculous if you ask me

I never got the deal with this. It got SO annoying once it was played so much. I love me some Spanish songs, but this isn’t a favorite or even close.

Piece of crap of a song. At least Gangnam style had a lot of originality but this is outrageous. As a Puerto Rican I should be proud but the song is so bad just realesing it is overrated. Better song have been done by both Luis fonsi and Daddy Yankee. This is just as repetitive as a chainsmokers song.

Most overrated song ever made. Only less than 2 billion people have to see this to match the total human population.

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Cover Art

Why is this song so popular? It is absolutely horrendous, with an awful chorus that sticks in your head in the worst way possible and a hilariously terrible attempt at rapping. There is nothing good about this song, yet it is somehow a huge hit. If 95% of the population hated this song, the remaining 5% would still easily justify calling it overrated.

First off, who names a song party rock anthem? Second off, who names a band lmfao? I never saw how this song became the biggest hit last summer. It has no flavor or substance

This isn't a Rock Anthem at all!

If you want to know what true Rock is, listen to Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Who, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, etc.!

Probably the only good song by a band called, "LMFAO? " What kind of name is that? I like this song, but it's not he absolute best I've heard.

Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Cover Art

No. 1 greatest songs of all time? I give this song to listen to every people in my school, and no one like it

Probaly slightly overrated, not the greatest song of all time, but up there

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