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1 Rock 'n Roll

Rock and roll is the best Ermigerd it's to die for. I would never give up my music. Here's a list of awesome rock bands and songs off the top of my head.

-R.E. M (Losing My Religion)-Sublime (Santeria)-Talking Heads (Psycho Killer, Burning Down the House)-Jane's Addiction (Been Caught Stealing)-Eve 6(Inside Out)-Smashing Pumpkins (Tonight, Tonight)-King of Leon (Use Somebody, Sex of Fire)- Blind Melon (No Rain)-The Cranberries (Zombie)-Better than Erza (Good)- Franz Ferinand (Take me out)-Modest Mouse (Float on)-MGMT (Kids)-Third Eye Blind (Semi Charmed)-The Black Keys (Lonely Boy, Tighten Up)-Red Hot Chile Peppers (My friends)-Foo Fighter (The Pretender, Everlong)-Thirty Seconds to Mars (The Kill)-Blink-182 (All Small Things) The Cure (Lovesong) Incubus (Drive)-Stone Temple Pilots (Plush, Creep)-Mumford and Sons (I will wait)-Three Days Grace (Never to Late)-Green Day (American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, Wake me up when September Ends)-Of Monsters and Men ...more

Hey Hey My My Rock and Roll will never die...
My My Hey Hey Rock and Roll is here to Stay - BigZ

Rock N Roll will never die as it has more fans than pop will ever get. It will live forever, just like the legacy of great bands like Queen (my favorite! ), Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, The Doors, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and SO many more rocking bands. PS I'll love Queen forever!

Beat R N R... Didn't think you could!

Rock is the best kind of music. Nothing will ever come close to it rap and hip hop and EDM are pretty bad, and pop is despicable and the only good pop is Michael Jackson.

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2 Pop

I really love this type of music.. Its' like I feel a connection with it, although I also like rock music, but pop is my favorite

Pop is the best ever. I can dance to everything and I like all the artists ANYBODY OUT THERE like POP like I do because I'm rollin out like it's hot gettin in the groove like what I gonna rock it like it's hot and keep it movin all of them droppin the beat makes me wanna drop the beat in my moves when I'm in the grill you know how it is when it comes to music it is my inspiration it's my dream it's my LIFE wanna LIVE IT OUT LOUD if you know what I'm saying I LOVE MUSIC MUSIC is EVERYTHING to ME I like the beat the lyrics and all that it's pumping and I'm crunkin

I loved this genre because of Michael Jackson! He revolutionized everything about it.. however I doubt the pop artist of today are good some are just recording rubbish.. but still nevertheless it had Greats also. - graciadolinobv

I love pop like little mix,ariana grande, taylor swift

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3 Rap

This is the only type of music where I hear people expressing what they truly feel even though there is cuss, that's just an excuse for saying it's not good. The music in the songs may not be as good as rock or heavy metal or other ty

I agree with everything else, but not about rap being the only genre where the artists express how they feel. Feelings can be expressed in many different ways. - 3DG20

I just voted on this to say something to the person who started a rant totally ignoring other peoples' opinions, saying that rap is the best.

1. When you say that "rock and rollers" dress like they've had an abusive childhood, you must mean punk rock or heavy metal (not to offend anybody, but that's just my opinion), because I haven't seen any "rock and roller" dress like they're had an abusive childhood.

2. Rock music does not always have yelling and screaming.

3. Country music isn't always about trucks, dogs, and farms. I haven't heard the old Taylor Swift sing about trucks or dogs ever in my life.

4. Ok. I agree with you that rock music can have some inappropriate words or themes, but not all the time. Probably about 20% of the time, it's not suitable for younger people.

5. Banging on drums and stroking metal strings can actually sound good, believe it or not. (sarcasm) Have you ever heard of The Tragically Hip? Yeah, those guys. They used to call ...more

RAP MUSIC IS BY FAR THE BEST. It doesn't have so much yelling and screaming that you find very common in rock music. Have you seen how a lot of these rock and rollers dress? DID someone say abusive childhood upbringing? Ask any professional psychologist to do a deep analyzation of individuals and groups of rock and you'll know why they create this type of psychotic so called music. Country music? I guess if you are that obsessed about your car, dog, truck, farm then you will be into country music. You can't pin all the violent messages being only from rap music either. FOR ALL you true rock listeners out there you know, you know for a fact that rock music over the many years has delivered much violence, drugs, sex, you name it. It outweighs any load inappropriate explicitness that you'll hear from other genres. I could go further but I'd have to write a really long essay just to get you listeners who like calling banging on drums and stroking metal strings things that sound good. I ...more

Sure the swearing and explicit content can be offputting for a lot of people.

But this genre boasts brilliant storytelling and incredibly important social messages. - jaspyboy

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4 Heavy Metal

It is the most famous genre and the only will that will live by it's own greatness.. Bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Motorhead, Pantera, black sabbath. Will never die..

In my own mind I don, t like pop always talking about love.. And always slow no creativity at it all...

And rap is boring.. Talking fast is very easy with Explicit language.. But rap metal isn't so good or isn't so bad but I don't like rap metal bands like Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill..

But metal with all it's side-genres got pure awesomeness!

And metal can be wrote about anything
Stories, personality, Death, Pain, Love, Brotherhood, Dadism, Family, Society, Memories, anger, Darkness, Wars, Peace... Metal is the only genre that will live by it is own creativity I - noore

For those of you who think that heavy metal consists of the singer screaming as loud as they can, the guitarist playing the guitar as fast as they can, and the drummer banging on the drums as loud as they can, just take a moment to think: would it REALLY be that popular if it was just as simple as that? Try listening to any heavy metal song. You'll be pleasantly surprised, I promise you. The lyrics have a much deeper meaning than almost any other genre of music, and don't let the way some bands present themselves off the stage put you off. I don't like it when bands dress up in all-black and wear black make-up and all that stuff either, but try and just concentrate on the music. There's far more to it than you think there is.

Fast, powerful and full of meaning, heavy metal runs where other genres crawl. And due to withe variety of sub genres, everyone can find something they like.

Metal has soul and mostly is not generic, it is an amazing and individual genre

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5 Country

I once liked country. People like Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and many others from that era were great. Todays country is a sell out! Ever since Garth Brooks came on the scene in the late 80's/ early 90's he changed things for the worst. He would run around the stage and jump off things. I feel that ushered in country/ rock (crock) and country/ rap (crap). The country industry will do anything to make a buck, like redo rock classics an try to claim them as their own. Also, do you see the way the country artist look today? They wear wore out jeans and t-shirts, have long hair, and have tattoos. They look like a bunch of guys that couldn't make it in rock, so they go country. It just seems like in about every genre of music, artist are judged more on the way they look an not the substance of their music. Country and pop seem to be the worst in that regard.

I recommend stars like Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Kellie Pickler, Luke Bryan, and Hunter Hayes. Country is the best type of music ever and I don't listen to anything else!

Country music is one of the best types of music in history. I would definitely suggest you all lovers of music to listen to country music because it's fun, it's different, it's something like civilisation and it is very simple, and anyone could listen to those great country songs. If you are looking for the all time classics, I would definitely recommend Johnny Cash but if you are looking for new people that sing country (believe me, they are a lot and they are very good) I would recommend definitely Miranda Lambert, she is awesome! Bye!

It's so relaxing and easy to sing along to

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6 Punk

Punk how could you not love it? Come on guys grow up!

Grow up? Don't you mean we should mentally and emotionally regress?

Punk has been a large influence in music today and is easily one of my favorite genres!

Punk will always have fans since it will always give positive emotions to young people.

Its just the best

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7 R & B

R&B is a dying genre because most of the best R&B artists are now getting old (Mariah Carey, R. Kelly and Mary J Blige for example) or went pop (like Beyonce, Usher, Chris Brown and Rihanna for example). The ones did that define R&B and stayed are aren't able to keep it afloat because they aren't as creative as the ones mentioned above. They aren't visionaries and can't make the genre break out like it did in the past. The big guys of R&B don't see a point to work harder to bring it back to the scene while the older guys don't have mainstream appeal anymore.

Recently there has been a jolt of alternative R&B which is taking over the contemporary R&B that we've come to know since the early 2000s based on hip hop. This R&B is more focused on quiet storm, electronica and soul. Some of the new pioneers are The Weeknd, Miguel and Frank Ocean. We also have retro soul making a comeback with Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Pharrell produced tracks.

R&B suffered a lot because ...more

Beyonce and Usher are most likely returning to R&B because Beyonce new album is R&B and Usher's new track Good Kisser. Duh - JaysTop10List

When did rhythm and blues transcend to R&B

Whenever I say R&B, people are always thinking Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Mariah Carey, etc, when I actually mean Ray Charles, James Brown, Elvis Presley, The Contours, Isley Brothers, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, etc.

Amazing. It’s like a modern soul

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8 Jazz Jazz

Well, Rock in Roll is probably the most popular, but I still vote Jazz. It's my personal favorite and if it weren't for Jazz there would be no, Rock, Metal, Pop or Rap.

Jazz is on of the most popular to dance to and there are a lot of choses that you can choose.

Jazz has to be my favorite type of music because of all the possibilities, and it is so nice to listen to, and easy to get the beat of it.

LOvE instrunments

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9 Classical

Classical music is actually a specific genre, but most people group it in a broad conglomerate of styles including baroque and opera. All of these are like the best five-star restaurants that serve delicious healthy food that is only enjoyed by people with matured tastes and the means of appreciation. Pop music is like McDonald's. It has the mass appeal, mass consumption because it is designed to please in the easiest manner.

Well, sure not many people are big fans but I think the ability for the Classical Genre to remain so strong even today is a testament to it's popularity. - Tatatat

Classical music has been around for several centuries and is going strong even today, with hundreds of orchestras around the world. I do not believe that any other genre of music has yet attained a following that is as large AND long-lived. for example, Antonio Vivaldi died over 300 years ago, yet his music is still listened to across the globe.

noice calm

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10 Alternative

Come on guys! Don't you all love Radiohead? Ok, rock and roll is great and coming from it there's the best band in the world, Queen. Jazz is cool too, but what is rap and pop doing here? Michael Jackson is a great singer and dancer but both genres suck! Talking as fast as you can with a dump beat is NOT music, rap is destroying music! Pop just has a orang card but please guys, stop listening to rap! We need to go back to the 60's, then we can see the golden years of music, 60-90, oh and the 40-50 were awesome too.

Alternative is band being original. Rap is some people talking really fast and pop is becoming more and more techno and dub-step. It really annoys me when I can fit pop into two categories love songs and dance/techno alternative is clearly better than pop and rap and should be in the top ten

My very very very very favorite. It was best in the 80's - mid 90's with groups such as Depeche Mode, Men at Work, New Order, Queen, The Smiths, Etc. Rap is people swearing and talking really fast. Pop is okay I guess. Rock is okay sometimes. And I also think R & B has ties into Alternative Music too.

Bands like red hot chilli peppers, queen and others are so nice to listen to. I understand this isn’t number one, but how is it number 10?

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11 Hip Hop

One not only do black people listen to hip-hop there is more white people and other people of different nationalities listen to hip-hop - ballaboi17

I personally don't like hip hop I prefer county or/and rock along with some other styles but I can see why people may like hip hop its up beat and fun to dance to

Hip Hop is the worst music in the world. I don't understand why it is number 12. Tis website should be illegal

Why nobody do this? I love hip hop get a life scrbs

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12 Soul

Greatest music ever and Nobody can sing a song like the soul legends - Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Aretha, Ray Charles, Al Green, Gladys Knight, Temptations, O'Jays, Isleys, Marvin, James Brown, etc,

Soul is where its at! With out WHITNEY HOUSTON & SOUL, there ain't no such thang as music!

Soul music is the best from 1965 to 1970

Soul music is where all the negitive does not exsist. Unlike rap and hip hop, Soul music is a lengendary genre people of all ages are allowed to listen to. Soul Music never represents HOW TO BE A THUG like RAP & HIP HOP. The lyrics to Soul have an actual meaning.

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13 Techno

Best type of song ever!

Techno is going to be the next big thing. So grow up and listen to Monstercat or Deadmau5. This should be in number one.

It makes old music sound better to dance too

This is the stuff

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14 Reggae

The happiness wave coming from Jamaica

It is one of the best music because it has a lot of soul into it and it grabs a lot of persons attention and heart. It touches a lot of people in so many ways...

Reggae rules, there's no way you can be sad well your listening to it!

Righteousness in reggae music

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15 Grunge Grunge Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock and a subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s.

Grunge ruled the 90's and people hate it and say that this genre is dead whereas this genre laid the foundation for rock music today

We got to admit that without grunge there's no alternative and we must admit the grunge is the most hated genre to the industry they just conspired to destroy grunge music

A special type of music for a certain generation and probably the more to come.

I think Nirvana was too popular. - Userguy44

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16 Hard Rock Hard Rock Hard Rock is a subgenre of rock music known for having heavier guitar riffs/solos. It originated around 1964-1965 with various Garage Rock bands.

I like a lot of rock genres, but I like it most. - zxm

This and punk are the best genes in my opinion

On the jazz drum

Guns N' Roses and VH till I die

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17 Blues Blues Blues is a music genre and musical form originated by African Americans in the Deep South of the United States around the end of the 19th century.

Blues is the best, without no blues there would be no rock n roll Blues IS The 1st Music and thanks to him rock and hip hop are here as what they known. - copkiller

It has influenced Jazz and Rock, both of which are indigenous American musical styles. - mgenet

This is the foundation for all of popular music. It inspired rock n roll which is in just about every song in some way and is very well-known. Deserves more credit if you ask me. - Donut

For me, there is nothing that beats real blues. When you got it, there is nothing more beautifull. Can listen to any kind of blues for hours. It's a shame that the genre has died out a little.

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18 Nu Metal

What is the Nu Metal?


Nu is Rap + Metal

19 1920's Charleston

1920's music is great!

20 Metal

Metal is a great genre of music. It is incredibly diverse, from heavy metal, to speed and thrash metal, and even to pirate metal, like the band Alestorm, and there are even humor metal bands. Metal bands sing about death, pain, sometimes love, life, peoples personalities, it tells stories, and many other things. The music itself is diverse. There are songs that start off slow and progress to really fast solos, there are metal songs that are fast all throughout the song, and there are slow songs. All in all, metal is a great genre of music due to its great diversity.

"Thunder! Ah. Thunder! Ah. Thunderstruck!

Type is wonderful song


21 Dance

Dance is the best

It's the best music ever!

Dance is pretty good but rap is a little better

I love to dance

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22 Ska

Ska is music that began in the late fifties and early sixties in Jamaica. After Ska came Rocksteady and Reggae. The groups that you mention are part of the late seventies / early eighties Ska revival.

Madness, The Specials, The Selektor, The Beat, Bad Manners... All excellent! - Britgirl

23 Indie

Indie is amazing I just love it like God. In my opinion it's the best in the world. A great indie band are circa waves who are great at this kind of music.

I can't believe that dubstep is over indie...

Indie is an amazing type of music and has some great history

Makes u wa a dance.

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24 Gospel

This is based on Christian and catholic hymns. Many people are Christian, but never get to vote gospel because not many people like to listen to gospel anymore. I want to give the people that love gospel to praise the lord, not be shy, and vote gospel for one of their votes, that says that is their favorite music, so all Christians and Catholics, show who you are by voting this option!

I love Christian music cause it's uplifting and leaves me feeling more renewed in my soul than any other kind of music.

God is great he loves us so we should love him to, he protects us so there is nothing to fear by voting for music that honors and uplifts him

Praise and Worship

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25 Dubstep

Not counting skrillex this is an awesome genre with a high amount of variety, whether you like music that is intense or really chill :D.

Dubstep is the all Time best. There is dubstep for every emotion. The best part is the drop

Dubstep is the combination of Pop, Electro, Sometimes rock

Colbreakz, Panda Eyes, Excision, Skrillex, TheFatRat, illenium, Punyaso, Azazal, Bossfight, Dex Arson and others - One Love ❤

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26 Electronica

Is my favorite type of music, I loved, it moves all my body and go into my heart

Alan Walker is my favorite

This stuff is the reason why we live, to groove to the awesome breasts of EDM

If u want to listen to electronic music just listen to HARDWELL❤

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27 K-pop

I love K-pop! It is just amazing and it really makes you feel excited. The people in the band are really handsome and pretty too

Pick this or someones head will no longer be here

My favorite is BTS they are so amazing!

I feel like kpop should be so much popular nowadays

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28 Disco

Its sad that people cannot enjoy this genre nowadays. It's better than modern pop music any day of the week.

Disco is pretty good

Disco is beast

The genere that influenced every popular genere after its boom, the one in were almost every artist participated is the Disco. It's a subgenere if R&B and pop, with roots in the soul and funk, that dominated the charts in the late 70s. And too, albums like Saturday Night Fever, Random Access Memories, Brothers In Arms, Thriller, Like A Virgin, and a lot of "biggest hits" of bands like Pink Floyd (Another Brick In The Wall), Kiss (I Was Made For Loving You), and a lot more were Disco, or were influenced by Disco. It may not be so loved as othe generes, but this subgenere of Pop, is the most succesful and one of the most influential of all time.

29 Retro

It makes life into a calm fantasy

30 House
31 Dancehall

Born in 80, 90 and now taking over reggae music in jamaica.but I love reggae music.

32 Death Metal

If death metal includes rob zombie and five finger death pun then it deserves a way better part of the list

All metal is great but this is the most manly

33 Thrash Metal Thrash Metal Thrash Metal is a Heavy Metal subgenre developed during the early 1980s and an early precursor of Extreme Metal. Thrash Metal features a faster and more aggressive guitar work than Traditional Metal with shredding and double-bass drums and can range from melodic singing to loud shouts. more.

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax

To me this is my favorite kind of music, Metallica is my favorite band and I love all the four horsemen. I don't know why but most teenagers don't like this kind of music anymore, but I'm 15 and this is the first type of music I remember listening to and I grew up with this music. SO FOR ALL OF US METAL HEADS OUT THERE, KEEP ON HEAD BANGING! ✊😎

34 Folk

I think this genre has really lost it's popularity over the years and it has almost died. Peter, Paul, and Mary had the folk sound and they are easy to listen to. The genre isn't hurtful to your ears and unless if your obsessed with fast music then of course you are going to hate it. Its just an easy going genre. Some people don't appreciate it anymore... :( long live Puff the magic dragon...

Sure it's lost its momentum over the years but, this is supposed to be history! Rap and so many other things have only been around for like...1% of modern man's existence! - higgsboson2142

Although In my case, it's mostly because of Peter, Paul, and Marry.

Folk is the root of all music

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35 Psychedelia

It deserves a better place. - Undistinguished

36 Christian Rock

Christian music has such an impact on millions. There is always a message for everyone. God does great things because God is good all the time, all the tome God is good.

Zero percent? I agree

Music with a reason

And that reason is to be awful...

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37 Hardcore Punk
38 Progressive

While progressive is common like salsa better while we can implement salsa instead of progressive. Like majority of people likes only salsa and R&B for their musics. Like wise it could be used ok...

Progressive is an amazing type of music. Not only does it bring a story to life by the words and actions in a song; but it also has a rock flare to grab the feelings and emotions of the listener.

Dream Theater, Opeth... Etc

39 Space Prog

I do not understand what this genre of music is

Isn't that the theme to Doctor Who?

40 Salsa

Salsa is boss. I have no idea what so ever as to why you all can't see this! I'm in 6 grade and it truly is a shame I even have to tell anyone that. I'm sorry, but you fools out there that say salsa isn't boss better get the steppin because it ain't happenin'!

Salsa is an elegant music to dance to it brings out your inner self and creativitie as well. When you dance and listen to this type of music there's no way you can't not move to the beat.

This should be in the top ten. Salsa and Merengue are based on rhythm. Rock n Roll, pop, hip hop, & country are boring.

41 J-Pop

I love it because it's amazing there are songs that touch me and have a unique meaning

Very good it's my favorite, I just love to listen japanese music because it's a part of me, so relexing and makes me dance all the time of j-pop I'm never bored

J-Pop is awesome! It has its own creative style and beat. Whenever I listen I to it, I automatically feel more energized. The music always matches my mood. Go Vocaloid, Berryz Kobo, Morning Musume, Mano Erina, and Japan itself!


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42 Art Rock
43 Funk
44 Screamo

It's so different and makes you want to just rock out

Screamo is just amazing!

I love it! Its amazing!

When you're in a bad mood it can calm you down and tell a story of how you feel with feeling

45 Hardstyle

Hard bass hard kicks with an uplifting uptempo melody hardstyle will always be the most energetic genre known to man

It has over 7 million people at hardstyle concerts and its being liked by 56 country and been in 24 countrys


46 Christian

Has a lot of the form of pop, rock, blues, and/or country, but with purely inspirational lyrics that speak only true love, without focusing on the distractions of the darkness in the world. Brings together ideas from the distant past and modern, emotional instrumentals into pure, wonderful music

Everyone should listen to this music is the best.

Christian music Is good to the soul


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47 Rap Rock

Linkin park, Hollywood undead, Limp Bizkit, Eminem... I just love this type of music. The rap rock must be #1, not the 29... Just think about it, you must love those band's and their music...

Linkin Park is nu metal, that's the only reason Rap-rock is so low, it gets confused with nu metal which it is NOT!

Linkin park is the best ever

ya mum gay

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48 Classic rock

Every body knows the classics s just listen to them.

Classi rock

49 Synthpop
50 Acoustic Rock

Most beautiful song genre there is.

Here comes the sun is good

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