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81 Tool Tool Tool is an American progressive metal/alternative metal band, that was formed in 1990. more.

Not satanic AT ALL. Maynard uses biblical references but you are all missing his points. READ THE LYRICS AND SEE HIS INTERVIEWS EXPLAINING HIS BELIEFS!

Tool is best of all satanic band...

New age occultism abound in lateralus and ænema, anti Christian messages in other albums.

82 Septicflesh Septicflesh

Check these guys out they are really satanic.

83 Rob Zombie Rob Zombie Rob Zombie is an American heavy metal musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His career launched in 1985 when he formed the heavy metal band White Zombie. Following their breakup, he began a successful solo career. Zombie began directing in the early 2000s. His most famous movies are more.

This guy is not satanic at all. The reason he does the horror gimmicks is because he's a fan of horror movies and he does not follow Satan at all.

He's vegan. That's pretty neat.

This guy is really satanic! He's should be up there with manson!

84 Murderdolls
85 Santana Santana Santana is an American Latin rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1967 by Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana.

What your saying is 100% wrong. Let me tell you that God created music and it should be used for his glorification. Not for the glorification of satan. satan has counterfieted Gods creation by using some people against God. God save them for they are on their way to ruin by glorifying satan through the gift of music which God gave them. Hillsong is a real Christian band which glorifies the name of Jesus through its music. No music is satanic but people who use music to sing praises to satan and to show off their filth through the lyrics belongs to the defeated satan. I don't know what made you tell Hillsongs is disguised satanic. I have seen beautiful worship leaders in Hillsongs whose songs have made me worship God our Savior in Spirit and in Truth. ALL GLORY AND HONOR AND POWER AND WORSHIP TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST FOREVER AND FOREVER.

So I guess the most harmless and least visible is the most satanic... Because it is the most deceptive.

If I am the devil, I would surely disguise as a Christian's Band... such as Hillsong

All rockstars are satanic! For satan himself is a god of music...

86 Immortal Immortal Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1990 by frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta and former guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta.

Not satanic, these guys were the first non satanic Black Metal band. - GREYBOYY

Finally I thought id never see them up here... led zepplelin came before them... Just goes to show how non satanic they are

87 Falling In Reverse Falling In Reverse Falling in Reverse is an American post hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008, signed to Epitaph Records.

Falling in reverse is totally far from satanic Ronnie radke is analogic

After their Tee Hee riddled album, Coming Home, these guys turned satanic!

"Don't mess with Ouija boards" Says it all.

ANALogic? lol

88 Nocturnal Depression

Nocturnal Depression isn't a Satanic band, yes some of the members are in the religion of satanism but they've stated that they do not put any satanical themes in their lyrics or songs, maybe just image. Get your facts right.

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89 Coven

Coven is not a very well known band but they were a blues rock band from the 70's. All of their songs are about witchcraft and Satanism. Their albums even contain chanting and prayers

Their first album is oozing with scary yet graceful darkness and mysticism... They should have a way higher position here.

COVEN published the most sincere Satanic album (after LaVey) with Jinx Dawson as the nude altar on the cover of their best album (self-titled) and you could even write in for a beautiful color copy of her nude body as the altar! Kudos to Jinx and the boys! Hail Satan for eternity! satansrylee

Only first album of Coven is satanic. Later this band has went into hard rock balads and heavy metal. and by the way frontman of Coven is woman

90 Naglfar Naglfar Naglfar is a Swedish melodic black metal band formed in 1992. The group was formed by Jens Rydén and Kristoffer Olivius, originally under the name Uninterred.
91 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

Honestly... Skillet is probably the most Christian rock band out there, this is just pathetically sad

Can anybody remove this band from this list? It's very offensive! They are a REAL Christian band! What idiot (sorry) put this band in a satanic list?

Having Skillet on a list like this is proof that we live in the retard generation.

The song awake and alive is a prayer don't know if anyone knew that. Listen to the lyrics before you judge.

Skillet is a Christian rock band. Who the hecl put them up as satanic? People are honestly blind.

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92 Guns N' Roses

Not satanic at all people.

93 Aqua Aqua Aqua is a Danish eurodance group, best known for their 1997 breakthrough single "Barbie Girl". The group formed in 1989 and achieved huge success around the globe in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
94 Blasphemy Blasphemy more.
95 The Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip, often referred to simply as The Hip, are a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario, consisting of lead singer Gordon Downie, guitarist Paul Langlois, guitarist Rob Baker, bassist Gord Sinclair, and drummer Johnny Fay.
96 Kat Kat

Great band from Poland. Lead singer is the most famous polish satanist. Lyrics is about Satan as well, but its not like "Satan, Satan! " its very mystic and dark. And music is beautiful.

97 Von Von

They Have A Name ( I don't know if that's an album cover or just a drawing ) Satanic Ritual. When You Acknowledge Satan In Your Work, Then You Are Against To The Lord Jesus.

This other guy's funny. So I guess all Christian songs/ bands that have ever had a reference to Satan now worships the guy

The first American black metal band.

98 Nox Arcana
99 Aeon

Aeon is a beautifully satanic band, the album Bleeding the False truly expressed this well.

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100 White Zombie White Zombie White Zombie was an American heavy metal band that formed in 1985. Based in New York City, White Zombie was originally a noise rock band, and was known for its later heavy metal-oriented sound. V 1 Comment
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