Most Shocking Moments of All Time

A moment in time that was shocking to and affected the entire world.

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81 The Last Time The Leafs Won The Cup

47 years no cup. I bet when I kid was born in the 70s he or she was thinking well not now but in a decade we will have it. Well you guys are still waiting haha. Leafs suck and you guys did not really think you would beat the bruins like that right. Go Hawks go.

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82 Dan White Murders George Moscone and Harvey Milk
83 Saddam Hussein's Death
84 Manila-Baguio 1990 Earthquake
85 Dunblane Massacre

kids and teachers are killed by a gunner - ronluna

86 Miley Cyrus' Naughty Pictures

I don't know why people are so surprised this happens to almost all young celebrity's. - egnomac

I still can't believe she did that - SmoothCriminal

87 Eleven People Trampled to Death at a Who Concert In Cincinnati
88 Whitney Houston's Death

One of the 7 Wonders of The World

89 Brian Griffin's death
90 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears
91 Death of Paul Walker

I can;t believe how we lost an iconic actor in an accident, most horribly shocking day for years.

92 Men Land on Moon - Moon Landing

This was so big its listed twice, but most people these days think it was just a video game.

93 1992 Los Angeles riots
94 Love Parade Disaster
95 Hitler's Suicide
96 TheFineBros announce React World

They should have the world react to Sam Pepper's Killing Best Friend Prank. This would shock the world. Of how wrong that prank is.

97 In Memory of Paul Walker Scene in Furious 7

We all miss him.

98 Hurricane Irma

Many trees fell down, power outages occurred across the keys and state, more than a hundred people died, and gas prices skyrocketed.

99 Trump's victory in 2016

Really, American people? - TatianaJackson

100 Big Brother Politics

The British government felt they needed to speak out against the racist content on Channel 4's "big brother" programme. The truth is that most of England feels the same only much worse. The issue is that England has been like this since education was privatized in the late seventies; it is always the people who get the blame for the most embarrassing governmental mistakes from Thatcher and Blair. No education means no hope, no future and no reason to care. - evolver

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