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England, or the kingdom of England, is one of four countries located within the United Kingdom. It united with Scotland and Wales in 1707 as Great Britain, and later Ireland in 1801. English is the primary language of England and one of many official languages in the U.K


Good sense of humour and they like to learn about other cultures. They also invented the light bulb, jet engine, T.V., telephone, train, penicillin, first computer, hovercraft, vertical take off aircraft, LCD, tanks,... look at the history of each of these, a person from the UK lay at the heart of the device. I could keep going... Germans and Yanks invented a lot also.

England. Gravity, electric motors, television, the internet, telephones, photographs, trains, jet engines, smallpox vaccination, programmable computers, chocolate, light bulbs, water filtration, selective breeding, sewing machines, polyester, pencils, typewriters, radio waves, colored movies, stereo sound, radar, fiber optics, calculators, 3D video games, DNA profiling, fingerprint scanning, eye recognition, disk breaks, sandwiches, ice cream, magnifying glass, flushing loos, toothbrush, corkscrews, canned food, fire extinguishers, lawn mowers, rubber bands, hoovers, dishwashers, stainless steel, blood circulation, aspirin, color blindness, Parkinson, blood transfusions, hay fever, general anesthetic, modern nursing, thermometers, mosquitoes causing malaria, vitamins, hip replacements, infrared radiation, electrons, protons, neutrons, isotopes, hawking radiation, the periodic table, countless elements, evolution, Venn diagrams, Boolean logic, Uranus, Neptune, the big bang, dinosaurs, ...more

Throughout all of History, England has been way more successful in a huge variety of things. Unlike the United States which still has major problems but has only been around for a dwarfed period compared to England. Germany has enjoyed recent success in terms of economic and prolonged stability through the key inputs of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is arguably Europe's most powerful politician and definitely the world most powerful woman.

Obviously Britain, huge empire, crushed Germany twice in half a century, The US wouldn't be a nation without Britain. The war of independence was a small war between The two super powers of the time (Britain and France with a few colonial rebels taking the glory) just like Vietnam was for the US and the USSR. Britain spearheaded the industrial revolution and set the paces for the modern way of life.

One of the only countries in Europe which doesn't discriminate against people who are not from Europe (London is the multicultural centre of the world) has not lost a single war in the last 100 years and has never been successfully invaded since 1066. After 500 years of military dominance it is still one of the most powerful nations in the world

Great britain has to be the most successful nation the world has ever seen I mean you've got the biggest ever empire, shakespeare, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the internet), the English language for goodness sake! Not to mention almost every single sport

England has been around for more than a 1000 years now and have accomplished a lot.
British Empire, which includes some of the most developed nations on earth today such as, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. The only language people ever seem to want to speak is English from England. Most of the worlds most useful inventions have come from Britain such as the T.V., the phone, the world wide web, the jet engine and the steam train also penicillin. Oh and almost every sport originated from England and our music industry is known world wide.

And England has won the world cup at least once (enough said! )

This nation of very small relative size (in both land and population) not only controlled one third of the world at one point, but created the only truly international language, gave birth to the industrial era, and is the inspiration for much of the world's institutions, laws and governments. - giga

Germany? Who came up with that? Ask yourself this; if there was no england would we live in a world where we are free to discuss such a topic?

England probably was the most powerful country in the world at one point. Absolutely brutal, but still powerful. Even today, the United Kingdom has control over many trade routes in the world. Is it as powerful now as it once was? No. Do we care though? No.

We should say ' Great Britain ' - an incredible history of achievement and innovation which has made it universally influential even today. It isn't perfect but nowhere is. GB has delivered for it's own people mostly over the years and today Brits are as proud as ever of their country and it's place in the world. Proof is in the fact that so many across the world aspire to live there. GB is also one of the biggest donors of international aid both from government and the individual people which proves they care about the rest of the world too.

Created one of the most successful and biggest empires of all time whilst effectively creating the modern world we all live in. It could also be said that England (Great Britain) helped influence the creation of the United States of America.

The only country which managed to rule one-third of the worlds surface and is the greatest country in literature and music by far. The Beatles, Queen, Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and many more. Also Football, Cricket, Rugby, Rounders, Water Polo, Polo and pretty much every other sport was invented there.

England made the modern world through the mighty british empire, the largest empire in history. England has had more success than any other country in the past 1000 years.

It's not called England it's called the United Kingdom and it's called that because in the worst of time we unite with each other and not against each other like every other country.

To the guy who said Germany conquered all of Europe twice you forgot the England the real most successful nation. Couldn't touch it just like Napolean

With out the United Kingdom, a lot of countries wouldn't of been here today and they wouldn't of formed. We started the world and the world began.

Near the top in most arenas - war, sport, music, literature, invention, acting etc etc. Also donates more to charity per capita than any other country...

England fought in two World Wars and was on the winning side in both. England should definitely be above Germany

They are the creators of so much of the modern world, and an inspiration to many of us in government, science, human rights and decency.

Say the UK instead of England, and there is no other country that can compete.

Nice accent, cool sports, great place. Also, a very traditional country. Let's not forget the long history England has. - oboy

UK where you can be a bum and live pretty happy,

Pretty successful, this country! - HezarioSeth

Great Britain.

The best army in the world, the best free health care, the most intelligence in the world.