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41 Walter Trout

Walter is one of the greats. Please keep him in your prayers.

Top 3 with no question!

Seen Walter trout twice and each time he tore the place apart. Tony vass (ex drummer of the sixties)

Walter plays so tasty and his tone is awesome. I bought his latest CD which is great. I like the song Willie which is a story about Walters ex-manger who ripped him off. He needs to know that karma is a bitch.

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42 Jeff Healey Jeff Healey Norman Jeffrey "Jeff" Healey was a Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who attained musical and personal popularity, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s.

He was a complete guitar player with so much talent there is no guitarist on this planet who was as good as this blind white boy he was my guitar hero and so underrated, blows the rest of the guitar players out of the window! Complete genius, just watch the jeff healey band live in London it will blow your mind.

Give Stevie a run for his money! Should have been in top 10

Way too low on this list

Way too low. top 20 easily

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43 Carlos Santana Carlos Santana Carlos Santana audio is a Mexican and American musician who first became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which pioneered a fusion of rock and Latin American music.

He should be in a higher place damned... So stupid the people who didn't vote for him

Great and original latin rock and blues player, so much soulful sounds

This is where you lost me. $# Joke. Top 10 according to his peers. Like Dah!

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44 Davy Knowles
45 Jack White Jack White

Blues in both guitar and lyrics

46 Sue Foley

Like other women on the list original and should be higher.

47 Frank Marino

Clearly under rated... So under rated that I'm actually pleased to see that he's on the list at all... I've listened to most of the players on this list, and enjoy many of them, but with regards to covering all the territory, light clean picking to all out guitar screaming, overall musicality, Frank Marino has always stood alone, and still does... With the vocals and song writing to go with it...

Frank is one of the most underrated guitarists around. Whether he's playing traditiot blues or his lightning fast licks. Jimi was a strong influence on Frank, and I believe he took it to the next level. Frank has also influenced guitarist like Zakk Wylde with Blazing penatonic riffs. When Frank plays a live show it's for 3 or more hours! Check him out live or give him a listen. Check out his web site. Mahogany Rush com

Frank Marino is Incredible! I've been listening to him for over 35 years!

One of the best rock and blues guitarists and musicians of all time

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48 Ryan McGarvey

One of the finest young blues guitarists to come onto the scene in recent memory. This 27 year old from Albuquerque, New Mexico is a legend in the making. None other than blues rock titan Joe Bonamassa has said of McGarvey, "I think he's one of the great young guitar players in the world today" ~ Joe Bonamassa on Ryan McGarvey, Dallas, TX October 30, 2012

49 Jeremy Spencer
50 Mike Bloomfield

How in the world is Michael Bloomfield down at #68? BB King, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan (for starters) would not agree. If you don't know who he was, listen to Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, Paul Butterfield Blues Band or Super Sessions (Side 1) for starters. Or his guitar instructional CD's. An exceptionally gifted Blues guitar player who mastered every possible style but was a bluesman to the core.

Simply the best. That he is not in the top five is unbelievable - especially when the list is filled, not with pure blues men, but blues rockers. If it were strictly blues men, he might merit a top ten instead of top five placement. The man and his band the Butterfield Blues band practically
invented blues/rock. While English kids were doing respectable, reverential imitations of the masters, Bloomfield and Butterfield broke out a whole new form. in my opinion just one of the greats. As another poster commented BB King, Muddy Waters, Clapton, Dylan and you could add Santana and Johnny Winter to the list too, would simply not agree.

Lovely melodic tone.

I saw this amazing blues guitarist once in SF...i will never forget the experience

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51 Jimmie Vaughan

Top 10 for sure cause he has a different sound and very smooth!

52 Tab Benoit

If you get the chance to see Tab live, you won't regret it!


53 Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler Mark Freuder Knopfler is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer and film score composer. He is best known for being the frontman of the British band Dire Straits.

A truly great guitarist and song writer and should be rated amongst the very best.

54 Michael Burks

Best blues go for it guy ever was.. R.I.P.


55 Pat Travers

Incredible rip your face off guitarist. One of the best ever!

56 Deborah Coleman
57 Wes Montgomery Wes Montgomery

Wes was the man. I don't care what people say if never saw him play you missed it big time

Mainly known for jazz... But could some wicked blues as well.

A man that owned his craft... So much guitar

58 Luther Allison

Listen to him play slide on "Give Me Back My Wig" and he wasn't even known for playing slide guitar! He was an extremely talented and emotional blues guitarist worthy of the top ten.

59 Bob Margolin
60 Danny Kirwan
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