Marco Mengoni


Marco Mengoni is the best male Italian singer of these last 10... 20 years. His voice is very precious: if you listen one of his live act, even only one song, you feel... After you listen one of his song, you feel something like new... His voice clean your soul. Listen to believe! (sorry for my english! )

Marco Mengoni (born December 25, 1988) is an Italian singer. He rose to fame in 2009, after winning the third season of Italian talent show The X Factor. The following year he ranked third in the 60th Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Credimi ancora". As of January 2011, he has sold a total of 220,000 copies in Italy with his first two EPs and his live album Re matto live. In 2010 he became the first Italian artist to win the Best European Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. His first full-length studio album, Solo 2.0, was released in September 2011. Today there are 1 album, 1 live album and 2 EPs. - AleRulez

In the today's Italian music scene, Marco Mengoni is without a doubt the best Italian singer! Artists of the fame of Mina and Lucio Dalla wove praises to him! Marco is a truly genuine talented Italian singer! His voice is like a brush filled with coloured notes! He has an amazing vocal extension, a rousing capacity to interpret and his mastery on stage is absolutely unique and worthy of the greatest veteran artists! His great talent doesn't stop at music, he also had a huge success as a voice actor in the cartoon "The Lorax", for which he won a much coveted award.
And last, but not least, he is also a very humble human being!

When I heard his voice for the first time, I realized that music still had a lot to give me. Since then I haven't stopped to follow his career. A little tip for anyone wanting to understand why all this passion: listen him live. At the end of a concert you can only exclaim "I'm good! I'm much better than before!

Marco is a young great artist, every day is bound to increase exponentially. I want to live like that has to communicate his musical world by pulling out a world of sensations and beautiful colors that make you more excited. Its versatile and extraordinary vocal talent enrich the whole. I respect him so much!

Marco Mengoni has one of the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. He's not only the best Italian ex-talent singer, but in my opinion he's also the most talented artist in all Europe (in fact, he won the Best European Act at EMAs 2010). He's also an excellent live-performancer, his concerts are always different and amazing. Italy's waiting his new album and his new tour, I know it will be amazing... Can't wait!

He is the most particular Italian voice! He's amazing, I have no other world to describe him! Listen to his songs and love him, stop! I hope you'll follow my advice! He's my idol

A great and inspiring person. A voice halfway human and halfway supernatural. He is able to touch your soul with every single note he sings. Each live is an experience of joy. So... Enjoy!

Marco Mengoni is a genius! The best singer ever! Italz loves him so much! He is not only a product of a talent show, he has all the quality for becoming an international popstar. It is a pity that some people consider him as a singer used only for making money, he is a REAL artist, plays good music and he doesn't only sing. During his concerts he also dances, plays piano, drums and he has proved also his qualities as actor giving voice to Onceler in the cartoon Lorax. A very good performance. People should know better his music!

Great singer and amazing performer. He can do anything he wants with his voice which, together with his staying on stage, makes him one of the more powerful and successful Italian talent of the last years. Very soon the entire world will notice him and then everyone at last will enjoy of his music.

The modulation Marco Mengoni can do with her voice are a real strength for this artist who is able to take the stage like no other. POWERFUL, tasting the Middle East, his voice manages to recreate atmospheres chills.

Marco is the best male singer in Europe. His voice is powerful and emotional and his lyrics flow so beautifuly. Mengoni is PASSION, Mengoni is SOUL, Mengoni is MUSIC.

Marco Mengoni has a very charming and powerful voice.. His live sessions are Amazing and full of emotions... Besides, he is the third edition italian Xfactor's winner and finally he won a lot of awards like the Best European Act... GREAT!

Extremely talented, he's able to reach a huge rage of tone with no efford, he can perform every kind of musical genre and adapt somebody else's songs to his own personal sensitiveness, giving to his listener an unique emotion of strong impact. Unfortunately, Italian audience is still too fond of old-fasion stereothypes about young singers coming from talent-shows and with an ambiguous sexual identity, and, this way, it's unable to apprechiate his Art. There are too many words to describe Marco (humble, way-out, musically onnivorous)but, at the same time, he leaves you completely wordless...

I can only add my voice to the previous comments... I liked his voice... But after the first live... I could really understand his incredible talent... Spectacular!

Marco is amazing! His voice is an emotional rain... Black, soul, blues and rock&roll! He is an "animol" on stage! ONE AND ONLY... Simply THE BEST! Listen to him and you'll fly in the sky!

He IS talent. No one has his voice, his charme, his soul, his fighting spirit, his presence on stage is extraordinary. Try to watch some performances, you will enjoy them!

He's the best italian voice! When he's on stage he's the lord of stage as well as enormous talent! He won a lot of international awards like best eurpoean act at EMAs, he's the first italian!

Listening to his voice is such an emotional journey. He touches the soul of every one who's listeng to him. He lives his music on the stage with all of his fans. I've beeh to some of his concerts, and every one was just unforgettable!

Nothing compares to him... He is young and he must find his music soul but... When this will happen no one can say other words but only " I touch the sky when he sing" no words only " I touch the sky with his voice"

A singer... An artist every time surprised (pleasantly) to the ever-changing and incredible performances at concerts!

Marco Mengoni is the best Italian singer. His voice is amazing.

Simply the best. He is a charismatic singer he is and Artist with a lung-power

Is the great Italian singer, and I hope will one day become the great international Singer! People, listen to Marco mengoni!

Great voice, great personality. An excellent performer, a creative and sensible talent. He has really something to say in art's world.