Top 10 Most Terrible Events In History

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1 The Holocaust

Truly by far to most tragic and horrifying chapter in the history of humanity.
Millions of families, people, babies, brutally slaughtered... ALL because of their HARMLESS TRAITS! Most of the people dying being children...
It's just astonishing to know that so much evil can come from one man... You all know him...

At the same time, learning about these events and taking them is a good thing because they will have a much less chance of ever happening again in the future.

The Holocaust was the worst because people caused it. People would put other people in ovens to burn just because they were Jewish. Its crazy the things they did. And they were proud of it. I couldn't even imagine.

Definite number one. What a horrible event, how could that horrible maniac not even understand or feel natural humanity? Millions of families, dead. It was a horrible act of racism and genocide that we should never forget

I knew an old woman who lived on my street when I was about sixteen that would be like 1980 or so and I remember she had the numbers still tattooed on her arm. That was devastating to me because I knew she had suffered horrors we could never begin to understand. she had seen things no one should see, family gassed, shot, children murdered. This was profoundly emotional for me and still is. This is by far the worst atrocity ever suffered by any one people millions of Jews murdered just because they were Jews Hitler was a maniac but people loved him that above all astounds me most, as human beings we are born with a sense of right and wrong how did millions do this for him and believe in it?

2 World War II

To be honest, I think it's reasonable to list the holoucast as a separate item because no one else besides the axis powers didn't find out about it til' the very end of the war...

Anyways Let's get to our main topic. Never before had the world seen a much more deadlier conflict... Thousands upon thousands of people killed each day, lots of bombings, shootings, genocides, enslavement, etc...

I could only imagine the devastation of ever single country that got massed bombed in WWII when it ended...

All of these events just show that we humans as a species are so powerful and dangerous that we have the capability of destroying ourselves.

I mean, you could consider this part of the holocaust, but they really are separate things. And this was awful. So many civilians and brave soldiers who thought it would be fun to go and fight, this was just horrible, astonishingly horrible.

I find WW2 to be the most interesting event in history, but let's face it, this is probably the worst event ever seen in the whole of history as of 2020.
Never has the world seen such a deadly conflict on a massive scale.
Putting the horrors of the Holocaust aside, WW2 killed millions of innocent people, including children, alongside soldiers.
Children living in British cities had to be evaucated to the countryside, usually without their parents, many children were afraid and sad and some children were even abused by their adoptive families. Some children discovered that their parents had died or moved to another area when they returned back to their cities after the war.
Food, clothes and all kinds of necessities were rationed, you had to black out your windows and live in fear of air raids, you had to learn German or Japanese if your country was invaded and you could be killed anytime by a soldier from an invading country.
Some soldiers would kill civilians in the ...more

This even is much worse than the current number one 1 item, it includes people and countries all over the world and not just one group of people.

3 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks

The feeble americo-centrism of this website is why it's impossible to take anything on this list seriously. I'm not saying that the 9/11 terrorist attacks weren't tragic, but people are making it such a bigger deal than it deserves to be, kidnapping an entire date because it happened on American soil, and because it's recent. I dare you to imagine yourself during the Black Plague, Rwandan Genocide, WW1, Hiroshima Bombing, Holodomor. Had America been affected by it, who knows how much higher these events would've been but meh, I guess international events is unimportant to 'Murica.

Killing innocent people because some stupid outdated and incorrect book said that a random guy could do it because they don't have the same beliefs as him. That's why it happened and it's also why I dislike religion.

I was four years old when this happened, and man, let me tell you, I was crying like the world was going to end. Everyone thought I was smart for a four year old, and that I acted like a six year old, but I still cried like crazy. My parents were on the couch watching television, while I, was running back and forth in the living room. My parents told me what had happened, but I didn't understand what a terrorist was, or what an accidental mishap was, either. I just understood their tones of voice was very serious, and I was a cheerful child. Just knowing that they were very serious made me upset, and when they started crying, I lost it. I don't understand how anyone in the right mind could fly themselves into a tower, killing lots and lots of people. Don't tell me they weren't in their right minds, because I know they were. How could someone insane fly an airplane, pass security, and hit directly into the tower. I know they weren't being right with their right mind, but they were in ...more

Umm.. This is definitely worse than the election of a president who's didn't really do anything worng, regardless of how deadly it was in history... Still, 9/11 should be around in the 40s.

4 The Black Plague

Way worse than 9/11 sorry yanks. I know your aunt probably died but listen 9/11 was thousands this was millions. I however think of this as the possible worst event if the death toll is worse than WWII (can't remember have to google it). But it is not the worst as a virus. Because if it happened within the last century like the spanish flu did it wouldn't have killed as many people as it did in the 1300s. Currently I see the spanish h1n1 as the possible worst virus in history. Maybe along with this as there is still not major proof it wouldn't have killed as many people in the 1900s and 2000s. But if covid surpasses the spanish h1n1 then I will officially rank it the worst virus in history and the second worst event behind World War II.

How the heck is 9/11, something that shouldn't even be in the top 25, above this? It was a horrible act of racism, but there were very few deaths and honestly it's ridiculous to put it above the freaking black plague, which killed more people than every other item on this list combined.

It's hard to recognize the horrible devastation this left to the Old World. An entire village would be wiped out. Cities were breading grounds of disease. People thought it was a punishment of the divine, beating themselves in public hoping God would have mercy. You'd wake up every morning and check yourself for sores, and if you found them you knew you'd die the next day. No doubt Europe's population would be the size of India or China today if it wasn't for this event.

The Black Death has the highest death toll of any single event. The only reason the Holocaust, 9/11, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Pearl Harbor are on the list is because of disproportionately high media attention and too many American voters. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ being on this list is absolutely ridiculous. The death of one man we don't even know existed doesn't outweigh the deaths of millions.

5 Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I would most definitely say dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was sad. The US dropped the bombs on Imperialist Japan to kinda tame them since they (USA) wanted this POINTLESS war to end. If this wouldn't have happened the Pacific war would've went on for possibly years.

Basically, a wake up call to Japan.

I feel very bad for the people, but I think it was somewhat right to do.

I get that the Americans wanted avenge on the Japanese, but the atomic bombs still cause health issues in these places. now 75 years late, most of the generation that was alive during the attack has passed away.
Now the attention has turned to the children born to the survivors.. studies have shown that exposure led to increases in smaller head size and mental disability, bigger chance for cancer as well as impairment in physical growth.

I am Japanese and I have seen photos of victims from this event. My mum told me countless times about how much damage the bombs caused and how war was pointless. In Japan I saw countless books, movies and documentaries about this and it is sad that people can do things like this to each other. Little kids, men, women, moms, dads, grandparents, all killed without mercy. Imagine how the people slowly died from burns, radiation poisoning and the like. I know it was done to stop the war and I don't hate any American people for this, but I don't want this to ever happen again. And why is this lower than Justin Bieber?! Would you rather stop this event that killed thousands of innocent people or the birth of one lousy human being? If only this was taught in school in detail. Students should see the people with severe burns, melting skin and people that look like a black lump in the shape of a human. It wasn't a quick death. We need to look at these tragedies in detail so as to never forget ...more

Dropping the atomic bombs on Japan has been one of the most controversial decisions ever. I believe after the bombings of Pearl Harbor, it was the right decision. But not just Pearl Harbor was avenged. Freedom was avenged not just for Americans but for the Japanese citizens too. Yes, thousands of lives were lost in these attacks but what followed? A thriving country with a great economy and a balanced government with NO emperors. Before the bombs Japan was a place from hell run by a lazy leader who didn't care at all for his people. If the United States had chosen to not drop the bombs, a great suffering would have likely still continued all the way till today. But instead they made the right decision in dropping the bombs to finally obtain that great peace that was in delay for years, no longer. There has never been peace without first a great suffering. The greater the suffering the greater the peace. And before you ask, yes. Americans suffered greatly in our revolutionary and civil ...more

6 The Slave Trade

F.Y.I. the slave trade has existed for tens of thousands of years not just 400 and not just to African peoples. The Romans alone enslaved peoples from every nationality and today in some small places slavery still exists in the form of sex slaves and serfs. Yes, America didn't contribute anything good in that department by continuing to use slaves until the civil war, but it didn't start with Americans and sadly didn't end with the abolishment of slavery. Because of the billions of people throughout time enslaved and the fact that almost everyone living today can trace their roots back far enough to where someone in their family was a slave, I think slavery is the worst act brought onto mankind.

This just pains me so much, I've got to say, when I was younger, kids bullied me because of my skin, just goes to show, that even if you stop something, kids may still carry on with it (in a more childish way e.g. bullying). This should be number one, joint with the holocaust.

Both leave horrible thoughts in people's minds.

You can't judge people on their skin colour, judge them with their personality- In fact, just don't judge!

Think of Aesop, he got judged because of his looks, his parents selled him, and made him a slave! Just because they believed he was ugly, but, look at him now, he's a famous myth writer that everybody knows!

If this hadn't been stopped, some of the most famous black people in the world, wouldn't even be known.

Like the holucast, an entire group of people were tortured, beaten, enslaved, and killed because of their race. Truly an awful event that nobody will forget. It still haunts blacks to this day. 400 years of pure torture..

This should be number 1. The disregard of the slave trade is why the large majority of black people are still viewed as inferior today. 400+ years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse is engraved in the DNA of most of today's people whose ancestors endured slavery, not to mention the millions who were murdered or committed suicide. The world today is still built on the inferiority of coloured people and until we show some understanding of the consequences of slavery, we will continue to endure hell on earth.

7 Pearl Harbor Attack

The only reason why this happened was because we just limited Japan their oil because of their aggresion. Yet America's the "bad guys." in WWII.

This makes my heart stop, over 2,000 people died on December 7 1941. but, Japan did send out a warning that they where going to attack Today. but messages took a long time to travel half way around the world

WOW, Thanks Japan. You ALMOST killed my Great Grandfather. Well Japan had there reasons. They wanted The US navy down so they could conquer most of the pacific.

In my opinion Pearl Harbor was worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and not only bcs I'm American. Even though more people died with the atomic bombs than with the surprise attack, our bombing of Japan actually made sense. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was completely uncalled for since, at the time, the US and Japan weren't even at war!
When we bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima that was a last resort effort to end the war started as result to Pearl Harbor! The Japanese warlords were extremely stubborn and refused to stop fighting, even though it was obvious they were losing. By dropping the atomic bombs, America could've even SAVED lives! After all, Japan wasn't about to just give up.
And not only that, but two days prior to the bombs, US planes dropped 700,000 pamphlets down to Japan WARNING the Japanese of the coming disasters! (They chose not to take heed of the pamphlets which is why so many got killed.) They didn't do that for us before they attacked Pearl Harbor now did ...more

8 The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

I know what he went though was the worst suffering of any person, but because of it anyone who has faith in him will her eternal life in heaven! If it wasn't for this event everyone would spend eternity in the lake of fire. The Bible verse John 3:16 says whoever believes in Jesus shall not perish but have everlasting life!

The God of the Universe, the perfectly holy being who is infinitely good, completely without sin, sacrificed himself to save those dead in their sin. To save those who mock his name, who deny him daily, who spit and turn away from his face, who are completely deserving of eternal DEATH. Through his good grace, he paid the ultimate price. I beseech anyone who sees this: turn from the path of destruction, the path of temporary, worldly lusts and wants, and follow the narrow path, for no cost on this earth is worth the infinite value of eternal communion and fellowship with Christ. Read "Hard to Believe" by John MacArthur for better understanding. It certainly changed my life. It could help change yours.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is terrible, he was crucified because the high priests where jealous. But he rose from the dead, he died so that we didn't have to!

Are you absolutely kidding me? This shows a dark, disgusting mark on our society. The fact that so many people think the death of one man that may or may not have existed is worse than World War 1, an event that killed 38 MILLION PEOPLE! The Crusades that were waged in the name of this man that killed millions. The sinking of the TItanic that killed thousands, the slave trade that made the lives of billions an absolute hell. The Sandy Hook shooting that took the lives of innocent children. Are. You. Kidding. Me. This is why I'm an antitheist.

9 Sinking of the Titanic

What makes this even sadder was that there were so many ways this sinking could've been prevented. More than 1500 people could've been saved if it weren't for so many mistakes.
A: The ship shouldn't have been going at full speed, especially with the iceberg warnings on their hands; and considering how calm and still the water was that night, making it even harder to detect icebergs.
B: If they hadn't demoted the second officer and taken him off of Titanic, he wouldn't have accidentally taken the key to the binoculars case with him. The crewmen on the ship's crow nest could've detected the icebergs sooner with the binoculars and could've prevented the collision.
C: They shouldn't have rushed the construction of Titanic. The company was eager to release the boat and if they only took more time in making sure the ship couldn't easily be scratched by an iceberg, the ship wouldn't have sunk.
These couldn't have prevented the collision and the sinking but it could've saved more ...more

Yes I agree, the sinking of the Titanic wasn't as bad as the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustoff, but still it is the only thing behind it. Generally, the reason why I think the Titanic is more talked about is because it was called "Uniskiable" by the media, because of its size, while the Wilhelm Gustoff wasn't. Also the Titanic's sinking was actually avoidable. The reason it sank is because the Titanic collided with the ice on the starboard side, which made a 300 foot gash in the hull, breaching 6 watertight compartments, and the Titanic was designed to survive head on collisions. Another factor is that Captain Smith went to bed during the collision, if he had been behind the wheel at that moment, he would have hit the iceberg head on, because he knew from his 40 years at sea that it would on breach 2 of the watertight compartments. Additionally, there were surprisingly many shortcuts in the construction of the Titanic in Belfast. That's because Harland & Wolff wanted to build a ship of ...more

The sinking of the Titanic marked the end of an era of innocence and arrogance. The sadness stem's from the fact no one needn't have died. There shouldn't have been any loss of life in those calm waters that night. The Titanic is the last thing we were ever sure about. Never again will such a collection of human beings and ideals come crashing down. Countless families were torn apart and the famous band played until the end. Now the Titanic sits two miles down serving as a monument to a disaster which should never have happened.

Not only is it one of the biggest disasters in history, but it was a freak accident that no one anticipated. About three hours of chaos, panic, and sadness ensued that night. 1,500 innocent men, woman, and children who couldn't make it into life boats due to the life boat shortage died a slow painful death in the 28°F Atlantic waters. To this day the wreck of the decaying ship sits as a graveyard at the bottom of the ocean. Families were separated, horrific memories were created, and it was a harsh reminder that humanity will never be completely immune to nature's deadly elements.

10 World War I

It can be said that this was worse than WWII. Before you bomb my house, I would like to say that this isn't because of the death toll, but because of the conditions. At least people had shelter in WWII. In WWI, people would run through trenches, with risk of all kinds of injuries, dangers and diease. Some people died slow painful deaths by slowly choking on poisonus gasses. Not to mention that almost 6,000 people died everyday in the trenches. OH not to mention, "No man's land," wherest people crossed through horrible, destroyed land to get to the other enemy trench. In almost every battle here, there was barely any gain or loss. Unlike in WWII, which had a bunch of turning points. So in total, I'd pretty much rather have a risk of being bombed, or be in a gas chamber rahter than run in long, empty, cold, disgusting, empty, muddy trenches while seeing other people dying around me, and eventually myself from a machine gun for... well pretty much nothing...

The first World War is often overshadowed by the second, which is believe to have created catastrophic devices, turned countries around, and killed millions.
What isn't understood however is that the first World War started it all. King Wilhelm united Germany under Prussia, creating what was thought to be a great country. However his son, Wilhelm the second, shoved off his advisor and all his fathers hard work, power unable to quench his thirst, thus beginning a foolish domination of the European countries. True, the amount of lives lost is incomparable to that of the events of world war 2, but it was the lost presented by this foolish ruler and the greed of the countries involved that tore people to ruins, electing to power Hitler under the democracy, desperate for any salvation.
In other words, it was the foolish decisions of the second king, the catastrophic scale, damage, and backlash of this true war that ignited the flames in many hearts to follow a path leading to even ...more

It is just horrible that this happened, over 6,000 people died every day. And a even more sad thing is that new numbers show that there could be over 65 Million deaths caused by the war

Should be higher up on this list, WWI was the first true global war, and with it brought unprecedented destruction and misery. It truly shook the world, completely changing our attitudes towards combat and war. It basically wiped out a generation of young men with the potential to change the world for the better, and basically only because of wounded the belligerent's wounded pride and nationalistic values. It of course lead to the even bloodier, but much more justifiable conflict of WW2 (allies basically had to save the world from the fascists). WWI was so tragic in this sense that it was such a meaningless war that killed and maimed and brought pain to so many people.

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? Hurricane Ida
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11 Sandy Hook Shooting

I can't believe this happened. Like, so many innocent children were murdered that day. It's so sad. I am still in school and I wish I never heard about it. But literally, it doesn't matter if this only had 27 deaths. Everything that leaves a scar in history can't be undone. I know it's selfish but me and my friends sometimes worry. Because the school we got to, last year some kid brought a gun to school. Imagine being one of those kids? Oh and the Colombine Massacre was absolutely horrific. I've heard about all that happened. Eric and Dylan should be locked up in hell with people slicing their throats the whole time and they should feel it.

a person coming into a school and shooting children! I am to a teenager and find this appalling, what if I was in that school, what is I had been shot, what if every one got shot. it could have been much worse.

While this was a terrible event, this was far from being the worst event in history. People, including kids, had lost their lives in shootings before this event had happened. It seems kind of dumb that people would over blow shootings that happen in places that aren't known for it. Numerous shootings caused by drug runners are much worse.

What? This needs to be lower. There are much worse tragedies below than the Sandy Hook shooting. This was only 27 deaths. And the Las Vegas shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing and Armenian Genocide suffered far more deaths than this. Also, why do people only know about very famous tragedies like the Holocaust and 9/11.

12 Rwanda Genocide

Most traumatic event ever. Should be right under the Holocaust. How can one genocide be on top and the other under the birth of Donald Trump? Has his birth killed 10,000 people each day?
Some things shouldn't be joked about. I am a Rwandan, born and raised. 24 years after the genocide, and people still scream and shout during commemoration events. Nothing can erase it from people's lives. This genocide is a living proof of the inefficiency of the UN. Hope nothing as such ever happens again in this world. Waiting for the moment when FRANCE will gather courage to admit their involvement in the preparation...

How is Birth of Donald Trump before this. People killed their own neighbors, even wives, with machetes and clubs just based on what tribe they were. The chilling words "cut down the tall trees," as a signal to start the genocide. Tutsis fled for refuge at their local catholic churches but they were not safe there and many were slaughtered. I view this as worst than the holocaust. The holocaust was done systematically so no one would have to be directly killing one by one and only soldiers were involved whereas many Hutus that were not part of armies took up arms and killed there own neighbors. Also, the west did nothing to intervene.

This is my first time truly hearing of what happened. The fact I wasn't told more or taught more about this disgusts me along with the fact that it is below some of the things in the top 10. For example you cannot say that the cruxification of Jesus Christ is above this. I'm agnostic but I at least understand that if Jesus existed in the way Christianity presents him then his death was necessary for the furthering of their religion.

What happened to these people is horrible and this should be up there with the holocaust. If not above it

What horrifies me the most about this tragedy is how may people were killed in such a short amount of time. It was 100 days (about 3 and a half months,) and 1 million people were slaughtered. SLAUGHTERED. Literally. Pregnant women had their stomach cut open, children heads smashed... it's awful to think about.
It gets so little recognition when it was so terribly tragic. I myself didn't know about it until 2 years ago in 7th grade. It should definitely be higher up on this list.

13 1918 Influenza Pandemic

So many people died, this is 30 times more deadly than a regular flu. This COVID-19 pandemic is nothing compared to this. Be grateful.

Approximately 5% of the worlds population at the time died. The life expectancy dropped 12 years. Terrible stuff, probably one of the worst 'disasters' in human history.

I am just grateful that I didn't live back then. but this is awful, a war had just started and now a pandemic? what the heck.

Killed more in 1 year than the bubonic plague did in 100 years.

14 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak

Reasonable place, but it should be slightly higher. It had so many awful deaths and if it had happened another time in history when we didn't have the tools to deal with it, this would kill millions in months

There are other things worse than the Coronavirus, but, still, it's a terrible thing. So far, 2020's a horrible year! The 2020s is not off to a good start at all! The 2010s wasn't off to a good start either, Jeff Conaway died in 2011 of cocaine, Kenickie's my Grease crush!

How in the hell is this only 93? I can't do any of my fun activities now because this awful virus had to come and kill thousands of people and close EVERYTHING.

Thank you to whoever put this item here! This is the worst year ever! I just put this on another list.

15 The Great Depression

My Mum and dad were young when this happend and they told me abought how my Mum's Mum almost died in it. I told my mum abought when we learned anought it in school and she burst into tears and then she told me anought how her mum died. I burst into tears also. Then my dad came in and started snogging my mum! I almos puked though.

How the HELL is a birth of a decent president worse than this? , kids who know nothing about politics should not be allowed to be on thetoptens

How is this so low on the list? Maybe it's not the worst thing that's ever happened in history, but it was pretty damn horrible.

This was a time of poverty and despair and caused many lives to start deteriorating.

16 Holodomor

People don't take Holodomor as a serious tragedy, but as a Ukrainian for me It is a very painful memory.
My grandmother's survived in that time, but they still cannot forget it, how their children died in their arms.
And in Holodomor died more people than in the Holocaust, which is truly horrific, Ukrainian traditions and people were starved to death because of filthy reasons. Kids, Mothers, Pregnant, people were shot If they were trying to save or reach food. In the notes of some journalists, they were telling how newborns and kids were dumped in the pile of bodies, looking more like bags of skin and bones, and then burn to ashes. It wasn't kept as a secret, people just didn't to accept the fact that this was happening.

The holocaust is top of this list (and rightly in my opinion) but this needs to be higher. Millions of people systematically starved, soldiers murdering with impunity and the saddest thing of all, barely nobody knows that it happened

Forced famine of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin. Children shot as they reached for a head of wheat. Even the smallest amount of wheat searched out to steal from the people.

Not only wheat, any food was taken away from peasants. Soldiers were shooting for the attempts to leave the village at some stage of this genocide.

17 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

This should be in at least the top 20...

18 Boston Marathon Bombings

I actually remember that day, going home from a friends, and news about a bombing at the marathon. I thought the guys were so stupid, to blow up people that were running for a charity. I also remember some towns had to go under lockdown and the news wouldn't shut up about it.

My friend's mom was a couple of miles ahead of the bombs when they went off.

Oh my gosh not a bomb

Another inside job.

19 Mongol Conquests

Do you people just ignore the events in ancient and medieval history and just focus on modern history? That can imply why this list is so biased. Sandy Hook above the Mongol Conquests, the Crusades, and slavery? Why do you people care more about the deaths of 26 innocent people rather than the deaths of millions?

They killed insane amounts of people, raping, pillaging, and torturing villages from Baghdad to Beijing. If a city didn't surrender to the Mongols, the Mongols starved and burned the city, killing the citizens in droves.

The cause of this, Genghis Khan, was brutal. He basically poured molten silver into victims' eyes and ears. He even killed his half brother as a child. Killed more people than Hitler, etc.

I didn't even know this was a thing until I saw this list. I am shocked this happened.

20 Donald Trump Was Elected President

Shut up liberals. You are nothing but spoiled brats. I could name one gazillion events WAYYYYY worse than the election of a decent president. This shouldn't be in the top 20 or in the top 1,000,000.

With assumption of power of a Super-power country, we expected him to exhibit higher degrees of responsible statements, and not further polarize America & the world by his racist remarks & policies towards ethnic-religious minorities of America & Muslim world.

Donald trump is not exactly a liberal he has sides and he is better than stupid Obama. That dude took away our rights and guns and other things.

This is actually really funny that someone added this, but it shouldn't have been in the top 20. But, if someone calls Obama stupid again...I swear

21 Second Congo War

British person : I got diamond I create diamond sword. ( gets shot by bow ) British guy : ouch got half heart left. ( gets shot again by Congo guy) dies. Congo guy : yes I have jungle planks and diamonds create base. ( creates luxury Minecraft house
Congo guy gets enough for enchantment table ) Congo guy : yes me have enough for fire bow. ( kills all evil British guys with sword and fire bow) Congo guy: haha

It's like the World War in Africa.

22 Gay Marriage being Legalized in America

The horrible thing is the struggle that people of the LGBTQ+ community have had to go through in history and now, not the fact that they were given rights. Why is this even on the list? It's a milestone in American and global history and should be celebrated

This definitely shouldn't be so high on the list, but I do have mixed feelings. If the legalisation forces Churches to marry a gay couple, this is a bad thing. However, if it just means that gay people can be married, but still be denied by Churches, this is a step forward for America. You also have to consider that America is meant to be free, also for religious people. Religious freedom should still be a thing, especially in such a Christian country, and many religious people dislike the idea of marrying someone of the same gender because it's a sin according to the Bible.

I find it so funny how homophobic people feel threatened, intimidated or are scared of gay people, or any LGBT person in general. They're not even doing anything wrong and homophobic people feel that way. Saying you don't like someone because of their sexuality is almost the same as racism or sexism. Some people just need to grow up and accept the fact that we're all different in many ways, but that doesn't mean we should hate one another for it. (We're also all the same, but that's only because we're all human and we all have the same human rights, in my opinion.)

Unfortunately my support for LGBT dissapeared after several distasteful encounters with gay men who don't understand what self control is. Typical of a teenager who just realizes they don't have to do what they are told. Adults who decide morals are not worth the effort begin to ignore all rules. They have become a danger to society and that is my opinion

23 Columbine Massacre

The Columbine shooting was horrible. At approximately 11:19 am, Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17) started shooting. They were dressed in black trench coats which they did wear before so it just seemed normal for them.
They had propane tank bombs planted in the cafeteria set to kill 600 people, but they couldn't wire them properly so the bombs never went off. After the bombs were to go off, they wanted to shoot any survivors but as you can see it didn't really go as they wanted it to.
By 11:35 am they killed twelve students and one teacher wounding more than twenty people. At exactly 12:08 pm, they turned the guns on themselves and pulled the trigger.
In the end, they killed about fifteen people and wounded twenty four.
They wanted so much power that the world would shudder at the power they had.

There are a lot of idiots on this comment section, first there's no proof of eric being a psychopath, he's just a very very bitter person, only one black person was murdered they didn't just "kill black people because they were black" they did not ask a girl if she believed in god then shot her, that's been disproven already, one of the shooters shot a girl named Valeen Schurr THEN asked her if she believed in god, she said yes then they left her alone, she survived but was injured. Columbine sucked but there were a lot worse tragedies, it should maybe be on a top 20 or 30, actually to be honest maybe top 50 look up every tragedy that has ever happened and there are MANY MANY worse tragedies. including Virginia Tech Sandy Hook Bath school disaster 9/11 Oklahoma city bombing charles Whitman dumblane Michael ryan the bombings of Japan holocaust slave trade joseph stalin mao ze dung or whatever his name is, and those are just man made tragedies not including natural disasters and ...more

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted to leave their mark on the world, and not in a good way. Eric was a physcopath who fantasised about killing people and both of the boys wrote about blowing to the school up and killing 2,000 people in their journals. They were racists- they killed students for the mere fact that they were black and they killed a girl because they asked her if she believed in God and she replied 'yes'. When they killed people they laughed and enjoyed themselves and left a teacher to bleed to death. The massacre, in my opinion, deserves to be somewhere in the top 10. It is one of the most recent tragedies and even though 15 people were killed (including themselves) their intentions were so much worse and their actions will leave a lasting impact on their families and the families and friends of the victims, not to mention the survivors.

Since I want to post this comment on the 20th anniversary of Columbine just to reflect it, here it is. Why on earth would two bullied teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, go on a shooting rampage around their school killing people? Also, I can't believe that they said they were outcasts. And you know what? They actually had friends! Plus, being bullied is NEVER an excuse to go and shoot up a school! What's even worse is that they influenced other school shootings to occur such as Sandy Hook. - JoeBoi

24 The Crusades

Why this is so far down the list I have no idea. This was truly a horrible time in history. People killing one another for simply the fact that it "glorifies god" is atrocious. How is that okay? The crusades defied god's purpose for even creating humanity and all the doings of the crusades has everything he hates about humanity. I myself am not religious, but I know god would never be okay with killing one another because it is "glorious and honorable". Plus, people now are still doing the crusades. Terrorists attacks basically. A lot of them are for religious reasons.

I understand that they fought over religion, but is that really what they're meant to do? Christians and Jews are told not to kill anyone and to love one another as God has lived them, no matter who the person is and what the person thinks. This shows that the Catholic Church was forcing people to follow their religion instead of letting people be. This is exactly what happened with Jews and the Nazis, and that didn't turn out well either.

You have to wonder why Israel is so important that everyone has had to fight over it for the past 3 thousand years. It's just a desert...But apparently it is the holy ground for the two largest and probably most belligerent religions in the world - Christianity and Islam, as well as the Jews.

Absolutely pointless. The Crusades were multiple mass murders (a better word for war), between two religions who believed in the same God pretty much. After all both of their holy books told them to love their enemies.

25 The Japan Earthquake

The Japan earthquake and tsunami was indescribable. I was age 10 when it happened, seeing so many buildings, house, boats, cars being swept away. I never had seen anything so terrifying. Then after the tsunami nuclear power plants exploded. It was very frightening. I don't see why this is so low under the top 10 list.

It's so sad, I was so mad when this happened because I was still in a Chinese elementary and some classmates were actually happy about why? Cause they're racists.

Is this the earthquake that happened in 2011?

No not all the anima

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