Top 10 Most Terrible Events In History


The Top Ten

1 The Holocaust

What I hate so much about it is that all those people who died were innocent. What did they ever do to Hitler? To top it all, teachers keep telling you and making you read books about it... -. -

We need to learn this stuff. This is history, we learn history. Whether you like it or not. Life's unfair, and your gonna have to deal with that.

I cannot imagine how Adolf Hitler can sleep peacefully knowing that he killed millions of people under his power. Those poor Jews were innocent yet they were tortured each and day giving them shade of hope that there is life after the war but sadly, all of them did not make it. My prayers and empathy are for those innocent people who were killed during Holocaust.

I have ancestors who were Belgian resistance some were horrifically tortured and put in camps my grandad fought to stop it as well but some didn't survive I offer my condolences to the victims

I can't say that a moment in the history was worse than other, but many jews that day. And what is the worst? Some Jews are discriminated in our times! (I'm saying this and I ain't Jewish) - rock2metal

2 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks

I was four years old when this happened, and man, let me tell you, I was crying like the world was going to end. Everyone thought I was smart for a four year old, and that I acted like a six year old, but I still cried like crazy. My parents were on the couch watching television, while I, was running back and forth in the living room. My parents told me what had happened, but I didn't understand what a terrorist was, or what an accidental mishap was, either. I just understood their tones of voice was very serious, and I was a cheerful child. Just knowing that they were very serious made me upset, and when they started crying, I lost it. I don't understand how anyone in the right mind could fly themselves into a tower, killing lots and lots of people. Don't tell me they weren't in their right minds, because I know they were. How could someone insane fly an airplane, pass security, and hit directly into the tower. I know they weren't being right with their right mind, but they were in ...more

I was in kindergarten when it happened. I didn't understand then, but every time they show the footage of everything on September 11th each year, I break out crying. I don't know how someone could hurt a country like that. They'd have to be just... Depressed and evil. Its pathetic. - mskenziecullen

This was really sad I was 2 years old when this happened - trains45

I Am So sad for all those people who died

3 World War ll

I'm vistor here and I can't make my list so heres my list of the top 20 most worst events in history by the way world war 2 is worst than the holocaust lets start 1. World war 1 2. World war 2 3. The black plague 4. The Chernobyl accident 5. The slave trade 6. The holocaust 7. Rwanda genocide 8. Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 9. Pearl harbor attack 10. 2011 Japan ocean earthquake and tsunami 11. 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami 12. September 11 attacks 13. Sinking of the titanic 14. 1998 us embassy bombing 15. Beslan school seige 16. Oklahoma city bombing 17. November 2015 Paris attacks 18. 2016 nice attack 19. 2011 Norway attacks 20. 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting 21. Bath school disaster 22. Port Arthur massacre 23. Virginia tech shooting 2013 boston marathon bombing and 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooting shouldn't be in the top 10 not even in the top 20 or even top 30 why I tell you 2013 boston marathon bombing and only killed 3 people that's it in my list ...more

World War II is the most destructive and tragic war of all time were human rights did not exist. What is even worse is that the casualties of the war is actually not the real number because many of the reports of people who died did never arrive to be read by officials.

World war Ii was also the rise of the atomic bomb and the nuclear arms race.

Also many forget how many that died in the soviet union, 27 million as the current number of them were 11 Soldiers and 16 million civilians who died of starvation and forced labour.

But the world war 2 conflict is actually longer then we think. The real start were the second Sino-Japanese. The war that is also forgotten into history. In school we read about D-day, the invasion of Poland, the invasion of western and the Nordic countries, the battle of Britain and a little of operation Barbarossa (invasion of the soviet union). The only battle on the European Eastern front is battle of Stalingrad which is symbol for the ...more

This was quite sad for the people who died during this time - trains45

In my opinion World War two along with the Holocaust are the most horrible and tragic events to happen in history. Around 52 million people lost their lives during the war and it was all due to the fact that one race of people thought they were the "Master Race." They believed that anyone who didn't look a certain way, believe in the same religion as them or went against them had to be killed. 6 million Jewish people were killed by the Nazis and another 5 million Political prisoners, Gypsy's, Homosexual's, Jehovah's witnesses, etc were also murdered in Concentration camps and death camps. Whoever had to live through that horrible time in history deserves to have World War 2 and The Holocaust be number 1 and 2 on this list. The fact that the birth of Justin Beiber is even on this list is ridiculous. Whoever put that on here should be ashamed of themselves. I want to thank all the people who served in The second World War for bringing down the Third Reich. Always remember and never ...more

4 The Black Plague

Many people died

Logic of perspective

9/11: Oh my god this is a tragedy it is one of the worst events ever.
the black death: ok, it is not tragic, lets go remember 9/11 instead since that kill a whole lot more than this

This List is out of wack. Most of these Top Tens are just what Americans care about the most (and I am an American). This event killed one third of the world population and deserves to be higher on the list. The other Top Tens, although tragic, are not as bad as The Black Plague. I understand that it didn't affect the Western Hemisphere much (if at all), but it devastated the Eastern Hemisphere.

Never has the world faced such a devastating destruction to the population. The Black Plague will never be forgotten. - Archived

5 Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Dropping the atomic bombs on Japan has been one of the most controversial decisions ever. I believe after the bombings of Pearl Harbor, it was the right decision. But not just Pearl Harbor was avenged. Freedom was avenged not just for Americans but for the Japanese citizens too. Yes, thousands of lives were lost in these attacks but what followed? A thriving country with a great economy and a balanced government with NO emperors. Before the bombs Japan was a place from hell run by a lazy leader who didn't care at all for his people. If the United States had chosen to not drop the bombs, a great suffering would have likely still continued all the way till today. But instead they made the right decision in dropping the bombs to finally obtain that great peace that was in delay for years, no longer. There has never been peace without first a great suffering. The greater the suffering the greater the peace. And before you ask, yes. Americans suffered greatly in our revolutionary and civil ...more - TooDumbtoDie

How this event was ranked below 9/11 is beyond me... I guess perhaps because the attacks on the trade center and the others were so recent. But a terrible 3000 casualties, as opposed to an instantaneous erradication of an unthinkable 200, 000 plus countless people and animals left irratiated, seems an unrealistic comparison.

That's because people are still whiny about the fact that America actually is vulnerable. - DieGedankenSindFrei

I am Japanese and I have seen photos of victims from this event. My mum told me countless times about how much damage the bombs caused and how war was pointless. In Japan I saw countless books, movies and documentaries about this and it is sad that people can do things like this to each other. Little kids, men, women, moms, dads, grandparents, all killed without mercy. Imagine how the people slowly died from burns, radiation poisoning and the like. I know it was done to stop the war and I don't hate any American people for this, but I don't want this to ever happen again. And why is this lower than Justin Bieber?! Would you rather stop this event that killed thousands of innocent people or the birth of one lousy human being? If only this was taught in school in detail. Students should see the people with severe burns, melting skin and people that look like a black lump in the shape of a human. It wasn't a quick death. We need to look at these tragedies in detail so as to never forget ...more

The holocaust is maybe not real, it's a big lie to found Israel after WW2. -Designed by USA

9/11 was a false flag operation, all the world knows this. - Designed by USA

Pearl Harbour was a false flag operation to enter the war - Designed by USA


Most evil country in the world - USA - Xenothor

6 The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

This should not be on the list simply because no one knows if Jesus is even real. I'm not saying I'm against Christianity, but in most of the events on this list, tons of people died. An event where just ONE (fictional? ) person died should not be on this list, or at least not in the top 10. - Doom

Jesus was real, not a fictional person. I'm not just saying that because I'm Christian. It is accepted fact that he was a person, and Jesus is involved in other religions as well. Whether or not he was the savior of our world is debatable. - JustAnAccount

The God of the Universe, the perfectly holy being who is infinitely good, completely without sin, sacrificed himself to save those dead in their sin. To save those who mock his name, who deny him daily, who spit and turn away from his face, who are completely deserving of eternal DEATH. Through his good grace, he paid the ultimate price. I beseech anyone who sees this: turn from the path of destruction, the path of temporary, worldly lusts and wants, and follow the narrow path, for no cost on this earth is worth the infinite value of eternal communion and fellowship with Christ. Read "Hard to Believe" by John MacArthur for better understanding. It certainly changed my life. It could help change yours.

You know what's worse than this? When god decided to commit genocide (aka flooding a whole town) because he felt the people that he created became "corrupted". - swedishgirl

Saddest time that happened during the bible

This shouldn't be above the slave trade and sinking of titanic

7 Pearl Harbor Attack

Another historic event now going through "revision" to align it with current lib-think. A shame not many of the survivors are left any more to tell the revisionists to take a flying leap.

Terrible tragedy

The Americans did something worse to the Japanese.

This happened first before Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
So Japanese, honestly, you deserved that. You guys started this first. Japanese evilly attacked non-soldiers who were just having peaceful praying time, and they were so proud that they succeed. How come they complained about Atomic bombs after that? Shame on you guys.

8 The Slave Trade

How the hell the slave trade isn't number 1 is beyond me. a wicked evil act for over 400 years because of ones skin colour...

I personally think the holocaust is at least equally as horrible. Both are super awful though. - Disneylover

The racist remarks included in these comments just proves to me that this is serious. Someone here called descents of slaves 'darkies.' Proof that people are still experiencing the effect. Life expectancy of a slave once they began active labor was 7 years. Babies were stripped from their parents. Hello?

Most evil thing that had ever happened in this world

There were more slaves being tortured because of their skin colour than deaths from the Holocaust, More than double,in fact. The majority of slaves were treated like objects, just like Jews were in the holocaust. And yet the slave trade is below the crucifixion of Jesus, one person who may not have even been God's son anyway.

9 Birth of Donald Trump

What the hell is wrong with you guys? This shouldn't be on the list - Neonco31

Sad to say, much of the stuff on this list shouldn't be here. But this is easily the most pointless item to add in the entire top 20. - romanempire249

This is what I have been waiting for since 2016. The carrot must leave

People hating on this, I think it's hilarious someone put this here

So true it deserves Number 1

10 Sinking of the Titanic

This was quite sad for people that didn't make it off the titanic - trains45

Very tragic event

There were over 2000 people on that ship only 710 survived

The sinking of the Titanic marked the end of an era of innocence and arrogance. The sadness stem's from the fact no one needn't have died. There shouldn't have been any loss of life in those calm waters that night. The Titanic is the last thing we were ever sure about. Never again will such a collection of human beings and ideals come crashing down. Countless families were torn apart and the famous band played until the end. Now the Titanic sits two miles down serving as a monument to a disaster which should never have happened.

"Never again will such a collection of human beings and ideals come crashing down? " Yeah, it's horrible that so many died, wasn't that many. Literally one ship sank. It wasn't a war, or a genocide, or a plague. It was a group of people small enough to fit on one boat. Boats sink and kill lots of people all the time during war, not to mention other disasters. The Titanic sinking was sad, but it's not particularly special when it comes to tragedies. - romanempire249


The Contenders

11 Sandy Hook Shooting

This was really sad shooting it made me sad when it happened - trains45

This should be higher than Trump's birth; at least he didn't kill anyone. - RoseWeasley

While this was a terrible event, this was far from being the worst event in history. People, including kids, had lost their lives in shootings before this event had happened. It seems kind of dumb that people would over blow shootings that happen in places that aren't known for it. Numerous shootings caused by drug runners are much worse.

That's tough

12 World War I

The first World War is often overshadowed by the second, which is believe to have created catastrophic devices, turned countries around, and killed millions.
What isn't understood however is that the first World War started it all. King Wilhelm united Germany under Prussia,creating what was thought to be a great country. However his son, Wilhelm the second, shoved off his advisor and all his fathers hard work, power unable to quench his thirst, thus beginning a foolish domination of the European countries. True, the amount of lives lost is incomparable to that of the events of world war 2, but it was the lost presented by this foolish ruler and the greed of the countries involved that tore people to ruins, electing to power Hitler under the democracy, desperate for any salvation.
In other words, it was the foolish decisions of the second king, the catastrophic scale, damage, and backlash of this true war that ignited the flames in many hearts to follow a path leading to even ...more

This quite sad for the people who died during world war 1 - trains45

World War 1 is sad. But World War 2 is both sad and scary.

In my opinion WWI was going to happen one way or another because Europe was in a big mess before it. I feel like the war could have been a lot smaller than what it was because I didn’t see any point in why Germany joined except for Jealousy. Even so I feel like at the end of the war nations could have spent more time on thinking of a way to avoid another war like this one ( WWII was pointless and could have been easily avoided.)

13 Rwanda Genocide

Most traumatic event ever. Should be right under the Holocaust. How can one genocide be on top and the other under the birth of Donald Trump? Has his birth killed 10,000 people each day?
Some things shouldn't be joked about. I am a Rwandan, born and raised. 24 years after the genocide, and people still scream and shout during commemoration events. Nothing can erase it from people's lives. This genocide is a living proof of the inefficiency of the UN. Hope nothing as such ever happens again in this world. Waiting for the moment when FRANCE will gather courage to admit their involvement in the preparation...

1,000,000 murdered, distinctly murdered not casualties of war or extrajudicially executed, or bombed in an instant, but personally and brutally hunted down in their own villages by their fellow countrymen and murdered, men, women, and children. Children's skulls were smashed open against the wall and pregnant women eviscerated with machetes. The radio would read out the addresses of Tutsis and command the Hutus within the village to work with the genocidairs and hunt them down. And it all happened in just 100 days making it the most efficient genocide in history five times as efficient as the holocaust.. That's 10,000 human beings murdered per DAY(To put that in perspective that's about as many people who are murdered every YEAR in the American United States, and more than three times the death toll of 9/11) that's 417 murders per hour or 7 MURDERS EVERY MINUTE. Not only did it effect Rwanda, but its' effects carried over into the following Congo Wars in which millions more innocent ...more

Almost 1 million people murdered in such a small amount of time... How is this not on the top ten list. Women, children, all murdered. Pregnant mothers having their stomachs sliced open and their unborn children butchered. And the world just watched...

The Rwandan Genocide is so swept under the rug that I learned about it for the first time as a senior in university. A perfect example of the more long-term effects of indirect colonialism.

14 Holodomor

People don't take Holodomor as a serious tragedy, but as a Ukrainian for me It is a very painful memory.
My grandmother's survived in that time, but they still cannot forget it, how their children died in their arms.
And in Holodomor died more people than in the Holocaust, which is truly horrific, Ukrainian traditions and people were starved to death because of filthy reasons. Kids, Mothers, Pregnant, people were shot If they were trying to save or reach food. In the notes of some journalists, they were telling how newborns and kids were dumped in the pile of bodies, looking more like bags of skin and bones, and then burn to ashes. It wasn't kept as a secret, people just didn't to accept the fact that this was happening.

Not only wheat, any food was taken away from peasants. Soldiers were shooting for the attempts to leave the village at some stage of this genocide.

This horrific time was kept a secret for too long and must be remembered.

Forced famine of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin. Children shot as they reached for a head of wheat. Even the smallest amount of wheat searched out to steal from the people.

15 Mongol Conquests

Do you people just ignore the events in ancient and medieval history and just focus on modern history? That can imply why this list is so biased. Sandy Hook above the Mongol Conquests, the Crusades, and slavery? Why do you people care more about the deaths of 26 innocent people rather than the deaths of millions? - JoeBoi

The cause of this, Genghis Khan, was brutal. He basically poured molten silver into victim's eyes and ears. He even killed his half brother as a child. Killed more people than Hitler, etc. - TeamRocket747

Well, the new world didn't exist so I guess the Old World War
Edit: I know it existed back then, but not discovered yet. - TeamRocket747

They killed insane amounts of people, raping, pillaging, and torturing villages from Baghdad to Beijing. If a city didn't surrender to the Mongols, the Mongols starved and burned the city, killing the citizens in droves. - JustAnAccount

During Mongol conquest of Baghdad 1.3 Million was butchered in just 3 days.

16 Boston Marathon Bombings

I actually remember that day, going home from a friends, and news about a bombing at the marathon. I thought the guys were so stupid, to blow up people that were running for a charity. I also remember some towns had to go under lockdown and the news wouldn't shut up about it. - kaitlynrad11

Another inside job.

Oh my gosh not a bomb

This was so awful I was there and one woman who was running she got shrapnel in herself

17 1918 Influenza Pandemic

It filled their throats with liquid. IT DROWNED THEM. If that's not depressing then what is?! This was the rhyme children sung:

Once I had a bird, her name was mess
I opened up the window and in-flu-enza.


Approximately 5% of the worlds population at the time died. The life expectancy dropped 12 years. Terrible stuff, probably one of the worst natural disasters in human history. - micahisthebest

The world needs to learn from this.

Killed more in 1 year than the bubonic plague did in 100 years.

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18 Second Congo War

British person : I got diamond I create diamond sword. ( gets shot by bow ) British guy : ouch got half heart left. ( gets shot again by Congo guy) dies. Congo guy : yes I have jungle planks and diamonds create base. ( creates luxury Minecraft house
Congo guy gets enough for enchantment table ) Congo guy : yes me have enough for fire bow. ( kills all evil British guys with sword and fire bow) Congo guy: haha - lemur

Wait I was thinking about another Congo event act like I did not make that lol - lemur

I recreated this in minecraft

It's like the World War in Africa. - TeamRocket747

19 Columbine Massacre

My mother was at that school during this tragedy. People take it for granted and think that Donald Trump is worse than this. Literally, Donald Trump shouldn't even be on this list. it's a joke.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted to leave their mark on the world, and not in a good way. Eric was a physcopath who fantasised about killing people and both of the boys wrote about blowing to the school up and killing 2,000 people in their journals. They were racists- they killed students for the mere fact that they were black and they killed a girl because they asked her if she believed in God and she replied 'yes'. When they killed people they laughed and enjoyed themselves and left a teacher to bleed to death. The massacre, in my opinion, deserves to be somewhere in the top 10. It is one of the most recent tragedies and even though 15 people were killed (including themselves) their intentions were so much worse and their actions will leave a lasting impact on their families and the families and friends of the victims, not to mention the survivors.

There are a lot of idiots on this comment section, first there's no proof of eric being a psychopath, he's just a very very bitter person, only one black person was murdered they didn't just "kill black people because they were black" they did not ask a girl if she believed in god then shot her, that's been disproven already, one of the shooters shot a girl named Valeen Schurr THEN asked her if she believed in god, she said yes then they left her alone, she survived but was injured. Columbine sucked but there were a lot worse tragedies, it should maybe be on a top 20 or 30, actually to be honest maybe top 50 look up every tragedy that has ever happened and there are MANY MANY worse tragedies. including Virginia Tech Sandy Hook Bath school disaster 9/11 Oklahoma city bombing charles Whitman dumblane Michael ryan the bombings of Japan holocaust slave trade joseph stalin mao ze dung or whatever his name is, and those are just man made tragedies not including natural disasters and ...more

Some of the last words they heard were "Do you believe in God? " After they said yes the trigger was pulled...

20 Donald Trump Was Elected President

Trump stupid and eats poop lol

Donald trump like penis

This is actually really funny that someone added this, but it shouldn't have been in the top 20. But, if someone calls Obama stupid again...I swear

The fact that this, a presidential elect, no matter who he is, is above such events as the crusades, the Syrian civil war, and the Haiti earthquake really says something about our society - harrymfuess

21 Gay Marriage being Legalized in America

I find it so funny how homophobic people feel threatened, intimidated or are scared of gay people, or any LGBT person in general. They're not even doing anything wrong and homophobic people feel that way. Saying you don't like someone because of their sexuality is almost the same as racism or sexism. Some people just need to grow up and accept the fact that we're all different in many ways, but that doesn't mean we should hate one another for it. (We're also all the same, but that's only because we're all human and we all have the same human rights, in my opinion.)

I hate gay marriage, its stupid bro

I feel that Gay Marriage being legalized in America is one of the best things that have happened, because if two people are truely happy with each other, then that's all that matters.

My best friend is lesbian, and she will kill whoever added this in their sleep when I tell her.

22 The Crusades

Time for a crusade

Why this is so far down the list I have no idea. This was truly a horrible time in history. People killing one another for simply the fact that it "glorifies god" is atrocious. How is that okay? The crusades defied god's purpose for even creating humanity and all the doings of the crusades has everything he hates about humanity. I myself am not religious, but I know god would never be okay with killing one another because it is "glorious and honorable". Plus, people now are still doing the crusades. Terrorists attacks basically. A lot of them are for religious reasons.

I understand that they fought over religion, but is that really what they're meant to do? Christians and Jews are told not to kill anyone and to love one another as God has lived them, no matter who the person is and what the person thinks. This shows that the Catholic Church was forcing people to follow their religion instead of letting people be. This is exactly what happened with Jews and the Nazis, and that didn't turn out well either. - ethanmeinster

Why is the birth of Donald Trump higher up on the list than this goddammit

23 2011 Norway Attacks - 2011

By God this event was horrible a gunman blew up Oslo killing 8 people then went to a summer camp of youths aka young teens in a island as a fake police officer and started shooting at them even the dead teens body's were caught on camera they even recorded some teens swimming away from the island I know the kids from sandy hook were young but Jesus Christ this was worst than sandy hook are you even trying your best on this list or maybe you just don't know what this event was this was sadder than sandy hook for me this was just as sad as 9/11 those poor teens I remember watching a video of the documentary of the 2011 Norway attacks of the survivors talking about the event of being in the 2011 Norway attacks and the survivors said that the gunman was dress as a fake police officers after he started to shoot the survivors hide in other places after they survived long enough for rescue they saw a group of police officers who were real police officers to rescue them the survivors thought ...more

So sad' norway is a heavan like my pakistan


Never heard of this event now I did some research of this event know what happened in this event the victims in this event and why he did it to cause such a event and how many were killed in this event and there ages who were killed in this event and I can't believe this event is not even in the number 1 spot a lot of beautiful innocent people died in this event young people aka teens

24 The Japan Earthquake

I remember hearing about this it quite sad and also crazy that it caused a tsunami - trains45

I liked that the baby survived

Is this the earthquake that happened in 2011? - GehennaTheSecond

I have to say, this is an awful thing that happened.- Cutie

25 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Top 3... I don’t know what planet and reality the rest of you live in

This should be in at least the top 20... - JustAnAccount

26 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting

This was sad I remember hearing about this shooting it was quite depressing news - trains45

What is the event in history

What was this

It was about some man who walked into a theater with 4 different guns armored from head to toe who started shooting inside thinking he was part of the movie. - JoeBoi

This event actually made me really emotional. And I don't even live in Colorado.

27 Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Man this event was terrible. This was the death of a world leader that left millions shocked. - JoeBoi

All the good people get shot wow - lemur

Kennedy would done lots of good things if he wasn't shot. Every good politician gets shot: Robert Kennedy (His brother), JFK, and Abraham Lincoln.

If jfk wasn't killed lots of stuff may have been prevented such as Vietnam and possibly even 9/11

28 Oklahoma City Bombing

Can we get this above Sandy Hook, this event suffered like 170 casualties. - JoeBoi

Worst than Boston marathons bombing and sandy hook

This was a tragic event over 100 died and it did more damage than some of the top 10

168 people died and not on top 10 this was homegrown terrisom

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29 1992 Los Angeles Riots
30 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln did some good things, but I hate to break this to you young people, but the American Civil War was caused by the south (The Confederates) getting pissed over the north (The Union) having more materials than the them. This was not because of slaves until the middle of the war, when the Union started to help slaves. Abraham Lincoln didn't care about this, and focused more on the war. - Charmedyeti

More tragic than JFK's assassination, because he was the best president of the United States of America.

Lincoln let the black free from slavery. And now slavery is illegal. See he is one of the best presidents.

This happened like a century ago so he'll already be dead

31 USS Liberty incident

Ben Shapiro did this, worse than hitler

32 Syrian Civil War

Less of the real civil war

I swear if ISIS is born...

Everyday, a child in Syria is left homeless or without parents. Why? Because a group of people pretending to be Muslim are attacking Syria. It's horrible. People dying all over the place, families left heartbroken and torn apart. It's just miserable thinking there is some there in Syria, amidst all the bombs and explosions, just sitting there crying to see their mother again. Their father again. Their brother, their sister. At least be reunited with their family. A person cannot go out without being scared to death of being abducted and killed by terrorists. You go to Syria, and you see people scattered everywhere with no idea where to go, or what to do. Their homes aren't even safe anymore. They have to leave their home country just to seek safety and continue on with their lives.

It's a horrible and tragic event that has been going on for almost 6 years.

33 Colorado High School Shooting

First school shooting which started them all off, if this never happened all the school shootings after this period, would be unheard of. I blame the police for not helping the students get out, but instead giving gunfire to the shooters; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I also don't see why Eric is more of the famous because he gave the idea about doing the shooting, where as Dylan went along with it.

The only event so terrible it appeared twice - Dominicmgm

34 Hurricane Katrina

When I actually learnt about hurricanes. Terrible.

Hurricane katrina more like HURRICANE TORTILLA

It caused SO much destruction!

It's crazy it's psychotic it's HURRICANE KATRINA

35 Birth of Adolf Hitler

Should be #1 - Yoshidude

Because of Adolf Hitler millions of people died. And there wouldn't be any need for atomic weapons.

No, the REAL disaster was when humanity was born. - JustAnAccount

He suck at live

36 Paris Terror Attacks 2015

That happened with the soccer match of France and England. I will never forget this event. EVER.

"Although a lot of other things in the world were happening when this terrorist attack occurred, This event felt so close to home and has effected so many people around the world."

You have sandy hook ranked higher than this any ways worst than sandy hook

It is SUPER Sad.. And to think a man said "This is for Syria" and threw a bomb into a crowd of 100 or more. I think about 150 - 200 deaths.

37 The Nanking Massacre

This is just plain awful. Beheading men. Having contest fighting for who ever gets 100 kills first. Raping thousands of women and girl then just stabbing their V. What an awful merciless act on the Chinese.

Biggest number of casualties the world has ever seen in one area - just as many as the Holocaust, but less documented and over the space of a few days. It is rarely discussed today sadly because the Japanese government refuses to admit it happened, or try and say that it is just a 'part of war' and because the Japanese became allies of America against China in the Cold War that erupted after the end of World War II.

When the sinking of the titanic is higher than this

Honestly, the acts of the Japanese on POW is as bad as or worse than the holocaust

38 2008 Sichuan Earthquake
39 Haiti Earthquake

well I'm from haiti and a lot of my family members died

This was a sad event, but I don't think that nature is evil

My church helped survivors

This was so tragic and so sad 2 many people lost their lives in this horiible event I just want 2 say thanks 2 all the volluntears who helped find survivers=[

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40 Death of Paul Walker

This is bad because furious movies just aren't what they used to be when he was alive.

Get over it

I wish she was still alive.

41 Formation of the State of Israel

Do you mean Zionists?

42 9/11 Pentagon Attack

The attack never happened but the brave 40 people on board saved our lives but lost theirs

It did happen...What are you talking about? The third flight that crash landed in Pennsylvania? - JustAnAccount

43 2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing

Killed more people than the Brussels bombings in 2016 29 of these victims were children - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

44 2011 Joplin Tornado

Happened right after my 8th birthday. - MrCoolC

45 Orlando Nightclub Shooting

There are worse things - Crizz

It was sad that so many people died in this shooting. People should think about this stuff instead of the creations of bad T.V. shows. There were so many cases of beloved one's deaths.

Not as worse as the 3000 innocent people who lost their lives on 9/11, but we should still show our respect and sympathy for those 50 innocent LGBT people who lost their lives at the Orlando nightclub shooting. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Whoever said they deserve to die should go stick his face up a horses rear end.

46 Queensland 2011 Floods

I live in Queensland and my house got flooded and 38 people died but I would not say that it's one of the saddest times in history

I'm very sorry to hear that,I'm sure that those 38 unfortunate lives are in heaven. - SamuiNeko

This catastrophe costed the government a lot of money, but the most traumatising event is obviously the deaths and lost homes.

I saw it, in a plane, it was awful. I am very sorry to those people who had loved ones lost.

so sad

47 Birth of Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin is the second highest mass murder there ever was. Adolf Hitler is in 3rd place and Mao Zedong is in first.

48 Cultural Revolution (China)

The worst mass extermination in history and the tragedy on here with the highest recorded death toll alongside the Hundred Flowers Campaign that came before it, all for the success of one ruler and his political party. I can't believe the Holocaust got to the top of this list, let alone the African slave trade, which was an arrangement made by the Africans themselves.

49 The Great Depression

This should really be in the top ten people think Trump is bad this is worse than that!

How the HELL is a birth of a decent president worse than this? , kids who know nothing about politics should not be allowed to be on thetoptens - B1ueNew

There isn't a birth of a president higher than this. Although, there is the birth of a traitor who currently occupies the White House. - andtheskyfell

This should be 9th

The Great Depression was a depressing moment in history the stock market crashed and almost every one in America was por

50 Slavery of the Jews in Egypt

Egypt has literally nothing about jewish people as enslaved, there is no evidence of any slavery at all in egypt. children

This might have been fictional! No Egyptian accounts say anything about the Jews being slaves. You know how many people the Bible says left Egypt? Over 5 million. The numbers are not realistic.

One of the worst things in history, the Jews never seem to get a break!

Is not one of the worst acounts in history but you have to be a ful to say it was fictional, it really happend fulls.

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