Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki


I am sorry for those 9/11 haters but this belongs higher, millions were killed and sure it stopped a war but you also killed innocents who couldn't help where they live nevermind the land damage and birth defects there after, yes people died in 9/11 but there wouldn't be kids In the world trade center, where the nuke killed innocents kids playing with dogs, families who might of tried to excape but we're declined, they people too and they had loved ones too! What about the tourist most of those people had no part and the radiation left behind kill so much more, imagine feeling your insides turn to mash? Once you go through that and somehow survive come tell me 9/11 was worse, America turns the whole world against their enemies whether they in the wrong or not. The law applies to everyone except them and it's time people see what they have done and what they are. ( not talking to Americans but what their government has done in the past)

I get real sick and tired of people crying about how "unneeded" this event was. Don't get me wrong, I admit, it showed the true darkness of human kind, but one thing some people don't seem to understand that this was necessary. Without this device, America would do a full scale invasion of Japan along with the USSR, killing even more lives than of these bombs. And to be honest, Japan had it coming. Imperial Japan seized power by force by invading China and the Pacific Islands, and faced the wrath of the U.S after Pearl Harbor, and their willingness to still fight on was just a calling for destruction. If Japan had just negotiated it out, this all would have been avoided, but instead it caused the lives of thousands of innocent people. The deaths of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are because of the Japanese, not because of the Americans. After WW2, America helped rebuild Japan into its prosperous country it is today. It sorta like an apology by the Americans. I truly wish to never have to hear ...more

The lesson learned in this awful event is that innocent people die because of the corruption started by their leaders. Nuclear bombs should never be used again.

Don't hate me for this but, unlike many others I believe this should be under 9/11... America dropped the bombs to end a war that was killing a lot more than the ones who died from the bombs, they had to or many more would have died. Japan was not giving up and this was the last step for it to end... Besides after the war America actually made Japan what it is today! They rebuilt everything and introduced industry and technology to Japan

Who thought it was funny to put Justin Bieber on here? These bombings were horribly unjust, we should be apologizing to Japan. Why should we even have control of their army anymore? I mean seriously! When was winning a war that important to kill millions of people. We were celebrating that the war had ended FROM MILLIONS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS DYING. How stupid we were back then. Now we are putting our own problems above their own. - Nayan2003

It is revisionist history to criticize these and other events of 1945. Today, 70 years later, this is rightly viewed as one of the watershed events of the human race, to hopefully never be repeated. At the time, it was simply a way to end a destructive war, and mathematically it actually saved many more people than it killed. Deal with it.

By far the greatest evil ever. Totally illegal too. Not that america has ever let morality or legality limit its atrocities.

Why is this even on the list. The people who voted for this honestly have no idea what on Earth they are talking about. These bombings were necessary and saved many lives that would have been lost in an invasion of Japan. Yes, people died but that is the reality of war. Make sure you know what you are talking about before posting stuff.

This should be ranked above 9/11 definitely, not just for the body count but the people here were innocent too. In addition the birth defects that went on for years after and that the areas are still inhospitable, 9/11 doesn't compare to the tragedy that took place here there's just a lot more patriotic Americans that vote here

This should not be under 9/11. As much as try to understand why the Americans murdered so many innocent people. Those people in Japan were under rule of a terrible emperor. It wasn't their fault. Why did they have to die? It's so unfair that so many innocent people died having such high hopes for their futures.
God bless every single one of them.

You can't say 9/11 is worse than the systematic decimation of hundreds of thousands of lives. This was and still is the only use of the nuclear bomb on another country. It is the worst event in History.

How is this lower than 9/11? More people innocents died, more destruction was caused. This list is autistic

The atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki was a terrible event and the united states should be ashamed for using nuclear bombs. They should have been punished for using such weapon of mass destruction because compared to the 9/11 The bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki is more destructable and terrible because radiactive and 246000 people died because of using nuclear bombs and the 9/11 died 3000 the use of atomic bombs is more terrible than nearly any other thing

This definitely has to place over 9/11 sure 1,000 people died but.. this killed multitudes of people way more then 911

What? You would rather have millions more people die on both sides than forcing the enemy to surrender, to save many lives? You think this is bad just because there were nukes? The nukes apperently saved many more lives by killing lives! No offense to Japan, by the way but be thankful that the US didn't invade Japan.

They started it. They wouldn't stop fighting. They fought along the Nazis. We took him down. All the people were innocent, but if we didn't, we could all have been dead.

The bomb is the worst thing that has ever happened to the human race. Sorry 9/11 was terrible but you people can be so closed minded. Do you know that America has murderd more than any other country. Wake up. It's disgusting that one day we worked hard for our influence and now we kill 50000 people in less that 10 seconds

It doesn't matter what was worse and should be higher up, anything that includes the death of someones is horrible and a bad situation! How are you sit there and argue about where this should stand in terms of order, how dare you, think about how many people lost there life's not about where it stands!

This was the only times nuclear bombs were used on civilians. Very tragic for mankind to use such unnecessary weapons.

While it was necessary for the surrender of the Japanese, I feel horrible for all the innocent people that were killed.

I believe that dropping a mass destruction weapon is the worst action any one can make. EVER

I think attacking a civilian population with two massive bombs is for cowards, that was a very very terrible thing.

You don't get that it saved countless American and Japanese lives the Japanese would have fought to the very end we would have killed a lot more Japanese if we had to invade

Because it was the only way to get Japan to surrender in WWII. But true, it was sad for about 200,000 something people to suddenly be killed by an atomic bomb. RIP

The most unjustified event in history, Not number 1 material but definitely up there. - Augustocannoli

My great grandmother's cousin died of radiation poisoning, a horrible even that should've never happened.

Why did this even need to happen? Why did America response with total evil? What did it do? Was it really worth it? Of course not. Not only this was evil and saddening, it was pointless and stupid. - nic1997ps3