Top 10 Most Terrible Events In History


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201 Operation Searchlight
202 Bloody Sunday 1965

Those Alabama policemen should be punished for their sins!

Those sinners suck - Andyman1234

203 Great Famine in Bengal 1943
204 Colectiv Nightclub Fire

The worst fire in Romania

205 Bataan Death March
206 Tangshan, China Earthquake
207 Nepal Earthquake
208 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
209 Christchurch Earthquake
210 Tiananmen Square Massacre
211 Chinese Civil War
212 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

This and Columbia were the most horrifying disasters to happen in space.

213 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
214 The Barbary Slave Trade V 1 Comment
215 Liberian Civil War 1993 to 2003

A great massacre led by the LURD and the international community made it look like Charles Taylor affair, it shouldn't have happened and is just bad. More than a million displaced and about 1.5 million died

216 Boxer Rebellion in China (1900)

Look it up and you will see the atrocities for yourself. It's not the worst moment in my opinion, but it's up there

217 Family Guy Was Made

Putting people's favourite shows on here is not cool.

Stupid Trolls


I hate Seth Mcfarlane.

218 Garissa University Massacre-Kenya

147 Students ambushed and Massacred in cold blood by Alshabaab Militia in 2015

219 Fall of Vikings
220 My Little Pony Was Created

These jokes are getting so old. But the Justin Bieber joke was worse. - Powerfulgirl10

This has gone TOO FAR already! - Neonco31

I hate this show but I'd rather watch 30 episodes than DIE in the gas chambers at least I'm still alive

This show is lterally stupid its not even that popular its just a dumb show for little kids

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