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41 2011 Joplin Tornado
42 Paris Terror Attacks 2015

"Although a lot of other things in the world were happening when this terrorist attack occurred, This event felt so close to home and has effected so many people around the world."

It is SUPER Sad.. And to think a man said "This is for Syria" and threw a bomb into a crowd of 100 or more. I think about 150 - 200 deaths.

You have sandy hook ranked higher than this any ways worst than sandy hook


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43 2008 Sichuan Earthquake
44 Hurricane Sandy

It ruined Halloween of 2012

A tree almost broke my whole roof!

45 The Nanking Massacre

This is just plain awful. Beheading men. Having contest fighting for who ever gets 100 kills first. Raping thousands of women and girl then just stabbing their V. What an awful merciless act on the Chinese.

Honestly, the acts of the Japanese on POW is as bad as or worse than the holocaust

Worse than the Holocaust. Today it's still denied by the Japanese government. Deserves WAY higher than 9/11 and even higher than the marathon bombings.

What is V. I'm thinking it's VAGINA but I'm not sure

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46 Columbine Massacre

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted to leave their mark on the world, and not in a good way. Eric was a physcopath who fantasised about killing people and both of the boys wrote about blowing to the school up and killing 2,000 people in their journals. They were racists- they killed students for the mere fact that they were black and they killed a girl because they asked her if she believed in God and she replied 'yes'. When they killed people they laughed and enjoyed themselves and left a teacher to bleed to death. The massacre, in my opinion, deserves to be somewhere in the top 10. It is one of the most recent tragedies and even though 15 people were killed (including themselves) their intentions were so much worse and their actions will leave a lasting impact on their families and the families and friends of the victims, not to mention the survivors.

There are a lot of idiots on this comment section, first there's no proof of eric being a psychopath, he's just a very very bitter person, only one black person was murdered they didn't just "kill black people because they were black" they did not ask a girl if she believed in god then shot her, that's been disproven already, one of the shooters shot a girl named Valeen Schurr THEN asked her if she believed in god, she said yes then they left her alone, she survived but was injured. Columbine sucked but there were a lot worse tragedies, it should maybe be on a top 20 or 30, actually to be honest maybe top 50 look up every tragedy that has ever happened and there are MANY MANY worse tragedies. including Virginia Tech Sandy Hook Bath school disaster 9/11 Oklahoma city bombing charles Whitman dumblane Michael ryan the bombings of Japan holocaust slave trade joseph stalin mao ze dung or whatever his name is, and those are just man made tragedies not including natural disasters and ...more

Some of the last words they heard were "Do you believe in God? " After they said yes the trigger was pulled...

It's on of the worst, and unfortunately least known about events in history. Millions upon millions died. This is why I do not celebrate Colombus Day. He was a terrible man, after killing thousands of Natives and shipping hundreds more back to Europe as slaves. Little girls were sold as rape slaves. It was horrible. - JustAnAccount

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47 Obama Was Elected President

People say this because they didn't like having a black president. Obama wasn't the best president but he did a lot for this country: He gave kids who wouldn't be able to live a normal life a chance with DACA, we tried to give everyone affordable health care, and he was the president who killed Osama bin-Laden, so let's see Trump trying to do all that

How dare you? Obama is one of the good presidents and I hope Donald Trump doesn't become the next!

Obama dropped more than 10,000 bombs on innocents in the middle east. Don't think it shouldn't be here because you let those people die.

Obama was a very terrible president, but others were worse. - Lucretia

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48 Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Kennedy would done lots of good things if he wasn't shot. Every good politician gets shot: Robert Kennedy (His brother), JFK, and Abraham Lincoln.

If jfk wasn't killed lots of stuff may have been prevented such as Vietnam and possibly even 9/11

49 Birth of Adolf Hitler

Because of Adolf Hitler millions of people died. And there wouldn't be any need for atomic weapons.

No, the REAL disaster was when humanity was born. - JustAnAccount

He suck at live

Can't stand Hitler, but Stalin and Mao are worse. and if he was never born life would have been very different. - Lucretia

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50 Jonestown Suicides

Still don't understand why this is above the Atlantic Slave-Trade - JustAnAccount

Not a mass-suicide, a mass-murder

51 The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan

Its not a top 10 deserving but it's the most racist and Desperate group ever created which still rise today

What do you mean''still rise today? '' The group went from having over 5 million members to less than 5 thousand. This group is highly hated by this generation. The group is dying, and it deserves to.

52 The Killing of Harambe

This is above the Atlantic Slave-Trade, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Columbian massacre of Native Americans. One gorilla's death is grieved more than millions of people suffering and dying. I have lost my hope in humanity. - JustAnAccount

It's a gorilla, although I think he deserved to live, it was one gorilla. - Lucretia

Let his legacy live


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53 Middle East War

There have been thousands of wars in the Middle East.

9/11 2,996 died
Middle Eastern hundreds of thousands died

54 Virginia Tech Massacre

The worst American school shooting of all time, even worse than Sandy Hook. - nelsonerica

We really shouldn't even be ranking school shootings. They were all equally horrible because innocent children and adults were killed in all of them. - Doom

55 Bloody Sunday 1971

Oh, the horror! Sunday, bloody Sunday...

Sucks to be them, to say the very least.

56 The Armenian Genocide

This event was basically the reason why all other genocides, including Holocaust, even started.

This was the Holocaust before the Holocaust and worse than the Holocaust.

This was the first genocide. Hitler was inspired by it.

Turkish people are so annoying when they deny this

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57 Martial Law in Philippines
58 Typhoon Yolanda
59 2014 Peshawar School Attack 140 Students Died
60 Irish Slave Trade

Really, not many people know about the islamic slavers that came up to Ireland, captured people and sold them as slave to other moslems.

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