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41 2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing

Killed more people than the Brussels bombings in 2016 29 of these victims were children - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

42 Holodomor

9/11 World Trade Center Attacks = 2,996 deaths = third place.

Holodomor = 2.4 - 7.5 million deaths = not even in the list.

It's crazy how many people don't know about this

More people should Google this... Russia's Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians for a decade between WWI and WWII in the Soviet Union.

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43 Donald Trump Was Elected President

Everyone died inside

Trump was the best thing to happen to america

He is illuminati

This was te most horrific and terrible event in history millionsddied inside and outside

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44 The Vietnam War

What happened with Agent Orange (likely the most toxic chemical produced) and other chemical mixtures cannot be forgotten. It's affected children in Vietnam, not just people here in the United States.

No one ever talks about the ecological effects to that region either. Any Crocodiles in Vietnam? Not any more

Matthew 24:7 Nations will fight against other nations.

I tend to put the two Indochina Wars over WWII because in Vietnam, most people didn't even know what they were fighting for. The Viet Minh gave up their lives just for their country or rather homeland's independence from the French. The French fought with so much more firepower and manpower but get humiliated themselves on the world stage. The Americans fought with their modern high technology but were still physcologically torn apart by the overpowering guerrilla tactics the Communists had. Furthermore, tensions within religions and politics were happening concurrently with the war itself. At least during the WWII, everyone was suffering the same fate and getting trumped by Nazi Germany and the Americans were glorious in their involvement in the Allied War Effort. However, in the Vietnam War, only the French and Americans were thrown off balance and made a fool of themselves against the inferior Viet Minh. The American boys don't even know where to shoot since the Viet Minh just kill ...more

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45 The Trail of Tears

Cherokee relatives on my fathers side. Much love. This is event was tragic and decimated the people but clearly no one cares...

I think this was so hypocritical and unfair!

Oh my gosh! This brought tears to my eyes. How could somebody be so mean and horrible.

Jackson, you messed up big time

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46 Typhoon Haiyan

Caused terrible destruction to the Philippines, and hit Vietnam

Over 7,000 People Died

Awful Storm - JPK

47 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

I was in Thailand when the tsunami happened I was 15 years old I lost my 2 younger brothers there names were Simon who was 9 and the other brother was could casey he was 6, I was in hospital for 4 mouth because I lost my leg and had and cuts on my face and back and stomach and I saw lots of dead people so I no how devastating it was so it would be in the top 10

Boxing day tsunami should be number 2 it took 250 000 life's and the titanic took 1500 life's

This is just as bad as 9/11 this list is a joke you put sandy hook higher than this foget it this should be in the top 5 let me show you my list here and now 1. World war 2. World war 2 3. The holocaust 4. Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 5. Pearl Harbor attack 6. 2011 Japan ocean earthquake and tsunami 7. Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami 8. The Chernobyl disaster 9. 9/11 attacks 10. Beslan school segie 11. Oklahoma City bombing 12. November 2015 Paris attacks 13. 2016 nice attacks 14. 2011 Norway attacks 15. Orlando nightclub shooting (I'm not gay) but I feel bad for them 16. Port Arthur massacre 17. Virginia tech shooting done sandy hook and Boston marathon bombings are not worst than these and are in my dishonorable mentions

The most scary thing to happen

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48 26/11 Attack On India

Worst Dates Of All Time - 26/11 & 9/11 - tayal5001

A very sad attack. Done by a terrorist from Pakistan but India shouldn't say we told him to do that

Dear Pakistan, stop it please. - vivek0305

49 9/11 Pentagon Attack

The attack never happened but the brave 40 people on board saved our lives but lost theirs

It did happen...What are you talking about? The third flight that crash landed in Pennsylvania? - JustAnAccount

50 Khmer Rouge Regime

An entire nation set back decades and nearly two to three million human beings arbitrarily tortured to death, enslaved and starved for the sake of the sick Utopian ideals of a single despotic madman. An entire country transformed into what amounted to a concentration camp above ground and a mass grave bellow. What a pointless and brutal waste of human life.

51 Slavery of the Jews in Egypt

This might have been fictional! No Egyptian accounts say anything about the Jews being slaves. You know how many people the Bible says left Egypt? Over 5 million. The numbers are not realistic.

One of the worst things in history, the Jews never seem to get a break!

Poor Jews were still tortured in every country and timeline it's horrible how they are treated. I feel bad they did nothing but believe in their religion.

52 Hurricane Sandy

It ruined Halloween of 2012

A tree almost broke my whole roof!

53 2014 Peshawar School Attack 140 Students Died
54 The Killing of Harambe

This is above the Atlantic Slave-Trade, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Columbian massacre of Native Americans. One gorilla's death is grieved more than millions of people suffering and dying. I have lost my hope in humanity. - JustAnAccount

It's a gorilla, although I think he deserved to live, it was one gorilla. - Lucretia

Let his legacy live


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55 Spanish Inquisition

I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.

... seriously? I mean this may have occured centuries ago but we're talking about extermination of entire civilizations here. The holocaust was terrible but the Jewish population is still around today. If this isn't one of mankind's most barbaric events, I don't know what is.

56 The Armenian Genocide

This event was basically the reason why all other genocides, including Holocaust, even started.

This was the Holocaust before the Holocaust and worse than the Holocaust.

This was the first genocide. Hitler was inspired by it.

Turkish people are so annoying when they deny this

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57 Jonestown Suicides

Still don't understand why this is above the Atlantic Slave-Trade - JustAnAccount

Not a mass-suicide, a mass-murder

58 Birth of Adolf Hitler

Because of Adolf Hitler millions of people died. And there wouldn't be any need for atomic weapons.

No, the REAL disaster was when humanity was born. - JustAnAccount

He suck at live

Can't stand Hitler, but Stalin and Mao are worse. and if he was never born life would have been very different. - Lucretia

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59 The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan

Its not a top 10 deserving but it's the most racist and Desperate group ever created which still rise today

What do you mean''still rise today? '' The group went from having over 5 million members to less than 5 thousand. This group is highly hated by this generation. The group is dying, and it deserves to.

60 Middle East War

There have been thousands of wars in the Middle East.

9/11 2,996 died
Middle Eastern hundreds of thousands died

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