Most Underrated Avenged Sevenfold Songs

The Top Ten

1 And All Things Will End

Brilliant song, probably my favorite of Waking the Fallen.

Sometimes life is altered!

This song is amazing. One of the best off of their best album! - ItsLeAshton

2 Save Me

Best song ever

3 Blinded in Chains

Great drumming, good length, and a catchy chorus.

4 The Art of Subconscious Illusion

In my opinion everything on Sounding the Seventh Trumpet is overrated - christangrant

5 Not Ready to Die

This is possibly their best song. The solos, the vocals, the epic piano breakdown. Everything about this song is perfect!

6 Tonight the World Dies
7 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1

This is better than Unholy Confessions - christangrant

8 Victim
9 Walk
10 Breaking Their Hold

Hell No this is just 1 minute of Awful Screams and is their worst song they ever made - christangrant

The Newcomers

? Radiant Eclipse
? Thick and Thin

The Contenders

11 Turn the Other Way
12 Betrayed
13 Welcome to the Family
14 A Little Piece of Heaven
15 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 2
16 Buried Alive
17 God Damn
18 Sidewinder
19 Girl I Know
20 Requiem
21 Demons
22 Hail to the King
23 Danger Line
24 Remenissions
25 M.I.A
26 Fiction
27 Shepherd of Fire
28 An Epic of Time Wasted
29 Clairvoyant Disease
30 Streets
31 Darkness Surrounding
32 Second Heartbeat
33 Brompton Cocktail
34 4:00 Am
35 Nightmare
36 Desecrate Through Reverence
37 Tension
38 Flash of the Blade

Come on this song is just epic

This isn't a good cover - christangrant

39 Planets
40 The Fight
41 Burn It Down
42 Critical Acclaim

This isn't underrated - christangrant

43 Gunslinger
44 Afterlife
45 Dear God
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1. Walk
2. Welcome to the Family
3. A Little Piece of Heaven
1. Not Ready to Die
2. Save Me
3. I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1
1. Tonight the World Dies
2. Blinded in Chains
3. And All Things Will End


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