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61 Good Day Sunshine
62 Long Tall Sally
63 Oh! Darling

Okay, before I knew a lot about the Beatles, I knew this song. And that means a lot because I only knew the well-known songs!

If everyone who had ever lived loved this song with their heart and soul, it would still be unappreciated.


64 Revolution 9

Wait, I thought everyone hated this

65 I Feel Fine
66 I Wanna Be Your Man
67 Tell Me Why

The fact that this song is so low on this list is a testament to how underrated and overlooked it is. It's one of the best songs on A Hard Day's Night, but nobody ever seems to talk about it. - JOhm

This is perhaps the most underrated Beatle song of all. If it would have been released as a single it would have been a top ten hit. Not only is it a great rocker but the opening chords harken back to the big band swing era which shows how musically versatile the Beatles were.

68 Doctor Robert
69 What's the New Mary Jane?
70 Do You Want to Know a Secret

Pick up an acoustic guitar and play this to a girl. You've won.

71 Till There Was You
72 Don't Pass Me By

An amazing song by Ringo Starr

73 Taxman
74 You're Going to Lose that Girl

One of their best. Love John's vocals.

75 Flying
76 Not a Second Time

John's vocals and piano playing results in a great rock tune. From their first album.

77 Abbey Road Medley
78 Lovely Rita
79 In My Life

I wouldn't even expect this in this list!

My favorite song so understandable.

80 Honey Pie

Great piece musically and lyrically.

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