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41 Fulcher

Great guitar. String actionnis the best ever. The color choices are fabulous! Can be ordered with many pickup chpoces. definitely my favorite electric at this time. 2-20-15

Looks like Fender Strat but playes much better. Better sound and lower neck acton. An up and coming guitar!

42 Faith

Got my brother a faith eclipse guitar when he first started, and now I want one myself. They're incredibly good acoustic guitars!

43 Alegre
44 Gordon-Smith

So I am told the last one in the world that has the body of the guitar out of one piece yeah that's right
I got 2 of them and man the tone unbelievebel why would you pay for gibsons you have 2 of gordon smith for it and the really play better

45 Larrivee

Larrivees are considered by their devoted fans to be the best acoustics made. They are the only guitar ever to go into outer space, and astronaut Chris Hadfield used one to make a video on the Space Station. Larrivee's bracing system gives it a balanced tone no other mass-produced guitar can match. Jean Larrivee recently opened a new facility in California, so they aren't all Canadian anymore. The first time I heard a Larrivee D-03R, I was shocked. I always own twenty or so guitars, but I had never heard anything that rang like that! They are nick-named D-28 killers, because they are Sitka spruce and rosewood, and sound better than a Martin D-28 at half the price. - TomJoad

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