Most Underrated Jennifer Lopez Movies


The Top Ten

1 The Cell

Very original, innovative and creative sci-fi film. Real Art - Alexandr

2 Anaconda

J. Lo was gorgeous here and the movie itself was cool - Alexandr

3 Enough

She was so awesome in Enough. Really should have gotten an Academy Award Nomination.

Awesome thriller where Jennifer kicks ass - Alexandr

4 Maid in Manhattan

Jen's greatest comedy film no matter what critics said about it - Alexandr

5 Angel Eyes

This movie seemed to go unnoticed, I think because the studio chose to advertise it as a scary thriller so audiences didn't get what they expected. In fact, this is a very beautiful mysterious drama featuring one of J. Lo's strongest acting performances. Amazing movie.

Touching storyline and great acting - Alexandr

6 Shall We Dance?
7 The Wedding Planner
8 Money Train
9 An Unfinished Life
10 Bordertown

I love most of these movies. I am voting for this one because it might be my very favorite performance from her... However, nobody seems to even know about this movie. It is a great film with an important story.

The Contenders

11 Selena
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