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21 Into the Lungs of Hell

Great opening track to a great album, VERY underrated.

One of my favorite Megadeth songs in general -_-

22 New World Order - Th1rt3en
23 Blackmail the Universe - The System Has Failed V 1 Comment
24 Mary Jane - So Far, So Good... So What

I love this song, I really do not get why a lot people don't rate.. it's a builder, it keeps going and there are some classic riffs and changes in there. I love it.

25 Dread and the Fugitive Mind - The World Needs a Hero
26 Psychotron - Countdown to Extinction

I was blown away when they played this song live on the 20th anniversary tour. This song is incredibly heavy!

A song that's truly great when nobody knows about it. It has great riffs and solo fills throughout.

27 Poison Was the Cure - Rust In Peace

This song is so underrated, that it isn't listed in the most underrated Megadeth songs. Seriously, I never hear this song get mentioned and it's one of the best in Rust in Peace.

The transition from just the bass and drums to everything else is simply amazing.

I think the solo at the end of this song is the single greatest moment on RIP.

28 99 Ways to Die - Hidden Treasures

Very Underrated for the incredible guitar work on this classic.

29 Lucretia - Rust In Peace

Perhaps my favorite, so much different from any metal song and weird but in a good way. Only Mustaine could come up with such amazing song!

V 1 Comment
30 The Disintegrators - Cryptic Writings

Its got to be one of the best off this album, but they rarely played it live. The solos kick ass as well!

Yikes... What a crazy song... direct, heavy, and with addictive chorus... Burning it down... To the ground!

Cool song, my favorite from cryptic.

Easily the most underrated Megadeth song ever

31 Sleepwalker
32 Kill the King - Warchest

I think most people don't even know about this one.

It's not the best, not even top twenty, but it's definitely the most underrated song.

This song is amazing, no clue why people don't like it.

This song is the real "1note song of rage "

I love this songs,it's one of my most favorite songs especially the intro,but it's really underrated - Toucan

33 Tears In a Vial - The System Has Failed V 1 Comment
34 44 Minutes - Endgame V 1 Comment
35 Washington Is Next! - United Abominations
36 Use the Man - Cryptic Writings
37 Blood of Heroes - Youthanasia V 1 Comment
38 Disconnect - The World Needs a Hero

Just listen to it. And give it actual chance. You might actually find that you like it.

Quite hated among Megadeth fans... But it's personnaly one of my 10 favorites

39 Prince of Darkness - Risk

This is a legendary track that does not get its due because it's on Risk. Yes, Risk is the worst megadeth album after Supercollider, but this is genuinely a brilliant song. Best intro, insane chorus and the bridge is easily one of megadeth's best. Give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised

40 Foreclosure of a Dream - Countdown to Extinction V 1 Comment
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