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21 Hate to See Your Heart Break
22 Conspiracy

How is this not higher? Conspiracy is one of paramore's best songs. The guitar riffs that Josh did was plainly amazing and Hayley's vocals are AMAZING at such a young age. I don't get why conspiracy is so underappreaciated when it's obviously one of their strongest songs. It's a slower song but it has so much more meaning to it and that's what makes it truly Paramore's best songs. BRING BACK CONSPIRACY!

I would say For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic but as that song is commonly played live it's more well known. Conspiracy is one of their many hidden gems. Hayley's voice truly is beautiful.

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23 Miracle

This song is a miracle

24 Fences

Dude this is my favorite

I love this song

25 (One of Those) Crazy Girls
26 Here We Go Again
27 We are Broken
28 Last Hope

This song is one of Paramore's best and most inspiring! "It's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going! " - listotaku17

29 Careful
30 I Caught Myself
31 Now

You all should put this song on their top 20 NOW!

32 Tell Me How
33 Part II
34 Native Tongue
35 In the Mourning

So beautiful. Ties for number one spot of Paramore's songs along with Ignorance.

36 Grow Up
37 Where the Lines Overlap

One of my all time favourites from Paramore. I don't know why this one is so invisible.

38 Never Let This Go
39 Adore
40 Temporary

Since I listen to most of the songs including those aside from music videos, but I don't know this one, then I guess it proves that this is underrated along with a few others...

Definitely one of their Underrated songs.

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