Most Underrated Sylvester Stallone Movies


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1 Lock Up

This movie is one of the greatest films that Sylvester Stallone has made. I don't understand why it's so underrated. This movie got everything. The action, the sadness... I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Brilliant Stallone performance made this film look like masterpiece. Lock Up was criminally underrated - Alexandr

Of course one of the best

Yes his best performance of late 80s

2 Rambo: First Blood, Part 2

My favorite part in this franchise but very very underrated - Alexandr

Really good movie

I love this movie! Everyone does! HOW IS IT UNDERATTED HOW!

3 Demolition Man

My favorite Sly movie in the 90's. - Alexandr

4 Cobra

Fantastic Action - should have been a huge hit! - Alexandr

I liked this one too

In this movie Stallone look so baddass. Period!

It literaly has everything! Good old fashioned action? Check! Car chases? Check! A badass character? Check! Great one liners? Double check!
They just don't make like this anymore!

5 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

I don't care what people say about this film. I love this entertaining comedy very much. - Alexandr

A guilty pleasure of mine - Ajkloth

6 Judge Dredd

One of the most underrated comic book films ever - Alexandr

7 The Specialist

Action scene in Motor bus was extra ordinary. Just two to three minute scene was enough to rate the movie real hit.

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8 Daylight

Overlooked disaster drama - really impressive film! - Alexandr

9 Cliffhanger
10 F.I.S.T.

Great drama and Sly showed awesome acting - Alexandr

One of his best movies so underrated

The Contenders

11 Rocky IV
12 Rambo III
13 Rocky V

I truly believe, that this was a cult classic and beyond the time. Lack of boxing in a Rocky movie drowned this...! The epic scens like ; conversation between Rocky and mic, Adrian and Rocky road scene. These were truly emotional parts.

14 Rocky II

I love it! Its very underrated it is as good if not better than the first rocky movie!

15 Eye See You

This movie was great I love this movie.

16 Over the Top
17 Cop Land

Has everything you could ask from sly

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