Most Underrated Sylvester Stallone Movies


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1 Lock Up

Most underrated film ever

This movie is one of the greatest films that Sylvester Stallone has made. I don't understand why it's so underrated. This movie got everything. The action, the sadness... I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Brilliant Stallone performance made this film look like masterpiece. Lock Up was criminally underrated - Alexandr

Of course one of the best

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2 Rambo: First Blood, Part 2

Really good movie

My favorite part in this franchise but very very underrated - Alexandr

I love this movie! Everyone does! HOW IS IT UNDERATTED HOW!

3 Demolition Man

My favorite Sly movie in the 90's. - Alexandr

4 Cobra

Fantastic Action - should have been a huge hit! - Alexandr

I liked this one too

In this movie Stallone look so baddass. Period!

It literaly has everything! Good old fashioned action? Check! Car chases? Check! A badass character? Check! Great one liners? Double check!
They just don't make like this anymore!

5 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

I don't care what people say about this film. I love this entertaining comedy very much. - Alexandr

A guilty pleasure of mine - Ajkloth

6 Judge Dredd

One of the most underrated comic book films ever - Alexandr

7 The Specialist

Action scene in Motor bus was extra ordinary. Just two to three minute scene was enough to rate the movie real hit.

Another great and overlooked action from Sly - Alexandr

8 Daylight

Overlooked disaster drama - really impressive film! - Alexandr

9 Cliffhanger

One of the best thriller of 90s

10 F.I.S.T.

Great drama and Sly showed awesome acting - Alexandr

One of his best movies so underrated

The Contenders

11 Rocky IV
12 Eye See You

This movie is so underrated got me to like Sylvester Stallone and got me to watch more of his movies. Then I got into Rambo this movie is way better then the low ratings it received though I like First Blood more.

This movie was great I love this movie.

13 Rambo III
14 Over the Top
15 Rocky V

I truly believe, that this was a cult classic and beyond the time. Lack of boxing in a Rocky movie drowned this...! The epic scens like ; conversation between Rocky and mic, Adrian and Rocky road scene. These were truly emotional parts.

16 Rocky II

I love it! Its very underrated it is as good if not better than the first rocky movie!

17 Cop Land

Has everything you could ask from sly

18 The Lords of Flatbush
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