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21 Paige & Leo (The Vow)

Paige and Leo played by Rachel Mcadams and Channing Tatum relationship really had so much chemistry in this movie making you
Want to see more of them. This is a story that was able to really
Express true love. Some may say to much of a fantasy but I say it's a fantasy worth learning. It can't be harmful to learn how to love each other like they did.

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22 Aragorn & Arwen

Such good chemistry in the book and even better in the movie. These 2 are MADE for each other. They look so cute together and have such awesome chemistry. The BEST movie couple.

COME ON! A robot animated couple before these 2? You gotta be kidding me! These two are easily the greatest movie couple of all time. They are just awesome!

Whether it's in book or on screen these two have got to be the best couple I know of. Their love suffers through a lot and throughout it all holds such depth. Just.. A beautifully portrayed expression of love.

LORD OF THE RINGS for the win

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23 Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sergeant Jean Calhoun
24 The Robber & Baroness Tesi
25 Princess Jasmin & Aladdin V 1 Comment
26 James & Lily Potter

It's better if Lily and James were still alive and there to raise their son, Harry themselves instead of the Dursleys, isn't it? Yup. Harry Potter never ever even deserves to be orphaned at all, does he? Yup.

The reason why it's hard to like them because of the love hate relationship between those two.

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27 Seymour Krelborn & Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors)
28 Rick Blaine & Ilsa Lund

From..."Casablanca" and this is an extraordinary romance...

29 Captain Daniel Gregg & Lucy Muir
30 Christian & Satine

They may not look like it but they are the perfect couple living in two diffrerent worlds. He is a writer that is inspired by her. And she (let's face the facts) a hooker that is changed converted by him. It was love that struck them. You see all you need is LOVE.

He was broke, she was a sick prostitute. if that ain't love, I don't know what is

Moulin Rouge is my ALL TIME favorite movie, Christian is so romantic and satin is beautiful! - ksquid19

Oh my God, they are just so perfect together! They should be on the list.

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31 Harry 'Steve' Morgan & Marie 'Slim' Browning

from the "to have and have not". this movie defined onscreen chemistry!

32 Neo & Trinity

Amazing couple. They always risk their lives for each other throught the trilogy. I can't believe that they are only at 25.

33 Flynn Rider & Rapunzel

Their gradual love story just made my heart melt. They are perfect together.

This couple is better than Kristoff and Anna (Frozen).

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34 Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale & Hester Prynne
35 Richard Collier & Elise McKenna
36 Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

It's unfortunately a rip off of Ariel and Eric but don't get me wrong, I still like/love to listen to British/English accents though.

It's a rip off of Ariel and Eric but don't get me wrong, I still like/love to listen to British/English accents though.

they get married in the last book and ron and hermione also too -

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37 Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez

These two are so cute together, and the fact that these two are modern makes it even better

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38 Simba & Nala
39 Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler

They are both selfish and that makes them so perfect for each other.

40 Sarah Ashley & Drover
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