Alpha review

Ever wanna know how man met his best friend? Well Alpha is a movie that has a take on that. Is it good? Let’s find out.

Alpha takes place during the final Ice Age. The movie is about a young man named Keda getting separated from his tribe. And how did he get separated? A giant buffalo legit grabs him, and throws him off the cliff. Yeah, that’s interesting. But he somehow survives. Yeah that cliff was probably 5,000 feet, and survives anyways. Okay, Keda did land on some part of the cliff, and tried to climb down, but fell in the river, and got washed away. Along the way Keda meets Alpha. Keda takes Alpha to a cave to heal him up because Keda stabbed Alpha in the leg for survival. And they became friends. Because stabbing someone in the leg for survival equals a good friendship. Okay, Keda did heal Alpha up, give him water, and food so that’s how they became friends.

So let’s talk about a few things with this movie. This movie is like one of those National Geographic documentaries about survival. This film also has some breathtaking scenes. The eagle soaring above the land, the lightning, and the Auroa Borealis are well shot, and beautiful. This movie also has some heartwarming scenes like Keda, and Alpha playing together in the river. The ending is also good as well to. There was another scene where Keda is stuck in the ice, and Alpha is trying to save him. When Keda breaks the ice to get out of the river, Alpha licks Keda to see if he’s okay. That was a pretty nice scene.
Keda, and Alpha make it home safely, and it turns out Alpha is a girl. So she has cute wolf puppies.
While this movie is breathtaking, and heartwarming there are a few flaws.

The CGI could of been better in some parts. There was the scene with one of the wolf pups howling at the sun. The wolf pups look like CGI, and they don’t really look that great. Oh, and the Hawk looked kinda bad too. Another problem with the movie is that it starts off kinda slow. It kinda gets a little boring, because there’s a backstory to this movie where Keda has to be the leader of his tribe, before getting pushed off the cliff. Some parts are good, but it is kinda boring at some points.

But those 2 nitpicks don’t mean it’s a bad movie. Alpha is actually a great movie. It has heart, good shots, and kinda emotional at parts. This movie is pretty good, and underrated. It’s worth a watch.

Final score for this movie: