Top Ten Movies that Most Transformed Film Into What It is Today

Movies are some of my favourite things ever. The pleasure of sitting on the couch in the basement with some chips and my family, turning on the TV and enjoying an evening seeing a story unfold on the screen is possibly unbeatable. Movies have really evolved over the years, too. They used to be freaking 2 minutes long, with no sound or color, and usually it was just a tiny clip of a couple people walking around. Now they can be up to three hours long with amazing special effects you wouldn't believe! In short, movies are amazing, and their arc in both effects, style, and genre is amazing. But what movies should we give credit for making these changes happen? Here I'll list ten that definitely deserve credit for changing the style of film. Enjoy!
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1 Star Wars Star Wars Product Image

Star Wars wasn't exactly close to first, but on this list it is literally above the first movie ever, so that should tell you just how vital it was for newer movies to be what they are. Star Wars was quite a risk. Back when it was released, it cost a lot of money to do all of these special effects. But, it was successful, and that movie inspired many others after it and gave birth to the most successful franchises in movie history. Star Wars started a new type of genre, popularizing space action with aliens and all of that, and I don't need to tell you just how revolutionary it was. I doubt films today would have much special effects or sci-fi violence, because Star Wars showed how visually appealing and impersonal in a good way that it is. Another super appealing thing about movies like star wars is that the makers don't really have to try and be accurate with history or the real world or anything. It's in a different universe! You can make literally anything and everything possible ...more

Surely, no one can forget their 1st time seeing it. It did indeed open up the sci-fi/adventure genres to endless possibilities, and pushed ahead the need for advancements in CGI. Industrial Light and Magic comes to mind, another George Lucas co-operative that revolutionized modern film making.

why is the Emoji Movie not number - lasttime

Hmmm...great list

2 The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz Product Image

There really just couldn't be another film in first place. Nothing really comes close. The Wizard of Oz started and popularized the genre of fantasy which movies wouldn't be the same without at the same time as popularizing color film. It's possible that without the Wizard of Oz, which was released in 1939 (basically the start of the second world war, that's how old it is), and wasn't the first movie with color in it but the first one that became famous. The regular world part of the movie is all black and white, but when they enter the magical land of Oz, everything turns to color! People started associating color film with something kind of magical, so people wanted color movies after that, and eventually it transitioned to almost all color. Plus, movies like Star Wars or other famous fantasy ones would have just been laughed away at if it hadn't been for the Wizard of oz, which proves just how important that can be.

Outstanding list, top to bottom...
Yes, the list should start with this classic, there's no denying its significance, and its production value is almost unfathomable for its time.

Exceptional list as usual, and of course the wizard of oz had a lot of influence on future fantasy movies

3 Psycho Psycho Product Image

What movie do we have to thank for popularizing Horror as a genre and gifting us with classics like Halloween, The Shining, and Friday the 13th? Psycho, "the first ever slasher film". Psycho was so surprisingly insightful and successful that it branched off into one of the top (though a very different) types of genres. The infamous scene from this risky movie really paid off. Putting an audience's nerves on edge and making them jump, plus the dreaded anticipation music, may seem like something bad to you, but is actually what people wanted, and movie wouldn't be the same without this film. Alfred Hitchcock, one of the best and smartest directors of all time, took a huge risk making this, but it sure paid off. Wasn't the first ever "scary" film, but it sure started the "slasher" movies.

The vision, the score and of course Hitchcock's twisted grasp of terror. Done by anyone else, I dare say this film is long since forgotten. Its his ability to plant the antagonist firmly in our collective pysche, to somehow innately know and reach each one of us on a primitive level, to tap into the terror we all inherently know at a sub conscious level. Genius. The apex of the pyschological thriller.

The shower scene is world-famous

Even though I’m not a huge slasher movie fan, I have tremendous respect for Psycho. It’s brilliant film that keeps you edge.

4 King Kong (1933) King Kong (1933) Product Image

Ever wonder why almost every major action blockbuster these days has tons of unrealistically huge destruction, usually due to even more unrealistic monsters or other things like so? You can thank the first ever King Kong movie, from way back in 1933, for that. The movie wasn't exactly a good one like many of the other ones on here, but it certainly was popular. The monster in it and its sheer power and the amount of terror surrounding it as a threat made things like it extremely popular in the future. Things that destroy in enormous quantities and don't feel remorse, which makes the audience not feel remorse? Think of the death star. Thanos and his gauntlet. Godzilla himself. There's always some immeasurably powerful creature nowadays! Anyways, this may not be a great development in movies, but it was a big one.

5 Roundhay Garden Scene Roundhay Garden Scene Product Image

You may be wondering, what in the world is this and why is it so high on the list? If you are, I don't blame you. So I'll tell you why Roundhay Garden Scene is so important. Simple: It was the first film/video/movie ever made and released in theatres, done by someone you may have heard of called Thomas Edison! It was extremely short, only like a minute long or something, and if you want to know more, go and search it up! The full movie is in a really short YouTube video, and it's pretty bad in quality but imagine those first few people seeing it and how amazed they must have been! It's quite impressive to see moving people on a screen! So of course this is extremely inspirational as every single movie ever made after that, millions, probably, is a branch of that one short piece of film. Still, I didn't put it in first because while it really did a good job of giving film a starting point, it wasn't really one that people look back to and say 'hm, people walking in circles in a garden! ...more

you can see it on youtube

6 Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind Product Image

Gone With the Wind is literally the most successful movie of all time. At least, it's the highest grossing movie, but only adjusted for inflation. That alone would make it a movie that later ones look up to for movie-making tips. But there was so much more in this old and famous movie that made it a huge factor into what movies are like today. Firstly, the costumes! Historical films wouldn't be as careful about making the costumes look so accurate if it weren't for this amazing movie. Also, the amazing visual shots without CGI. Back then, CGI wasn't a thing, so this decided to use a different tactic. Those amazing sky shots and sunsets? Those were literally hand painted. Future movies, at least before CGI, followed in its example and did the same.

7 Marvel's The Avengers Marvel's The Avengers Product Image

Every studio and his dog is gunning for their own shared universe movie franchise pretty much because of the success of this movie.

The Avengers definitely did a lot

8 Metropolis Metropolis Product Image

Ever wondered what the first ever science fiction movie was? Metropolis is definitely the movie we have to thank for that. This ancient movie came out way back in 1927, and it didn't have huge box office success, or go down in history as a famous movie, but it sure started off possibly the most popular genre in history. Inception, Star Wars, The Matrix, Back to the Future, Interstellar, 2001: A Space Oddyssey, and so much more are branches of this original sci-fi film. The plot wasn't super strong, and the sci-fi elements weren't either, but boy did it get future filmmakers thinking.

Standard viewing for any sci-fi fan. As you say, it's the vision beforehand that is the real genius here. You may want to check out "Dark City", a film that is a direct homage to this German masterpiece.

9 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Product Image
10 The Matrix The Matrix Product Image

This 1999 movie completely revolutionized the science fiction genre, and for good reason. The amount of power in the fact that our future could end up as the events from the movie is extraordinarily big, and this movie did that, with the real life possibility that AI could have taken over the world and put us in this fake world, which was taken from the impending threat of Artificial intelligence. Also, the enormous amount of violence inspired later movies such as John Wick to go to the extreme. This movie branched the old Star Wars sci-fi level into two, with it leading the second side.

Landmark vision.

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11 Back to the Future Back to the Future Product Image

This revolutionary and famous science fiction movie changed film thoroughly. It started an enormous new craze using one very important element - time travel. There was a time travel movie here and there before Back to the Future, as would be expected, but after Back to the Future time travel exploded in film. Now many famous movies and even movie series have changed to include more time travel elements in them, because this movie executed the whole "don't be seen, don't change anything" scenario. We have it to thank for new and famous time travel movies like Avengers: Endgame. Give it a 95% chance that endgame wouldn't include time travel if it weren't for this movie.

I just recently watched it, and I loved it! Definitely helped popularize the genre of science fiction. Also, I hope someday a time machine is actually invented.

12 The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Product Image
13 Iron Man Iron Man Product Image

can you believe that the "I am Iron Man" was unscripted?

14 Casino Royale Casino Royale Product Image

The shady, grittier James Bond. Very good screenplays in this whole series. Daniel Craig was perfectly cast, and whomever takes on this role next will have some big shoes to fill. Yeah, I think it changed my whole concept of James Bond...

Also, it's so good because they decided to make a darker version of the once corny Bond, and now everything's darker since critics love it. Think of The Dark Knight

And hence came the reboot of franchises. Batman Begins kicked it off but Casino Royale codified the reboot trend.

I love Daniel Craig

15 Dr. No Dr. No Product Image

Ever wondered why movie franchises were a thing for the last 60 years or so? It can all be traced back to Dr. No.

Very true, this should probably go higher than just top 16

16 The Birth of a Nation The Birth of a Nation Product Image

Often described as the "most influential film of all time", "the most revolutionary movie of all time", and more, the Birth of a Nation is a close contender to one of the top spots, though I ended up putting it a bit lower. It hasn't aged particularly well, as it's ridiculously racist at many times, because people really didn't think of racism as a bad thing back in those times. Anyways, that little issue aside, the birth of a nation completely changed the style of movies. With close-up action parts of the movie, it really captivated the audience and was extremely good in the box office and with critics. It changed movies from being ten minute shorts to have some being even 3 hours long! It inspired many other inspirational films like Gone With The Wind and we have it to thanking for other "classics".

Probably the most racist film in history, but no doubt we wouldn't be where we are now without it.

It's sad and odd to think the KKK pioneered film.

17 Jaws Jaws Product Image
18 Citizen Kane Citizen Kane Product Image

This film is held in high regard, I personally find it boring, but I guess it must of had a major impact on the movie industry.

This should be a hell of a lot higher up. Top 5 surely.

19 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Product Image

This is one of the many western movies that have transformed the western genre.

20 Batman (1989) Batman (1989) Product Image
21 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Product Image
22 Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde Product Image
23 Blackboard Jungle Blackboard Jungle Product Image

Considered to be the first teenage rebellion movie. Also, it is considered the first Rock and Roll movie being that it was the first movie to incorporate Rock N Roll in the movie’s soundtrack.

24 Avatar Avatar Product Image
25 The Godfather The Godfather Product Image
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