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1 Man On Fire

Great! A man, giving his life to fulfilled his duty. A man of IRON, a man in action. I just could not take off my eyes from A to Z. Let us all performed our duty to make a better world, our dream into reality. The world need 'MAN on FIRE' to apply on other aspects too

Perfect movie from beginning to end. Very very well directed, with a great story and tremendous acting. This is my favorite movie of all time, with such an emotional story, it's hard not to love it.

Denzel played this role perfectly one of my favorite movies. The way he and Dakota played the roles makes the movie seem that much realer. Instant classic and never gets old!

2 Malcolm X

I was still young early 14years but still remember this as a best movie I've ever watched... Man who wanted justice to happen, though a sad moment touches your heart. a good movie indeed, wish someone can borrow me this DVD movie. Albert Magoro

I have read the autobiography and speeches of Malcolm X and Denzel's ability to capture the tone and tenure of his langauge patterns is amazing. Genius on film. Thank you Spike Lee!

This deserves #1. Just because he wasnt a gun-toting badass in this excellent film doesn't mean it wasnt a fantastic Denzel performance. This list is flawed and was decided by people with double digit IQ's.

3 Training Day

I know folk believe this should have been number one, given he won the best actor award at the Oscars, but I feel he was cheated several times over. With that, Training Day is off the chain!

Hands down, Training Day was the best film Denzel ever played in. The action, the suspense, two thumbs up for sure. I love al Denzel films, but Two Thumbs up for Training Day.

An excellent performance there was nothing like it and Denzel Washington is one one of the greatest actors of all time. This was an amazing Crime

4 Fences

Denzel played the part for 114 shows on broadway, and you can see every ounce of effort he's put into the role throughout his life in this film. Amazing adaptation, anchored by an amazing force that is Denzel Washington.

5 Remember The Titans

I really feel that Denzel took control in this movie. After watching it, I felt I could have run through a wall to make a tackle. Sort of a Rocky moment. By the way, The Equalizer and Unstoppable should be higher, they were both great adrenaline rushes.

I watch it whenever I feel I need to boost up my confidence. Very inspiring movie.

Inspiring. Great performances all around and somehow though he was the star he managed to bouy his fellow castmates in this film.

6 American Gangster

Denzel has a very wide range, however all of his movies are absolutly off the charts. He is one of the greatest of all times!

So good! With Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington this movie is so good!

Best movie ever, avobe all the story, based in real events, both Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe is awesomwe too.

7 John Q

Because it is so sad that he kidnaps all those people just for his son. It's so extremely sad. I just love this movie.

This film deals with the ultimate human emotion, wich is unconditional love of a parent.

Best movie I've ever seen... It just put me in my feelings right now.. Had me cryin an stuff.. My #1

8 Glory

After almost 20 years Washington's performance is still riveting despite a cliched script. He and Freeman and Brauer transcend the material. The battle scenes though are glorious.

Denzel gives a superb performance in "Glory". The battle scenes, are graphic and well acted, and he is a great actor in it over all. VOTE HERE

He cried. I cried. Enough said.

9 Inside Man
10 The Book of Eli

Absolutely outstanding. We, as a Nation, may very well be heading toward having to lay down our lives for truth, as the Bible teaches.

Love this movie. I watch it over and over. Mr Washington never fails to please in his movies.

Great move. Great story. Great acting. And great everything else!

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11 Fallen

Very underrated. Him ultimately more than a detective of the earthly, but the spiritual. The narration moves along well with the intriguing plot. The tone is tense on this movie and spooky. Top 5 for sure, possibly 3.

I appreciate you putting this as high as you did a lot of people don't know about this movie.

12 Flight

Amazing Movie... Denzel gets into the character like no one else could have! Mind bogglingf.

It affected my emotional life and I love rewatching because the acting is terrific.

Best movie with Denzel in it. Makes me want to get drunk before noon

13 Crimson Tide

I watch this film twice a year--just to see the look on Denzel's face when Gene Hackman slaps him. Again, I do not know WHY he wasn't awarded an Oscar for this film. His entire performance is riveting! He carries this entire film.

This movie did not receive its due. Was it because the power of the character Denzel played makes folks a little nervous?

Fantastic film! Washington and Hackman...are u kidding me? That's tough to beat. Their performances fed beautifully off one another and made for a thrilling movie.

14 The Equalizer

A new experience every time whenever I saw it. Danzel is my favourite but Equalizer is something more than that.

Love this story line and the stoic almost aspergers character. Justice prevail. A touch, but feel good movie.

One of his best, if not the best movie he has done.

15 Philadelphia

One of my favorite movies of all-time. This movie was monumental in opening the door to discussing AIDS & alternative lifestyles. Hanks & Washington were both riveting in this film. The plot was great but Hanks & Washington took this film to a whole other level. Still chokes me up when I watch this.

Why he didn't get an Oscar for this is beyond me... His performance is outstanding!

Though Tom hank has the main role but Denzel is too good in his supporting role...

16 The Bone Collector

Denzel is stuck in a bed as a quadriplegic & yet his presence and acting are the backbone of this movie. I must admit, I really enjoy this film and watch it regularly.

Best film ever

17 The Tragedy of Macbeth
18 The Magnificent Seven
19 Devil in a Blue Dress

Breathtaking. It was because of him and Don Cheadle that I went out and purchased every single Easy Rawlin's novel in print (at that time)... This movie was soul food... grits and greens, fried chicken and biscuits, sweet tea and jazz and blues rolled into one..

He did better acting with his facial expressions than he ever did with those long winded,fast talking speeches he always gives. He and Don Cheadle were priceless!

20 Cry Freedom

Denzel got his first Oscar nomination for this wonderful movie based on a true story. This was based on the life of one of the greatest politicians to have laid foot unto the African soil. Long live Steve Bantu Biko, long live.

Soul stirring portrayal of one of South Africa's first freedom fighters.

21 The Siege
22 Deja Vu
23 The Hurricane

Denzel is genius---but it wasn't until I met the real Ruben Carter that I realized how genius he is! Denzel is one of the BEST actors on the planet.

I couldn't sleep so I got up and put the T.V. on and there it was.what a fantastic movie I was sad when it was over but I was so happy of the ending...that was some acting I couldn't believe how intrigued I was, wonderful movie and great acting

Not only Denzel's best movie, but a great, great movie.

24 Unstoppable

One of the most realistic movies I have ever seen in ma life! Very good acting by Denzel!

Full of exciting moments... Denzel is great in his role...
Movie was cool..

Great movie, surprisingly not repetitive, as I expected it to be. Great story too, so this is my 1#

25 He Got Game

Terrific film! Denzel IS this movie. Without him, its just a mediocre film.

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