Best Jared Leto Movies

This list is a countdown of all the best movies actor Jared Leto has starred or featured in. Jared is know for taking up weird and somewhat disturbed roles in mostly indie movies.
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1 Requiem for a Dream

I really love this film. It's fantastic! I think he's a really talented man and a good actor. I love him as a singer and as an actor. He's simply amazing!

The storyline is amazing, and his acting was unbelievable!

This was the role that transformed Jared Leto into one of the best actors of recent years.

2 Mr. Nobody

This is the most beautiful film I've ever seen. Jared Leto is the most amazing, the most talented artist, and the most wonderful person in the entire world.

The different lives in this film present a mind-boggling performance from Jared Leto. He surpasses all other actors in every way. LOVE IT!

I keep coming back to this movie and find new things each time. The way Jared can make each character and storyline feel so real is incredible.

3 Fight Club

Jared's face was a mess in this movie. I didn't even recognize him, but he totally floored his role in this movie.

Fight Club is the best. Jared is still amazing, and he is in it for about five minutes, yet he still blew me away, as did the film.

4 Dallas Buyers Club

Absolutely fantastic, based on a true story. It takes place in Dallas, Texas, in the 80s. Matthew McConaughey plays the lead role, an AIDS-positive dying man who engages in frequent sexual activity and sells illegal drugs to HIV/AIDS-infected people to help them feel better.

Jared Leto plays Rayon, a gay man who dresses as a woman, wants to be a woman, and refers to himself as "Rayon" (real name Raymond). Jared makes a beautiful woman, talks like one, wears high heels, and dresses in drag. He is amazing in this role. I cried when Rayon died. I FELT Rayon's pain. It seriously felt like I was looking at a woman.

This is Jared's best performance yet. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor and an Oscar.

And he has won a bunch of awards recently.

5 Suicide Squad

The way he moved, breathed, talked, and looked was just purely amazing. He seemed unpredictable and definitely a Joker I would want to see more of. I can't wait to see more of him in the extended edition and hopefully in another movie or two.

I hope they release an ultimate version with more Mister J in it! That would be like my dream. So, could you please release something like this, Warner Bros? Please?

6 American Psycho
7 Girl, Interrupted
8 Blade Runner 2049
9 Morbius
10 Lord of War

Vitaly was hilarious and smoking hot. I loved Jared in this movie.

The Contenders
11 Urban Legend
12 Chapter 27

Jared Leto blew me away with this performance. He was brilliant! I also believe that the film is very underrated and it's surprising that it is!

I just love his role. He actually makes you feel something for the man who killed Lennon.

13 Panic Room

Panic Room is awesome. I really like the acting. Jared plays the ultimate bad guy, Forest Whitaker plays his role well too, as did Jodie Foster.

14 Alexander

I love the way Jared steals the attention in every scene he is in. You can't help but feel so many emotions during his performance.

15 Prefontaine

His acting in this movie made up for the fake documentary setup that many people didn't like. It was truly an outstanding role and a very underrated part of Leto's career.

16 The Rage: Carrie 2
17 The Thin Red Line
18 Sunset Strip
19 Basil
20 Black & White

This movie received minimal publicity and negative reviews. However, Jared Leto is outstanding in it, as usual. He plays the role of Casey, a teacher who dyed his hair blonde. Unfortunately, his part is very small, and he appears in deleted scenes.

I found the deleted scenes featuring him on YouTube. He is simply awesome. He and a female co-star completed six takes that were not included in the final cut.

Jared is entirely convincing in this role. I could genuinely see him as a teacher. In one scene, he scolds a student for smoking marijuana at school, transitioning from sweet and caring - telling her she's beautiful and smart, and advising her not to waste her potential by doing drugs - to becoming intimidating and aggressive in mere seconds. His ability to shift moods so quickly is impressive.

21 Switchback
22 Highway
23 Artifact
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