Top 10 Best Movies of 2015

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1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I have always loved the Star Wars movies, which means the originals, not the prequels. When I first heard it was being made by Disney, I was a little worried. I mean, Disney is Disney, so I was afraid they would botch it up or something. Boy, was I wrong. I know this might sound crazy, but I almost like this one better than the 4th one.

Let's face it, the 4th one and the 7th one are almost the same movie. Same structure. The only three differences I can see are that the "Death Star" or whatever they call it is like a planet now and not a moon, there are new characters in this movie while also keeping old classic characters, and they can make jokes about the originals that they couldn't make in the originals. After all, how could a single movie make jokes about a movie that would come out almost 4 decades later? And for these three reasons, I think this movie is almost better than the original. It may be better than the 4th, but there is no way this one is better than the 5th. The Empire Strikes Back will always be the best Star Wars film.

Which only poses the question: Will the next one live up to The Empire Strikes Back, and be super dark, or will it be super kiddish, like the 6th movie, which was awesome but not as good as its predecessors? I hope it will be super dark like the original, and I hope it will at least be good. Thank you all for letting me shove my opinions down your throats. Wow, that took like 10 minutes to type.

2 Inside Out

Age of Ultron is a great superhero film and should definitely be in the top tens, but Inside Out is special as it is inventive with its methods of describing and presenting human psychology. It also can make people feel like children again from the genius humor. The plot is very unpredictable, except the end, and you will definitely feel a plethora of different feelings from the movie, which results in the end, satisfaction.

Best movie of the year, along with Mad Max: Fury Road.

I absolutely loved it. Pixar worked hard on this project, due to the fact that their last few films hadn't really met the usual standards, and really redeemed themselves with a highly original concept executed brilliantly, showing every part of the human psyche, and has a very strong emotional core which propelled it forward into being an absolute masterpiece.

3 Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is a jaw-dropping action masterpiece! I haven't been this entertained and impressed by an action film for quite a while. It's pure pulse-pounding entertainment and satisfaction that Mad Max: Fury Road brings. This is with the utmost certainty one of the greatest action films ever made and simply a spectacular piece of cinema overall.

A thrilling quality film from start to finish. Every element of the film is beautifully constructed and brought together seamlessly. An instant buy as soon as it comes out on Blu-ray. What a lovely day, indeed!

4 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Vision Handing Thor His Hammer = Pure Awesome

The lead-in was tied together absolutely perfectly earlier in the film and was meant to seem as though it was the whole joke. Then the payoff was timed so well that when it was delivered, I was so entirely surprised that for a moment, I started to annoy the other patrons, failing despite my best efforts to keep my laughter contained.

Flipping now to the other side of the coin, while I know little about the methods involved in successfully hacking Stark tech, I can see that it's possible such a task required no more than a few hours to complete, which also should have given Ultron control of it. My counter to this is that Jarvis was protecting far more than nuclear missiles. However, I was still a little disappointed that I had such a hard time trying to suspend my disbelief with all the various tech the Avengers had, such as the team's Quinjet, Col. Rhodes' War Machine armor, Tony's Iron Man, and Hulk Buster armors.

My additional counter is that Veronica was able to prepare a sufficient defense to maintain control of most of these things, either from being warned in advance or being much closer to actual intelligence versus artificial than Jarvis originally is. Which just wouldn't make much sense, really. I know with certainty I'd want to use the best tools at my disposal regardless of which of the Avengers I found myself portraying.

5 Jurassic World

I couldn't believe how good this was! Having loved the original films, I didn't go into the cinema with high expectations as delayed sequels aren't always that great. I was totally blown away with the story, acting, and special effects! The scene with Chris Pratt riding on his bike through the woods with the raptors alongside him is just awesome on so many levels!

It was a delight to have a better movie than Jurassic Park 3, but it doesn't have the same magic as the first one. It had elements of the first Jurassic Park, like the music and the banners from the first park. The CGI was bad to start but got better. It's a fun, entertaining movie but wasn't amazing.

6 The Martian

Great mixtures of clever wit versus fast-paced sarcasm, a story of unimaginable isolation versus a truly lovable main character, and finally the small sprinklings of hope spaced far enough from a terrible event versus keeping the overall tone as bleak as possible. All balanced in a way that for the average audience member, including myself, we were so immersed as though we were going through it with the characters.

It is difficult to find a movie that can be seen as entertaining to such a wide range of ages and personalities, especially one that avoids placing many cracks in the very fabric of its own reality.

7 Ant-Man

I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I wasn't really looking forward to seeing it because I thought it was just another superhero movie, a genre I'm not a fan of. But it had a really good storyline despite the seemingly silly premise.

Pleasant surprise. Thought it would be terrible, but Disney/Marvel works a complete miracle and makes this great. For those who have watched, I thought the final scene was a bit too explosion-filled...

My dad was watching this with my cousins, and they said I could join. Despite the fact that superhero movies aren't my favorite genre, after I finished watching it, I loved it! It had a very good storyline and it is a great movie.

8 Kingsman: The Secret Service

What I like about this movie is the tricks and how smart people think to solve problems quickly and under pressure. For example, there are scenes where they had to jump like a skydiver from an airplane, and one of them didn't have a parachute on their back. So, they had to help the one friend who didn't have a parachute and landed safely.

Another scene that is insane for me is when they were sleeping, and suddenly there was a lot of water. It would drown them if they didn't work together to survive it. And absolutely, there's a lesson you can take. It doesn't matter if you were born poor and you're nobody. What matters is what you do for everybody, and that is what makes you worthy.

9 The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight definitely deserves top 3 for 2015. The hype around Star Wars will make it unbeatable, but for it to be 14? Come on! This film was vintage Tarantino. Does no one appreciate real storytelling, character building, dialogue-driven, cinematic art anymore? If it's not got enough explosions to shame Michael Bay or a simple plot where it's the world on the line, people won't see it anymore. If Die Hard came out this year, it wouldn't be appreciated, and that's a sad time.

Great writing, acting, and plot. Tarantino has created a masterpiece yet again! A must-see for any serious moviegoer.

10 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

I have to say, having read the books (and thinking the books were amazing), "Part 1" was a serious letdown. I had such high expectations for it, but it just didn't cut it for me. I still had high expectations for this one, and it absolutely went miles above my expectations. The acting was excellent, the special effects were amazing, and I think this movie perfectly portrayed the book. I loved it, especially the epilogue.

This should at least be in the top 5! This movie was a great, beautiful, and tragic end to the Hunger Games series. I loved it! I laughed, cried, smiled... It was a beautiful movie and portrayed the book very well. Out of the four movies, this is my second favorite after the original The Hunger Games movie.

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11 Straight Outta Compton

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. In my opinion, it's the best movie of the year so far. I see no reason why this isn't at least in the top 5. Is it the racism that scares people away? Well, it shouldn't because it's a pretty accurate depiction of what really happened. Watch it!

Should be around 5th or 6th, and should have won a few Oscars, thanks Hollywood. Great movie about a band and the issues the USA faced during the late '80s. Very educational and heartfelt, extremely well acted, well written, and directed, an amazing movie about one of the most influential music groups in recent history.

12 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Number 14 on the list? Are you kidding me? You're telling me that Hotel Transylvania 2 and San Andreas were better than Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation? Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens hasn't even come out yet, and it's number 5! Come on now!

Best action film of the year, hands down. The series keeps getting more and more bombastic, yet it maintains enough thrill and heart to remain ever so engrossing. The Mission: Impossible franchise may be the benchmark for franchises when it comes to stuntwork as of now.

13 Furious 7

Easily the best Fast and Furious movie. The action was phenomenal, but unlike some of the other movies, this one has a great story and characters as well. Plus, it had a great send-off for Paul Walker, while still making him seem like he was still there (plus, the song at the end is terrific).

Overall, a movie that surpasses every expectation you could have about it, and the best Fast and Furious movie yet.

Been a fan since the first, I can't say for sure if this is the best, but the action scenes are among the best ever filmed, and the tribute to Paul Walker was incredible. Definitely my favorite movie of 2015.

14 Creed

This is a great movie! On my list, it's number 2. Love the Rocky Balboa series! (I wish the music that's in the other Rocky movies was in it though.) The other Rocky movies are better, but it's funny and fun!

Creed was a great, what I thought was a spin-off, but is actually a series.

Great movie with action and comedy. Go see it. You'll have fun.

15 The Revenant

I loved The Revenant. I can understand that it was a little hard to watch at times, but the acting was incredible, and the cinematography was some of the best I have ever seen, among other things. What I absolutely cannot understand is this movie being below Minions. Minions is an absolute piece of garbage made for the sole purpose of extracting as much money as possible from young children.

If there was ever a movie that totally absorbed your reality and made you feel like you were there, this is it. Masterful storytelling without a reliance on dialogue, although the acting was great. The cinematography is otherworldly and it should have won Best Picture (but I can understand the Academy's choice). Simply a beautiful film that will surely stand the test of time.

16 Spectre

This was an improvement over its dreadful predecessor but still lacking in a couple of elements. I found Christoph Waltz to be a weak villain, particularly as Blofeld. His performance is consistently good, but I hate the whole adopted-brother childhood vendetta situation. It's like he's saying, My dad adopted you, and he liked you more than me, which is just absolutely dreadful and reduces Blofeld to being a whining toddler begging for a toy.

But those opening credits... Oh, dear sweet Lord, Jesus flippin' Christ, and any other possible positive religious exclamations you can put in there, because that sequence is absolutely STUNNING. Overall, Spectre is an improvement, but still not fantastic. 7/10

17 Sicario

I thought this was an intense, no idea what is coming next sort of movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat because of the intensity of the story. It didn't need action scenes as there were plenty of scenes that were fast-acting and in-your-face shocking. The plot was constructed so tightly, and the scenes came with so many unexpected elements. Top 5 for sure. The choice of actors was awesome too. I plan to see it again!

18 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Although this is a hit for children, I really enjoyed this film. I am 17 and have been a fan of SpongeBob since I was born. I love the fact that this movie has jokes that are centered for kids, but jokes that if you watch and listen closely, are geared for those of a more mature, or immature, mindset.

It is a great family movie, and also a great movie if you want to sit down and laugh at some corny jokes. All around a 9/10 movie though. The movie had a long runtime, and could've featured a lot more in that time, but I feel like this movie is on par with the previous movie, and hopefully Nickelodeon can find more elaborate ways to include SpongeBob outside of TV-only airings.

19 The Peanuts Movie

Many people feared this movie would ruin the franchise like many others have done by modernizing both the characters and settings. Well, not this one. The only step forward was the animation, which blends so perfectly with hand-drawn and CGI, you will get used to it fast. The story and setting are loyal to the original material, while at the same time, it gives us something new. Finally, after all this time, our poor protagonist's misfortune pays off with the happy ending he so much deserved.

This should be higher. It was FANTASTIC! It's probably one of the only CGI reboots of something that actually did it right. Every character acted like they should, there were plenty of gags from the original specials and strip, and it was funny! Seriously, I don't think I've ever laughed at a movie in a theater legitimately, but I did during this movie, a lot. I grew up with Peanuts and I was scared they would butcher the franchise, but I walked out of that theater wishing to see it again.

20 Hotel Transylvania 2

Why are people voting just to say it's bad? It's quite good, to be honest. If you don't like it and you voted, you're making the film go higher up.

This was a good movie, better than Hotel Transylvania 1. Also, this story makes more sense, even the funny parts make me laugh so much.

I loved the movie. However, the plot wasn't as good as the first. But, I really liked the funny parts of it. Yep, don't judge.

21 Ex Machina

Just because it wasn't a box office smash doesn't mean it's not a great movie. This is the best movie I've seen in a while - superb effects, editing, directing, and storytelling. And a movie that isn't even coming out this year is ahead of it.

A movie out of this world. People are robots. That's the message here. We are programmed by our surroundings. Our brain is our computer. We can sacrifice ourselves for love, but robots don't. It's called Soul. How can you give that to a robot? See the movie. Watch it in a quiet environment. You will feel like one.

22 Minions

I like this movie, but it's not what I was expecting. At least, it shows you the story of how Gru meets the Minions, which I like. But still, it's not as funny as I thought. I am starting to get tired of the Minions. I think I am too old for them now. I'm 11, and I thought they were funny when Despicable Me came out (the first one). When that movie came out, I wished they made just a Minion movie. I was 5 then. When I turned 10, Minions eventually came out, and I was like, "YAY!" But then, it wasn't that funny. However, Bob is cute. He is like a little kid, so cute. I like Despicable Me 2; it's much better.

23 Spotlight

This movie deserves the Oscar and has no business being so low on this list.

This movie definitely deserves to be number 1. It won the Oscar for Best Picture. It is way better than Avengers, Star Wars, or any other sci-fi movie. This film has a good meaning and a great cast too.

Seriously? Pixels is better than the Best Picture Winner?

24 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F

Loved this movie. Great revival of the classic DBZ stories.

25 Bridge of Spies
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