Most Iconic or Humorous Quotes in Horror Movies or Any Horror Movie Sub-Genre

In an effort to not provide spoilers, I'll try to keep them to a minimum. Others are free to provide them. Any sub-genre of horror films is welcome.

Iconic and humorous quotes from horror movies are part of everyday conversations between fans of the genre and can often be used to inject a sense of the macabre or even humor.
The Top Ten
1 Here's Johnny! - The Shining

"Here's Johnny!"

A very iconic quote in all of horror movie history.

2 Death by stereo! - The Lost Boys
3 It's alive! It's alive! - Frankenstein
4 When there is no more room In Hell, the dead will walk the Earth. - Dawn of The Dead
5 Be afraid. Be very afraid. - The Fly (1986)
6 They're here. - Poltergeist
7 I see dead people. - The Sixth Sense
8 I'm having an old friend for dinner. - The Silence of The Lambs
9 You'll float too! - It (2017)
10 Come and play with us Danny. Forever... And ever... And ever. - The Shining
The Contenders
11 I'm scared to close my eyes! I'm scared to open them! I'm gonna die out here! - The Blair Witch Project
12 Candy Man. Candy Man. Candy Man. Candy Man. Candy Man. - Candyman
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