Best Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Moments

Can be any moment in the entirety of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even post credits scenes.
The Top Ten
1 Iron Man’s Death (Endgame)

This moment was a great send-off to one of the most beloved movie characters of the current decade. He made the sacrifice he was always meant to make and it ended up saving everyone.

It was also a callback to his first movie where he told the crowd he was Iron Man. This scene is very powerful and defines Tony's character as a whole, showing how much he's developed over the course of the 22 movies.

2 Avengers Assemble (Endgame)

Probably the moment every Marvel fan has been waiting for since the day the first Avengers movie came out. Having every single major and minor hero in the MCU go against the biggest villain the Avengers have had to face yet.

It serves as arguably the best and most epic movie moment of the year and is very rewatchable. Already one of the most iconic shots in any superhero movie.

3 The Snap (Infinity War)

Darkest moment in the series so far, having half the universe completely fade to dust. Characters like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, and even Spider-Man all die (not really though).

Since this scene was around the end of the movie, it served as a huge cliffhanger as well, especially since we had to wait a year before we could see what happens next. It was powerful and emotional to see Thanos succeed, having killed other heroes like Vision and Gamora along the way.

4 Captain America and Bucky vs Iron Man (Civil War)

I'd say this is the second-best final battle in this series. Yes, even better than the New York battle.

This scene was pretty emotional, especially since Cap and Tony were good friends at one point, and seeing them trying to literally knock each other out at another moment. This fight was spurred by Tony figuring out Bucky killed his mom and dad, and Cap not telling Tony about it even though he knew. Cap dropping his shield and leaving with Bucky made the scene even better.

5 Captain America Wields Mjolnir (Endgame)

The best Captain America moment in the whole series, alongside the entry listed above. If you remember, back in Age of Ultron, the Avengers were all trying to lift Thor's hammer and Cap almost did, leaving the whole fanbase confused.

A lot of people thought this was nothing and would never be addressed again. However, the directors couldn't have picked a better moment to display this scene of him fully wielding the hammer and saving Thor. It shows how he was always worthy of wielding the hammer but never did until then.

6 Thor’s Entrance in Wakanda (Infinity War)

Thor entering Wakanda after two years of no sign on Earth, literally obliterating every bad guy in his way while saving Cap, Hulk, and the other Avengers, was pretty awesome.

With his brand new hammer, Rocket, and Groot on his side, this scene is arguably one of the best and most epic character entrances to any movie. Yelling out, "Bring me Thanos," jumping high in the air, and destroying everything around him right after added to the greatness of the scene.

7 Black Panther Returns (Black Panther)

When Killmonger beat T'Challa in the duel and threw him into the waterfall, a lot of the Wakandans believed him to be dead, including Killmonger (who, on a side note, is one of the best MCU villains yet).

It was pretty awesome to see him coming out of the burning plane and unmasking himself in front of everyone, revealing that he was still alive, even though the audience knew that already. This moment also spurred a pretty good battle sequence.

8 Stan Lee’s Tribute (Captain Marvel)

Stan Lee's death was a very sad moment in 2018, along with all the other celebrity deaths. Seeing a full-on tribute to him in the next MCU movie after his death was refreshing and was one of the best moments of the movie.

It showed how the people at Marvel Entertainment also cared about him, especially since Stan Lee is one of the reasons we have all these beloved Marvel characters today, along with some other Marvel creators.

9 Time Loop Against Dormammu (Doctor Strange)

Doctor Strange is one of the most underrated Marvel movies. This moment was the best in the whole film.

It showed us the immense powers of the Time Stone and how clever Strange is, completely trapping Dormammu, who is an extremely powerful entity in the Marvel Universe, in an infinite time loop while making him his own prisoner. Dormammu killed Strange several times in this scene, but Strange kept coming back with the same line, "Dormammu, I've come to bargain."

10 Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor vs. Thanos (Endgame)

This scene was epic. It had the main three Avengers fighting Thanos all at the same time.

The Contenders
11 Death of Loki (Infinity War)
12 America's A** (Endgame)
13 Spider-Man Turning Into Dust (Infinity War)
14 The Plane Fight (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

The plane fight in Homecoming was one of Peter's first big moments in the MCU, along with the airport fight in Civil War. I was struggling to choose between this moment or the moment where Peter gets out of all the junk he's trapped in.

Eventually, I went with this one since it was a great action sequence and showed Peter and Vulture having an epic fight in the sky. It also led to the big final battle of Peter vs. the Vulture, which was one of Spider-Man's most memorable moments in the series.

15 Hulk and Thor Fight in an Arena (Thor: Ragnarok)
16 The Introduction of Korg (Thor: Ragnarok)

Who else would introduce himself with a rock-paper-scissors joke?

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