Top 10 Worst The Rugrats Movie Moments

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1 Tommy Prepares to Give His Brother to the Circus Monkeys

When Tommy eventually rescues his brother from the wild monkeys, they do not have an especially brother reunion. Dil is still causing problems for his older brother. He drinks all the milk, leaving none for Tommy before happily going to sleep, and then proceeds to annoy Tommy with his baby stuffs and takes the blanket.
Dil's behavior leads Tommy to lose his temper. In a minute-long scene, he torture his brother, saying that Phil and Lil were right to want to leave him with the monkeys. Tommy then prepares to give his brother to the creatures by pouring banana-flavored baby food on all his body.

2 Phil and Lil Try to Get Rid of Dil

After their plan of returning Dil to the hospital fails and the babies are stuck in the forest, Phil and Lil turn on Dil. They hatch a plot to trick Tommy into believing his younger brother has turned into a weremonkey by dressing up a small monkey in his outfit. By this logic, Tommy will abandon Dil to his new life in the forest.
After letting the monkeys take the baby without putting up a battle, Phil and Lil refuse to help Tommy find him and even turn Chuckie against his best friend. This leaves Tommy to search the scary and dangerous forest on his own.
Later, the twins ruthlessly mock Chuckie when he shows remorse for his actions in abandoning Dil and Tommy on this part.

3 The Gambling Ring

During the baby shower scene at the beginning of the movie, Didi Pickles can be seen outside with a group of people around her. She is running a gambling operation centered on guessing the birth weight of her unborn child's Dil.

Guessing a baby's birth weight is not inherently bad, but this appears to be a sophisticated operation featuring a betting board and large bundles of cash swapping hands on this moment.

4 Stu Pickles Becomes More Desperate to Earn Money to Support His Family

Stu Pickles struggles throughout Rugrats series. Despite having another child on the way, the dad appears to have no steady income and is constantly berated by his family for not proving he is a man properly. In the film, Stu becomes more desperate to earn money to support his family.
He goes so far as to pin his hopes on winning a contest to design a Reptar toy with a prize of just $500. That is not exactly life-changing money and would do little to keep his family going for long on their quests.

5 Stu Designs the Reptar's Wagon that Shoots Flames

Trying to earn more money for his family and generate a more substantial reputation for his company, Stu Pickles designs the Reptar's wagon for a competition. The wagon is meant for kids, but it is certainly not safe for them to use right now.

First, it looks scary, taking on the shape of a evil dinosaur. It also has no way of keeping children safe while they're riding in it. And the biggest danger is that could turn in fire to represent the dinosaur breathing fire. Stu doesn't seem to worry that the children could be reduced to ashes while riding his toy.

6 Spike Fights the Wolf

There are many scenes when the writers trick their young audience into believing a main character is dead, only to revive them seconds later. In one scene, the family dog, Spike, saves Tommy and Chuckie from being devoured by Scar Snout. In the struggle, Spike and the wolf topple off a bridge into a ravine. Logically, the fall would have taken them death, and this is what viewers are meant to believe until the beloved family pet eventually climbs back up the bridge.
A similar moment occurs when Lil witnesses a tree fall on top of her twin brother, Phil. She is only briefly traumatized, though, because the scene reveals that just his shoes were under the trunk, and he managed to get away in time, at alast.

7 Stu and Didi are Struggling with Dil's Arrival

It is apparent throughout the early scenes of the movie that Stu and Didi are struggling with Dil's arrival. They both are exhausted, getting crazy, and somewhat descending into madness. Yet the parents of the other children, including Chas, Betty, Howard, and Drew, do nothing to help other parents.
In fact, they apparently expect Stu and Didi to provide free childcare for their children, even as the couple with the arrival of their newborn son and his older brother who hates him. Drew goes as far as berating Stu for not looking after his family properly while he's dropping off Angelica at his brother's home, insane.

8 Stu and Didi's Parenthood

Tommy, a baby, is routinely left to look after himself while Stu and Didi struggle to keep up with the demands of their newborn child. Admittedly, taking care of a new baby is no easy task, but Tommy is deeply affected by his parents' ignorance of his loneliness. Tommy makes his loneliness clear when he sings a sad song to himself in a cupboard moment.
To top it off, both Stu and Didi leave the beloved family dog, Spike, outside in the pouring rain during a massive storm, this scene is garbage.

9 The Rugrats Think Dil is Broken and Try to Return Him to the Hospital

The kids of the Rugrats franchise sometimes flub their words, but for the most part, they can effectively communicate with each other. Even newborns have some sense of themselves, as demonstrated by a moment in the hospital where a group of them break into song and talk to each other.
Dil, though, shares none of these abilities. He cannot express himself like the other children in the movie. He does not have the same level of fictional intelligence as everyone else. For this reason, the other babies believe Dil is broken and has to be returned to the hospital.

10 The Rugrats are Left to Defend Themselves

Grandpa Lou Pickles falls asleep while watching over the group of babies. Without proper parents supervision, Tommy, Dil, and the rest of the gang escape the house and go on a dangerous journey in the Reptar's wagon into the woods.

They crash onto the road, where they almost collide with everything from buildings to other cars. It would be easy for the kids to get hurt while they hurtle into ongoing traffic. To make matters worse, when Stu eventually chases after them, he runs his truck out the road.

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11 Jewish Stereotype Scene

People liked Rugrats for its portrayal of Jewish persons in the early seasons, but some later criticized the franchise for its apparent anti-Semitism. The Rugrats Movie makes it very clear that Tommy's maternal grandparents are Jewish by including as many stereotypes as could fit in only one scene.
For example, they bring a goat as a baby shower gift, give gold chocolate coins to the babies, and use Yiddish terms whenever is possible.

12 The Ending of "The World is New to Me"
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