Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Better Appreciating Movies

Film is a work of art, and art is an expression made visible by form. Gaining extensive film knowledge can evaluate your taste in movies more and even become more of a subject of an accurate movie critic and a knowledgeable movie consumer. If you want to appreciate movies more, then you may want to take a look at this list and also discuss it.
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1 Take chances when watching new movies

Many people in the movie community don't take chances in watching new movies. Give a chance on watching new movies since there are some great movies out there you might like. You just have to dig deeper. Don't just watch big blockbuster movies, but also some indie and foreign films. I'll remind you to see something original, or else you wouldn't be succeeding in appreciating more movies like I was once.

2 Explore different genres
3 Focus your attention on the whole film

Focusing your attention on the whole movie is very important when it comes to your first viewing to become familiar with the basic plot and main characters. There are other important factors when it comes to watching movies such as pacing, directing, acting, editing, etc.

If the film's expense doesn't have any specific reason to follow well in plenty of aspects, then it's likely not a good movie.

4 Pay attention to detail

Paying attention to detail in movies can be very important to get the message and psychology of the film. These are a few examples that you should pay attention to:

- Character mannerisms
- Cinematography
- Color and tint palette
- Dialogue word choice
- Music
- Props
- Themes

...and a whole lot more.

I agree. If you pay attention, you could see something everyone else missed!

5 Discuss movies with people
6 Maintain objectivity

Maintaining objectivity is important in giving thoughts on a movie without prejudging it based on what you've heard, seen, and known about it (trailers, critics, audience, friends, Rotten Tomatoes, actors, director, etc.).

If Rian Johnson is directing Knives Out and you have extreme hatred for The Last Jedi, then don't assume that it will be a terrible movie because he has a negative reputation from The Last Jedi. You can't judge the overall film quality when you haven't seen it yet.

7 Enjoy eating while watching movies
8 Watch some critically acclaimed movies
9 Rewatch movies

When you've watched a movie that is very much deserving of multiple views, then watch it again for the second time because you can be more familiar with the plot and characters, and even seek out a lot more attention to detail.

10 Identify directors that make movies you enjoy

I just found out that I wasn't interested in film that much when I was mostly watching Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and Planet of the Apes reboot movies. When I had seen Dirty Harry, it gave me an effect that made me want to look out more for film, and it also made me want to look forward to Don Siegel's filmography.

Do keep in mind certain movies and directors. Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola are prime examples. They all have their own unique individual style in making movies.

The Contenders
11 Find the best films to watch by a respected viewer or film institute

If you want me to recommend a film for you to watch, then you should watch The Godfather, Taxi Driver, The Pianist, Dirty Harry, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at all costs.

12 Ignore the Plot Holes
13 Share your opinion
14 Separate art from the artist
15 Avoid spoilers
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