Top Ten Cruelest and/or Most Violent Quotes From Disney Movies

Disney films are great, at least most of the classics. When we think of them, we think of magical journies through the world of imagination... but there's a very dark side to several of them. In fact, some of the more sinister elements could have originated straight from R rated material if they were more in the foreground. Let's focus on some of the most gut wrenching lines from Disney screenplays! Yippie!
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1 "The sound of Simba's dying gasp / his daughter squealing in my grasp / the lionesses' mournful cry / that's my lullaby" (Zira, The Lion King 2)

Yep, Zira is talking about killing a husband and daughter in front of a mother (who she in fact has no direct grudge at) and enjoying it. She compares the sound of the mother's grief to a song that makes you sleep well. The line delivery is very excessive on top of that. The fact that these lines are set up before my Zira describing this thought as a pretty dream that helps her overcome bad feelings and comforts her makes it all the worse.

Thinking this lyric from "My Lullaby" through, it's quite extreme. To me, this is a completely different level of viciousness, and deserves the top spot. Sorry, Br'er, I love you, but at least you have a limit.

2 "I ain't got no rope for the hanging, I 'spects... I 'spects I'll have to skin ya!" (Br'er Fox, Song of the South)

On the surface, Br'er Fox may appear as a character like Wile E. Coyote or Sylvester, but he goes far beyond that. Eating Br'er Rabbit almost seems secondary to the mental and attempted physical torture he puts on his prey. He extensively goes on about what he's going to do to the rabbit, his mimics and gestures becoming more vile. He quite literally says that he wants to inflict maximum pain instead of a quick solution (see his other quotes on here). Also, keep in mind that he's very intelligent and that his plans usually succeed unlike Coyote's, and that if it wasn't for his dumb partner, we would have gotten chopped rabbit after a few minutes.

I love this guy. Like, seriously. And it's inexcusable that Disney never gave him his own movie or show as he deserved. I demand an R-rated spinoff movie (in traditional 2D, of course).

3 "That's it, I'll hang him! Hang him by the neck 'til he's dead!" (Br'er Fox, Song of the South)

You start seeing pictures, don't you?

4 "This is an unholy demon. I am sending it back to hell where it belongs." (Claude Frollo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Frollo talks about drowning a baby after having killed his innocent parents. You know, Frollo is a more complex villain than most others, as his motif is religious fanaticism, as opposed to the kind-hearted deacon who represents the good sides of religion. Unlike other evil Disney characters, he's not in the slightest likable or fun. To me, he just represents an all too real and all too hateful kind of evil that exists outside of a fun fantasy.

5 "No no, that's too quick! We gon' make him suffer!" (Br'er Fox, Song of the South)
6 "He's all dressed up for dinner. For my dinner. Cause I'se gonna BBQ you this very minute. On that fire." (Br'er Fox, Song of the South)

Again, Br'er Fox really makes the experience last by scaring his victim and reminding him what he's going to do in a drawn-out description.

7 "Choose me or your pyre / be mine or you will burn!" (Claude Frollo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Although at first glance this lyric from "Hellfire" might not seem as bad as the others, it is basically full-blown sexual assault. "Give in to me or die." That can't even be understood any differently. That's why I consider "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" the second greatest Disney film after "The Lion King": it dares to address real issues without sugarcoating them.

Yeah, sexual assault plus threatening to burn someone alive is pretty cruel and violent. Great list. There is so much of Br'er Fox but his lines deserve it, especially numbers two and five.

8 "Roasty-toasty princess! Roasty-toasty princess!" (Nuka, The Lion King 2)

Yeah, he's definitely Zira's son. There's no denial in that.

9 "I killed Mufasa." (Scar, The Lion King)

Compared to the cruelty of the other quotes, a villain simply stating he killed someone might seem tame in comparison. But context makes it. Whispering it in the ear of Mufasa's son who blamed himself all his life for his father's death, knowing that if his plan worked out and Simba died, everybody in the Pridelands would always remember Simba as the killer of his father, taunting him with the truth. Cold hearted.

10 "Triton’s daughter will be mine and then I’ll make him writhe. I’ll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook." (Ursula, The Little Mermaid)
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11 "If I ever catch that fox on my property again, I'll blast him!" (Amos Slade, The Fox and the Hound)
12 "Tod, if it's the last thing I do, I'll get you for this!" (Copper, The Fox and the Hound)
13 That fox of yours almost killed Chief, and I'm gonna get him! You can't keep him locked up forever! (Amos Slade, The Fox and the Hound)
14 "I'll kill you for this!" (Shere Khan, The Jungle Book)
15 "Now, I lent you money, I don't see it. Do you know what happens when I don't see my money, Fagin? People get hurt. People like you get hurt. Do I make myself CLEAR?!" (Sykes, Oliver & Company)
16 "She'll be BURIED ALIVE!" (Evil Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
17 "What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl like you?" (Madame Medusa, The Rescuers)
18 "Out of my way, assassin!" (Elephant Matriarch, Dumbo)
19 "Our secret will die with him" (Mother Gothel, Tangled)
20 "Off with his head!" - The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)
21 "I sentence you to INTIMIDATE DEATH!" (Prince John, Robin Hood)
22 "Sounds like someone's sick. How lovely. I do hope it's serious. Something dreadful!" (Madame Mim, The Sword in the Stone)
23 "No offense, boy, but I wouldn't want to disappoint the rangers. They was looking so hard for you, and now, they're gonna FIND YOU!" (McLeach, The Rescuers Down Under)
24 "Chief, get back in there before I break your other leg!" (Amos Slade, The Fox and the Hound)
25 "Amos, you crafty old coot. Ha-ha, the devil himself couldn't have done no better!" (Amos Slade, The Fox and the Hound)
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