Top Ten Music Artist Collaborations That Should Never Happen


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41 Iggy Azalea & Drake
42 Cher Lloyd & Slipknot
43 Justin Bieber & Burzum

Laugh out loud! The worst singer of all time and the most notorious Metal artist of all time doing a collaboration.

That would be a bad idea. After all Varg Vikernes would really kill Justin Bieber.

If they did a collaboration, Varg Vikernes would really kill Justin Bieber just like he killed Euronymous in the past.

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44 Sage the Gemini and Jackie Evancho

I LOVE Jackie Evancho, she's pretty, talented, young and nice, but I SERIOUSLY HATE Sage the Gemini! He's a total jerk, and he's a criminal

45 Austin Mahone & Justin Bieber

I hope it won't happen

46 Cher Lloyd & Disturbed

That would destroy Disturbed's career completely.

47 Korn & Nicki Minaj

Korn is pretty bad and so as nicki

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48 Daft Punk & Pharrell

This wasn't bad at all. But I must admit Daft Punk were scarred for life. - PositronWildhawk

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49 Avenged Sevenfold & Nicki Minaj
50 Marilyn Manson & Shakira V 2 Comments
51 Slayer & Justin Bieber
52 Three Days Grace & Rick Ross
53 Seether & Taylor Swift
54 Katy Perry & Death

Death's no longer around

55 Iggy Azalea & Rob Zombie
56 Marilyn Manson & Nicki Minaj

This will completely destroy Marilyn Manson's career. I hope in all means of multiple universes that this never happens.

Manson's career has already gone downhill. Just heard that he did a collaboration with Gucci Mane two years ago.

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57 Snoop Dogg & Marilyn Manson

Manson thought it would be cool collaborating with Snoop back then, but fortunately it never happened. I can already think that Manson probably doesn't want to do it now because he's seen what Snoop has become.

58 Ariana Grande & Eminem
59 Marilyn Manson & Taylor Swift
60 Aphex Twin & Cher Lloyd

It will NEVER happen no matter what.

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