Arashi is a special group for not just the Japanese during the 2011 earthquake, but also for many international fans out there. With 1.55 mil official fanclub members, I don't see why they're not popular enough to represent Japan. And when you talk about Japan's national idol, it has to be Arashi. I think they represent Japan a lot, with their energy, smiles, and their meaningful songs and activities like 24H T.V. and also their numerous contributions to the earthquake victims, especially Sho with his News ZERO interviewing activities. And not counting the international fans, which I'm sure is more than 1 million throughout the world, I'm sure there are many others who think like me, and would want them to contribute to Japan's biggest event in recent years.

Arashi can show the best part of Japanese persons, they can show the charisma, respect and be always the best, they have proven to be a complete artist able of carrying out an excellent presentation that will surprise everyone. With their professionalism and long experience have proven to be the best and be recognized a lot, if we see something shocking just Arashi can do

I'm a Chinese fans, and a lot of you may say that Chinese people don't like Japanese, but I can tell you that's not true. I admit that some people still care about what happened in World War ll, but I think they are overreacting and unnecessary. Therefore I think culture is the most important thing. I really love Arashi for their music and many other aspects. They are perfect singers and they are one of the most popular singers in Japan I think. They give me strength when I feel down and want to give up. They can represent Japan, so they are the artists that should be on 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. I want the whole world to see my favorite artists, to see their spirit and enjoy their music, no matter what country you come from.

They are the most popular artist in Japan bcos they know how to encourage the Japanese people. If they can put on such a performance as they normally do for their fans, what better way to attract more people to attend the Olympics then to have Arashi perform onstage, it's a win-win situation no doubt abt it! Guarantee success & they are Japan's national gem too! ^^ Go Arashi go, together we storm the world together-- and what a great way for them to do that then to do it on the Olympic World stage!

Because Arashi can cheer the whole ceremony, because there are the most well known artist in Japan! I'm sure that they can do it! If you would spend sometime in watching their concert, you will understand why we trust Arashi will brighten the ceremony! And the love among members is their symbol!

Of course Arashi is the best! Arashi is the most popular artist in Japan and everyone like them! I think they are the most appropriate artist to perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic!

They are the perfect ones, I mean there's no need to understand Japanese for laugh at them, they are unique and capable of bring joy and hapinnes. Besides the Olympics are in Tokyo and Arashi has demonstrate friendship and kindness when massive disasters has ocurrs, those five guys are very talented and sincerely they ARE AMAZING

Arashi! Their member spirits and also cheering can represent the whole Japan also the Olympic! Besides competition among athletes, I think the aim behind the Olympic is the formation of wonderful friendship between athletes and also country. The corporation in Arashi is strong and their spirit can inspire me too.

ARASHI, as the most popular Idol Group in Japan is the most suitable performer for the opening ceremonies of 2020 Tokyo Olympics. First of all, they are the symbol of Tokyo for the members were all grown up in Tokyo. Being the image representative of Japan Tourism Agency, they are also the symbol of Japan. Further more, they are the best stage performer in Japan which can be proved by the selling record of their music DVDs and the numbers of audiences in their concerts. Their performance is creative, energetic and full of love. Although their performance base in Japan, their fans are all over the world. Most of all, as an athletics event opening ceremony performer, their image is the most important. Their team-spirits and good relationships is well-known and marvelous. It is also a great reason that they become popular. Their good working attitude and politeness is also a topic around all their working environment. Just like an athlete, they tried all their best to fulfill their ...more

It's ARASHI definitely! They are very popular in Japan and many of us like them very much. Their songs are great and meaningful. They are always energetic and can make the audience blissfully happy. They are willing to improve themselves and have a lot of creative ideas on the show which can let the audience fully enjoy the performance. With their performance in the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics, I am sure that they can help make the show better and bring the audience in a hyper mode. Therefore I think ARASHI is the best choice!

ARASHI is the most suitable of Japanese singer. ARASHI performed live six times in National Stadium. So they have a close relationship with national stadium. Sakurai Sho sarved as Olympics vaster too.

This is one of best Japanese band! I hope I will see them in 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Best wishes from Poland to Arashi and all Japan! They must be there!

The best out there! Need you there!

Since the opening is transferred with reliability even in Germany it would not be bad then watch the guys and who would not be better than this country represent as this incredible fantastic band

They always give me smile, courage, and love. I recommend Arashi.

ARASHI is very cool and funny group.
I love ARASHI.
My friend love ARASHI, too.
Many peoples love ARASHI!

ARASHI is most popular artist in Japan now and I think they keep popular. Because their performance is amazing! Always their concert is wonderful and so many people in there. ARASHI's fan club is about 1,550,000 people now and still increase. Moreover in 2013 they got 5awards of music so I think ARASHI is most suitable artist to perform in 2020 Tokyo Olympic!

Arashi! They represent the spirit of keep working and never give up, which just perfectly fit the spirit of the Olympic Games. They are loved not only but all walks of people in Japan but also around the world. Acting as the symbol of Japanese culture, they are absolute the right choice for the Olympic opening!

I think Arashi is a band that anyone can love. No matter how down you feel they will always help you get back on your feet.

Arashi is definitely one of, if not the only, representatives of Japanese 80s to 90s. After almost 15 years, they are still standing on top of the world entertainment stage. Their fortitude in facing difficulties and failures is certainly a good show of "sportsmanship", a main theme of Olympics. Since their debut, the whole team, without changing any one member within, has stepped into their 15th year, demonstrating great team spirit and leadership, also another main theme for sports. Admirably, they are strong in every sense of the "game" in their professional field.

Digging into their background, it is a coincidence to find most of the members come from Tokyo. It is, without doubt, that they would treasure a chance to perform in their homeland.

As they are so well-known all over the world from international films, songs and entertianment programmes, they are more than qualified to be ambassadors of Japan, and with their unquestionable skills of bringing joy and peace ...more

For sure it's ARASHI! They are the #1 idol in Japan. I will believe that many people will vote for ARASHI! There will be a chance to see them at the opening ceremony if you are going! For sure I will go! I want to see them! But there is 6 years untill the Olympic, so everyone tell your friends to vote for ARASHI! If you do blog write about it so more people who LOVE ARASHI can vote!

ARASHI is a perfect group. ARASHI is not only the most popular group in Japan, but also very popular around the world. They are not only an idol group for fans, but also a best example to learn. Their songs always help you to embrace positive energy. What our voters want is authenticity, and the people we want is those "you are who you appear to be". Their modesty, amicability, responsibility makes people love them more. I hope that I will enjoy the performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony with the group ARASHI. THANKS!

Arashi have fans all over the world, have a certain influence and support force, and their healthy image positive personality. They have very strong infectivity, can let the world feel Japanese culture and enthusiasm. The Olympic Games need the artist just like Arashi. So I hope I can in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games to see their wonderful performance, thank you so much!

How could I say they are my favorite artists in Japan or even in the world! They are not only handsome but can represent the spirit of Japan. The things they did before the earthquake to encourage people by singing or any way else. So I totally agree that Arashi be the ones to perform at the ceremony.

Arashi is a most popular artist in Japan!
They're so cool:))) I love it very much.
They're speaking and singing can smiling all of us!