Daisuke Ono


I really love his song though I'm not Japanese

He is one of my favourite persons. His songs are unforgettable and charming. I have ever been touched by his singng many times. I am fond of him not only for that he has brilliant look and voice, but also because he has friendly and enthusiastic personality. He is always working carefully and all characters acted by him are lively and impressing. He is patient to others and people loved him. Like his characters, he is very gentle and tender. I am fascinated. I really look forward to seeing his performance on the ceremony. This is all what I can do for you, DAISUKE.

His voice is really good but I rather vote for kamiya... Forgive me, but if they appear at the ceremony together... Nothing will be more cheerful for me...

Daisuke Ono is one of the most popular Anime Seiyuu (Voice Actors) and singers in Japan. He has been the voice actor for many famous characters, like Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-Stardust Crusaders, Jyushimatsu in Mr. Osomatsu(Osomatsusan), Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan, Shintaro Midorima in Kuroko's Basketball, and Shizuo Heiwajima in Durarara!, etc. So far, he has got 4 prizes in Seiyuu Awards, which is the most authoritative award for Japanese Seiyuu (kind of like their Oscar), evaluating their performances in animation, drama, radio and music. And he is one of the only 2 voice actors who have got the "Best Voice Actor" prize for twice. His charming voice, professional skills, impressive performances and sincere personality make him a role model for Seiyuu and Japanese Animation Industry, and have earned him a huge number of fans both in Japan and around the world.

With his proficient skills of singing ...more

No why just like him from the bottom of my heart.

Daisuke Ono is worth loving with all my heart and soul.

I'm a Chinese. He said that he want to do a lifetime of making; He once said, he want to use voice to cure others; He once said that he would always sing, let the voice resounded through the world; He said that he like to see you smile, and to work hard with smile. He said that he didn't go now because everybody's encouragement. So he is an ordinary person, a hard worker, a bring warmth to others, hope, bring sunshine. He will do his life making my life who he was. He wants to let the voice resounded through the world I will support him, encouraged him. He likes to see us smile, that I would never cry. He grew up the way we see, from the shy successors to grow to an independent man, his hard work is not known. And along the way, I also appreciate him, heal me, make me strong, give me hope, give me sunshine. I also think he can bring hope on behalf of the Japanese people to the world, the sun. Thank you

He is handsome and many girls love him

Although I am not a Japanese, he is my favorite voice actor! I like his charming voice, and all the animation characters he acted! His bright smile and his handsome appearance is surely the most attractive point and his voice is the warmest voice I've ever heard. And also he is a easygoing and lovely man.

To show the most highly respectiveness, I do this recommendation absolutely. As a voice actor, he truly does the best job he can every time no matter meeting any circumstances. Giving the characters distinctive characteristics is the originally purpose of this career. However, what he did is more than this. Collecting all the advice from everyone around, studying from others, and trying to give the best aspect to his audience, Daisuke Ono really worked excellent. At the time when he finished his first solo live in January 2016, he started to set up new higher goal in his voice actor career life. Not only a voice actor, but a idol of more and more people. It is the thing that he always does and I believe he can keep on doing that Showing what he can do best to give others happiness.
With the reasons above, I recommend him, Daisuke Ono.

He is one of the best Voice actor in Japan.

No doubt, Ono's amazing voice represents the highest level of voice actors. As voice actor is one of the most important group of people in Japan, Ono could done a perfect job and be an indispensable part in the opening. He also has the powerful personality to attract countless international fans just like myself. I am not Japanese, however, I am looking forward to see and cheer for him in the opening.

He has the most wonderful voice in my mind. I don't know how to express how well hie is, but I know he can show his gentle to the world in his voice.

He is the most famous voice actor in Japan who get the best male voice actor award in 2008. Hie voice is so beautiful gentle and warm that can make people comfortable.

He is my favorite person, his voice and smile can make me happy and joyful. When I am sad, I will be happy to see his smile. Go to Japan and meet him is my dream... In my opinion, he is the most lovely person in the world! He is honest, kind, patient, gentle, and he is very hard at work. But my English is not good, can not better express my feelings. In a short word, he is a great choice. he can warm everyone with his voice. Finally, I want to say:OnoD, I will love you forever!

His smile can give me courage and the voice is the best gift for me from God!

Maybe you can't imagine that there're many Chinese boys and girls love him very much, but it's trune that we love his voice and cute, and we will suport him forever. What a romantic thing we can imagine that is listening his voice to be old. If it is possible we hope you can come China again and again, we hope to see you and to say thanks to you.

He has a amazing voice, and his smile can make we smile, He is very charming and if you know he, you were loving he, if you love he, you were love he forever.
I think his voice have magic! He is worth while! Believe this!

S voice is a gift that brought us peaceful and warmed our heart. He has such a gentle voice and especially such a gentle character, which worth to love him forever for me. I think he will be a great choice for the ceremonies, to show friendly to the whole world through his voice.

He is one of my favorite voice actors. Can always use his voice brought me unexpected surprises. Looking forward to see him in the event figures.

Your voice heals me, give me warmth, give me light, Daisuke! I would like to follow you all my life, waiting for me, in the future one day, we will meet! Because of you I will carry the dream! Give me a lot of encouragement! I love you! Sound is the last organ of human failure, I would like to follow you to forever!

He is one of the best voice actors in Japan, we all love him. In my heart, he is the best. Love him forever!

I started to be interested in Japanese culture because of his voice and wonderful performances and his warm personality. I believe that he is the one to bring more animate culture which is the very important part of Japan to the world.

I really like his voice and songs.

I am not a Japanese, but his voice make me to want to learn Japanese also want to know Japan where he live. I think everyone listen and know about him that can make you love his voice and "Daisuke Ono" this person.