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In my opinion, it's safe to say Gackt has already become an international icon, whether it is because of his music, his performance in movies such as Bunraku or Moon Child or his involvement in numerous other international activities. He is well known internationally, having fans all over the world, from Japan to the USA, Germany, Romania, Poland etc and back to the other Asian countries such as China or Korea. Even leaving out fangirliness, you can't define Gackt as anything else than a perfect, complete artist. It is not that Gackt deserves it, it is that Japan is lucky to have a representative like him. A man who has been amazing the world with his art for longer than the last decade. Vote for Gackt, the man who has earned it, not the artists that, all due respect, only need the publicity.

If anyone SHOULD and DESERVES to perform at the Olympics, it's him. He's exceptionally talented in several fields of art and never lets any of those talents to fade away. Also a perfectionalist in every sense of the word, no matter what he does. He just HAS to be there!

Gackt deserves this more than any newcomer kiddies. He's been around for a long time. He's the inspiration and influence behind the Japanese rock industry.
This man has been a visual kei artist, rockstar, producer, actor, poet, lyricist and way more! He deserves to be right at the top over all the plain artists like Miyavi and The Gazette.

Gackt has an excellent sense of humour and has a very endearing personality. He pulls of being a Samurai way better than anyone else.

He is an amazing artist who has a fantastic world-wide fan base. But more than anything else, he is an artist who loves his home country, is proud of his heritage, and has done much to not only help his fellow Japanese who are in need, but bring his home culture to all of us around the world.

How is this man seventh? He was one of the main people who vouched and spoke for Japan to be the choice for the 2020 Olympics in the first place, who else would be better? Get the vocaloids down, don't get me wrong but they don't deserve it more than a real person with a lot of talent. Go Gackt!

He has a very beautiful voice and heartfelt songs, the audience will like it!

This much talent should be seen by as many people as possible! Gackt has more class and talent than all the entertainers I've ever seen perform at an Olympic event. He should definitely be at the top of this list by now.

Gackt is a legend and his voice is amazing, he singing in the Tokyo Olympics would give a great picture of Japan.

Gackt is one of the most amazing performers. He would definitely make this event %120 better just by being there.

I think he is the one who can tell a good story and sing really good without looking weird. No strange clothes like feathers. He has an amazing voice. Gackt has already made fans all over the world and had done many foreign things. He knows and does more then the most artists that are populair in my opinion.

GACKT would be the best for this job,
Because he sings the Japanese national anthem full of passion and love for his country, he has an incredible beautiful voice which touch the hearts of the audience every time he sings

GACKT is a very hard worker, he is very famous in Japan, the fans all over the world are looking forward to his participation. He is very cute, will be considerate of girls, let him participate, it is estimated that most girls around the world expectations. I hope he can show his lovely side, the most funny side, his songs can give people happiness and happiness, I hope he can participate in. As a high school student who likes him, his voice is very manly, and the deep voice makes me fascinated

GACKT deserves to sing the National Anthem because he has earned this through his work! He is the most suited artist to do this! It would be truly an amazing thing to hear him sing at the 2020 Olymphics Opening Ceremony!

Him singing the Japanese national anthem will be awesome

He is a great artist, and very admired by Japanese people. He sang national anthem before, and the feelings he puts in his performance is totally... Speechless.

Gackt san is a very dedicated artist and knows how to blend his musical talents with that of a visual spectical a performance of Olympic caliber. Also his work to unite and heal cross cultural ties between Asian countries is inline with the full meaning behind the Olympics. I believe his performance would be singular and amazing to behold. His determination for perfection while performing is exquisite.

His voice is amazing, he MUST perform at the Olympics

Oh come on, this guy is pretty much a living legend!

I think he has an amazing voice and I would love to see him sing in such a historic moment

Gackt is the epitome of perfection. He is the face of the Japanese music world.

He is kind of popular in Europe and Oversea. So he got expererience with an international publicity and know how to manage with stress and foreigners.

GACKT will be the best choice as the music artist in 2020 TOOC.

Following are the reasons supporting my point of view:

1. GACKT is a gentle man with international perspective & good at English. Meanwhile, he has made effort to promote Japan's culture. It's a good chance to marketing Japan.

2. GACKT dose excellent work in several fields of sports. He will be the best image as not only music artist but sportsman!

3. GACKT is a super star! Inviting him as the music artist will bring the economic benefits for Japan!

His voice is absolutely perfect. He matches his voice to any occasion!

To my mind, he is the greatest artist. I love his music, perfomances, his magic voice. Gackt-san ia amazing.

Gackt-sama is definitely the TOP artist in the world! He has an amazing voice and personality, and his music has such depth and soul. When he performed Kimi ga yo, I about died!