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X Japan is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi.


What can I say about X - Japan? There are many things going around my mind when I think about this amazing band and there long history and it's a really rich history X - Japan has. They're in Japan as famous as the Rolling Stones in America and in some reports the band even be compared to them and also to the legendary band Queen and that really machtes, 'cause also X - Japan already created their own legend and they still write it on.
I admire the huge collection of genres X - Japan puts together in their music. All of the them are fantastic musicians and as well abouve all wonderful persons. Every time when I listen to X - Japan I feel a strong connection to their music and to each member. They're really unique in the way they are and how ever X - Japan is changing it's still X.
Yoshiki - san once said that how X - Japan is now is not what hide - san and he expected how it gonna be but it's a X again. And that's the case. How ever things are going the guys never give up at ...more

I like a lot of the people above on the list too but I think X Japan should do it. They are the history of Japanese music-or to be more specific Visual Kei. The other bands are good too it's just well... It's hard to explain but I really think it should be X Japan. Their music has just so much emotion.

X Japan is the best representative of the Japanese rock scene. Although not the first band to challenge a conservative society with elaborate, androgynous aesthetics and a rebellious lifestyle or to bring about the popularity of visual kei, they are accredited for being the #1 band to make it popular ("visual kei" is an umbrella term for music artists who dress and perform in an over-the-top way. NOT limited by music genre--though most are rock and/or metal--or a specific fashion style. Theoretically, Lady Gaga is VK, even though she's a pop star and doesn't dress in mostly black by default).

They sold out Tokyo Dome more than any other band (basically the MSG of Japan; not the largest, but the most notable). They sold millions of records world-wide. They went from being despised, ridiculed, and ostracized by their own country to Yoshiki (the leader--drums, piano and, sometimes, guitar) composing an orchestral piece for the emperor in 2002(-ish), which he then ...more

Father of visual kei. Given Yoshiki's involvement in international gigs regularly. Namely, opening theme for golden globe and performance for Japan's emperor. Who is in better position than X Japan? We are X!

We need to rock it and no one but X Japan can do it!

They've been through a lot of hard times, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they always made it. They can turn pain into strength, into something beautiful: their music. Their passion is endless and I truly believe the whole world has to see it, enjoy it and just learn.

Is there anything more inspiring than the complexity and beauty of this amazing band and their masterpieces?

X from Italy!

They are the pioneer of Visual Kei! All the members (also the deceased ones) are talented. Each of their concerts and their music could energize everyone across the world

This is the first group one mouvement to create to style of music visual kei (Psychedelic Violence Crime Of Visual Shock) now many group make visual... but x Japan it's the legend group for many people I think of art of life for Olympics Opening Ceremonies Would be great and remember we are X

Well, if it's Japan, it's gotta be a band who carry the name of the country on their own band's name... and don't even start me to talk about their music, absolutely beautiful!

X Japan have a lot and a lot fan in the world,
And they have a many kind of songs which are sounds sad, angry, happy, exiting and so on.
B'z is also nice for Olympic but X is more powerful I think. They can be representative for Olympic.
People around the world probably know X.
People around the world probably glad.

They are a symbol of the development of the rock music of Japan, their success can't be beaten by others, over all the decades they saw much more than others, it is a book of history. And their leader Yoshiki is famous all around the world as either a rock star-crazy drummer, or a classical musician. We are X.

You guys just have to have X Japan or Yoshiki perform! Their ballads and melodies will entice the world!

X-Japan is the property of Japan! This is history and musical glory of the country!

They are perfect for this occasion, representative of both the Japanese and European/American culture. Their songs carry emotion, hope, tension and they are wonderful musicians! Furthemore, both adults and young people can be interested in their songs, contrary to many bands such as Arashi, The Gazette or One Ok Rock.

Well they ARE the ones that made visual kei and one of the bands that are liked by almost all ages.

X Japan is the soul of the Japanese rock scene. X Japan is real music!

X Japan is really an amazing band, let them show Jrock to the world!

Versatile band that's gaining recognition throughout the world and are already legendary in Japan. No one puts on live shows like X Japan, so everyone, young and old and regardless of gender or race, will be thrilled and entertained. Plus rock music is perfect for competitive sports!

Yoshiki for sure

The one representing Japan, surely X Japan

X Japan is legendary and Yoshiki is a rock God. Need I say more?

Maybe it will be the ONLY reason for me to enjoy the perform.

The first real Visual Kei band. They have them place at this!

Always the best band in my heart. Especially for Yoshiki, he has many of the respect from international. They can make the best presentation of Japan.

It is X Japan which can be called CLASSIC! X Japan do worth it!

X Japan is a great team, well-known in many areas of the world, are a legend, I love them

X Japan is magical and fantastic!