KAT-TUN have a special aura that can surely catch all the attention. They can do both resplendent performances and fresh and encouraging ones. KAT-TUN can be the representative of individuals who strive with all their might for things they wanna protect and of a group which reaches out for higher goals even at the face of frustration that probably other groups or people would find difficult to get over. After what they've been through, they have now grown to a very mature group of idols who give strength and power to their fans, to all the people who have confusions and concerns about the unpredictable future. They will always be there, telling you that everything's gonna be okay. Because they've been there. Because they've handled with difficulties that are way out of our imagination. It's been hard for me to watch them fall down but in the meantime delighted to see them stand up again. Fans like me couldn't do much for them. But this time, it's on the discretion of us! We can ...more

They are a family! They love the fan and made a strong bound! Kat-tun make the difference with the other Group! I want to see kat-tun on olimpic opening! Hyphen Vote Kat-tun!

Just I love them! They are so charming!

An energetic and pulsating performance can be expected from this Super Idol Japanese boyband KAT-TUN every time they play live. The stage is almost like an extension of their soul and it clearly translates into euphoric dance and singing skills.

They are and forever will be the best boyband ever existed. Show some love for this fine Idol group! All hail KAT-TUN! Well deserved to perform on the upcoming olympics!

They're just amazing! And their shows are always exciting!

KAT-TUN are the most powerful and interesting j-pop group (in my humble opinion).
They deserve to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

They've been through quite a lot in the recent years, with the dropping out of two members and all, and yet they are doing great and moving on into new terrains. They may not be the best at singing or dancing, but each one of them has his own talents and strengths, and they all come together to give a really unique group that's not just your usual face-only idol groups. It's time to give them the opportunity to prove that they can do as well as, or even better than, all those big shots out there!

KAT-TUN is unique, extraordinary band, which is capable to reach any heart. Their performances have always inspired me, and I think it's what you need for an explosive opening of Olimpics

KAT-TUN are a great and humble and very cool introduction to Japan's pop culture. Their performances and dances along with their wide range of amazing dance songs and powerful rock-pop songs are amazingly entertaining and they're always putting all their effort and more into giving an amazing show! I vote KAT-TUN!

KAT-TUN members are so cool and beautiful.
The cool and beautiful Japanese guys should be shown to the world!

If they will be there I will definitely go to Tokyo2020

KAT-TUN is loved all over the world

KAT-TUN is my favorite band. They are cool!

KAT-TUN is amazingly talented and resilient so they deserve to perform in the 2020 Tokyo olympics opening ceremonies

KAT-TUN have a deeper meaning that they show fans and I am proud to be part of that too! So the rest of the world deserves to experience that too!

When I was in the darkness, nobody care about me, but they give me power and light. They make me know what is hope. They are not perfect, but I love them!I hope I can see them in 2020. I will come to Tokyo to see them!!

They are very cool♡
I like them very much.
Because they are continuing doing their best

KAT-TUN must be there! Show us their voices and another amazing performance

They are amazing and everything they have gone through, they have shown then can withstand anything! <3 and being a hyphen produces a bond like no other!

Definitely vote and pray hard
For KAT-TUN to sing
In the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremonies 2020.

Has to be
Must be
Ought to be
Should be
Because KAT-TUN best expressed the Olympic spirit.

When we read the Olympic creed,
We will understand why
KAT-TUN fits the bill.

The Olympic spirit is best expressed in the Olympic Creed:
"The most important thing in the Olympic Games
Is not to win,
But to take part,
Just as the most important thing in life
Is not the triumph,
But the struggle.
The essential thing
Is not to have conquered,
But to have fought well. "

KAT-TUN are the best band of Japan

KAT-TUN always gives powerful live performances and the perfect place for them to do their thing best will be at the 2020 Olympics!

KAT-TUN from 6 members to 5 members and now 4 members only. They don't give up, keep continue to perform well on the stage and do everything the best, this show us how great of their perseverance. Actually the athletes have the same attitude as KAT-TUN, so this is the reason why I suggest KAT-TUN should perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

They are a group that still stands strong despite the ups and downs that they have been through since their debut. No other group has weathered storms like they have only to return stronger than ever. I believe their fighting spirit makes them worthy of singing the theme song for Olympics.

The best Japanese idol group in my heart KAT-TUN! You guys are the strongest people who are now still non-stop trying and working hard for the fans. Even though you guys have gone through many bad times it's just so unlucky for such those talented people. Stay strong and get back on the peak of your career KAT-TUN. Hyphens will always stay by your side. Let's stay together for more than 10 years and maybe we can see you Tokyo Olympics